Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 06

After conversing with Nier, I calmed down and returned to the palace. Even if I were to go to the church now, it would be pointless because I don’t have proof, and to the contrary, would alert them. I’m better off collecting evidence and clues. I believe that clues will be left behind once something has been done. Something must’ve been left behind.

When I returned to the outer court, I saw Luna standing at the door anxiously while holding a light. When she saw us return, she came over to greet us. In a worried tone, she reproached me: “Your majesty! Where did you go?! You scared me leaving all of sudden without saying anything.”

In a quiet tone, I replied: “Sorry. I wasn’t in a very good mood so I went out to let off some steam.”

I heard Nier scoff from behind, but nothing more. Luna looked at me and sighed. She then revealed a helpless smile and said: “Geez, you have to consider your safety when you leave since you are the prince. You must have Miss Gilliante by your side no matter what. Your majesty, please head back and rest. You must be tired.”

“Ah, alright.”

I nodded and then walked into the outer court. The maids were cleaning the steps and rails in the outer court where nobody else would be coming. When they saw me, they saluted me, and I looked at them and greeted them. Afterwards, I led Nier and Luna to the room and pushed the door open. While it’s not my first time in the room, it still felt estranged.

Ah, yeah, I’ve arrived in humanity’s lands.


“Is there anything else, your majesty?”

I looked at Luna as I undid the bottom button on my collar. I then carefully folded up the scarf mom gave me and placed it neatly before saying: “I want to take a bath.”

“Alright, I shall go and prepare it now.”

Luna bowed and then left the room. The outer court has a bathroom, but because there are few workers around, I have to go and look for mom when I want to take a bath. And of course, mom is also very happy about that. I’m not too willing to bath with her even if we aren’t cuddling in the bath. However, I can now use the bath in the outer court.

After a while, Luna knocked on the door, brought me clothes to change into and with a smile said: “The water is ready, your majesty, please follow me.”

I stood up and followed Luna to the bathroom. Luna held my clothes and said: “Your majesty, if possible, could you allow Miss Gilliante to bath with you? While we maids do have our own bathroom, Miss Gilliantee does not have one. If Miss Gilliante wants to take a bath, she must return to the camp.”

I paused before asking: “Why can’t Nier use your bathroom?”

“Because she is a Valkyrie.” Luna smiled and added, “Valkyries hold a very prestigious identity, so they do not use the simple bathrooms we use…… I think that Miss Gilliante wouldn’t have to go travel such long distances if she could bath with you.”

True. I used to always bath in the inner court and Nier would leave during that time since the empress and other Valkyries there could protect me. I now know that she used the opportunity to go and take a bath. I frankly don’t know where the Valkyries reside, but it looks like it’s quite close to the inner court.

“Nier won’t object?”

“If you were to order her, she would not.” Luna looked at me, smiled helplessly and continued, “I honestly want to build a friendly relationship with Miss Gialliante. However, Miss Gilliante never speaks with me. It appears that she holds very strong prejudices against elves…… But I still really like her.”

I felt slightly awkward. While I don’t mind bathing with Nier and it would also be very convenient for Nier, our relationship is far from good enough to be bathing together. According to my memory, there are only three women who would accept bathing with me, my two moms and Lucia……

While Nier doesn’t care about revealing her body in front of me, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t dislike me seeing her body, right?

“Ah, Nier……”

Just when I was having the thought, I spotted Nier heading out with her clothes in hand. Nier saw me, saluted and said: “Your majesty, please allow me to leave for a while.”

“Ah, if it’s to take a bath… I don’t mind you bathing with me……”

Nier quickly pulled her eyebrows together, looked at me, retreated one step and in a disgusted tone said: “While I don’t mind revealing my body in front of you, I still hate people looking at me with weird gazes. If you want someone to look at, the elf next to you is more suited.”

“That’s not it! That’s not what I meant! I just thought that you have no reason to go back…… I thought…… Wait! Why can’t we just bath at different times?!”

The realisation suddenly hit me. Yeah! There’s no need to! Instead of bathing together, can’t we just bath at different times?! What was Luna scheming?!

“Your majesty, the maids are responsible for taking care of you, not Miss Gilliante.” Luna, who was standing by my side smiled helplessly and continued, “While I do not mind taking care of Miss Gilliante, nobody but I will be willing to take care of her since that is not our duty after all…… I do not think anybody will be willing to take care of Miss Gilliante as everybody else has their own jobs……”

Nier shot a glance at me. She thought about it for a moment before sighing and saying: “I think I understand what you mean, your majesty. I shall accept your kind offer. However, please do not look at me with a strange gaze.”

“Is that how you see me……?”

“Am I wrong?”

Nier’s distrustful gaze really hurt me. I’ve never done anything indecent to any girl. I only went into one of those brothels once to evade Nier, and she’s treated me as a pervert since then……

The three of us walked towards the bathroom. To be honest, things have become a little ambiguous now. However, Nier’s expression shows no hint of anticipation. To the contrary, she looks resolutely stern. I helplessly sighed and walked into the bathroom.

Okay. The first sight of the bathroom made it very clear as to why it wasn’t open before. The bathroom is about the same size as the bathroom in the inner court. Forget water, cleaning the bathroom with few people would be impossible. The entire bathroom was covered in mist so I don’t think I’ll be getting to see Nier’s body…….

Why do I feel a little disappointed…..?

Nier got changed on the other side so I didn’t see her. I took all my clothes off and I have to say, the clothes in this era are difficult to take off.

“Your majesty, let me help you apply some lotion.”

I never thought that Luna would walk up to me from behind with a smile while holding a small bottle as she looked at me after I stripped down completely. Luna was dressed in just a thin silk gown. Her beautiful lower body was on full display, causing me to almost recall Vyvyan’s body. I was so shocked my soul nearly left my body. Luna looked at me with a smile and asked: “What’s the matter, your majesty?”

“Ah…… Oh…… Umm…….”

While there was such a step before, I couldn’t help but obey Luna, and I lied down on the bed by the side. Luna’s gentle hands slid up and down on my body. Every place she touched felt like it was set ablaze, causing me to have a strong urge to just turn around and push her down. It seems like Luna knows how to stroke someone better than other people.

I guess it’s understandable…… It’s not surprising given her past I guess.

I heard the sound of water from the bathroom. It looks like Nier has entered into the water…… When I looked over in the direction of the sound, Nier was already in the hot water and vigilantly watching me.

Despite bathing together, I can’t see anything……. I truly don’t know if I should celebrate or if I should feel regretful…… I would’ve asked for warm water instead if I knew this was how things were going to turn out……


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