Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 16

“So you must be the prince then.”

The red haired lady carefully rolled up the blueprint. She scanned me, smiled and said: “You really are Elizabeth’s child. You look very similar to her.

“Do not refer to her majesty by her name.”

Nier aggressively drew her sword and faced the red-haired lady. The lady sighed, picked up a pair of tongs from the floor, looked at me and asked: “I can teach this young girl a lesson, right?”

“Nier, put your sword away.”

“I won’t let anyone get away with disrespecting her majesty!”

Nier thrust her sword towards her. The red haired lady easily caught it with her tongs. She then vigorously stepped over and pointed the sharp end of the tongs at Nier’s throat. Nier’s sword thrust was extremely fast. So fast all I caught was a blurry afterimage, but the red haired lady caught her sword as easily as if she were picking up charcoal, and reversed the tables on Nier by pointing her tongs at her throat.

Nier staggered backwards and grabbed her throat. Shocked, she looked at her and exclaimed: “Kugh! Th-That’s the royal family’s sword art! That’s her majesty’s sword style! Who exactly are you?!”

“Missy, you should relax. If I have the gall to refer to Elizabeth by her name, then it’s a clear indication that I have the right to do so. I’ll spare you on account of his majesty.”

I quietly whispered: “Nier, apologise.”

The red haired lady threw the sword to the ground and then folded her arms. Nier grit her teeth and showed her dissatisfaction in her eyes, but there was nothing she could do. She could only lower her head and mutter: “Sorry… I apologise for my rudeness.”

“Isn’t that much better now…? My, I can’t believe you’ve grown up so much already, your majesty… My, my. If we could backtrack in time, you could be the second excellent warrior I trained. But this isn’t bad either, is it? Tsk, tsk. You’re still young and yet so smart. Not bad. Not bad.”

The red haired lady laughed out loud and then leaned over towards me. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders and pressed it on my chest. She had a strange scent on her, but it was still a boob-massage. I drowned myself in their softness. If it weren’t so tough to breathe in here, it would’ve been a blissful feeling…

“You helped me solved those problems so I’ll repay you. Come, tell me, what do you like? Hey missy, what does the prince like?”

Nier looked at me without any expression and then replied: “Women. He just came out of a brothel. He even asked her majesty to bath with him. He’s driven by lust.”


I looked at her with my jaws open and eyes wide. Did she not understand what I was thinking?! In what way am I a lustful person?! I did that to get you off my tail! It’s not because I’m lustful! If I were lustful I would’ve already pushed you down, okay?! I’m engaged to Lucia and I haven’t even touched her in that way yet!

“Is that so? Isn’t that good? It’s normal at have hobbies as a prince. Come here. Isn’t it simple then? How about you sleep with me then?” She revealed a consoling smile and shifted her strong hands from labour work towards my belt. Hey, hey, hey. Isn’t something wrong here?! Are you thanking me or am I thanking you here?!!

“No, no, no. I don’t have any thoughts along those lines.”

“Oh really? What a pity… I thought you were quite cute…”

She revealed a look of pity and then watched me fix my belt up, and said: “In that case, did you come to me for something, your majesty? I don’t think you would go out of your way to come here just to help me solve my problems.”

I nodded. I took out the materials mom gave me and said: “I do have a favour to ask. I heard that you might be able to create light armour for me using these materials… Please take a look.”

She nodded and took the materials. She smiled and said: “Oh, Earth Dragons. This silk is the magic spell ‘defence’ itself. Earth Dragons can’t be cut because their scales are naturally covered with the ‘defence’ spell. Once you remove the spell on them, you can add them to other materials. Humans won’t be able to recognise that. Leave it with me. I’ll definitely make some armour for you.”

“Wait… Aren’t you human? How do you know so much?”

I looked at her slightly puzzled. She has human ears, but she was so knowledgeable about elves.

The lady laughed and said: “It’s just that I’ve been to the elves’ nation in the past… My past should be self-explanatory from there. Your majesty, leave your order with me. You helped me with the back-loaded gun design so I’ll help you with your armour. First, I need to grab your body measurements…”

“Go ahead.”

She took out a tape measure and went around my body. Her fingers sometimes got naughty, but… I couldn’t say anything… As she got my measurements, she asked: “Prince, do you have any hobbies, such as the women before, money or traditional swordsmanship…? Elizabeth is the strongest swordsman, well, swordswoman in the empire. You have such a gentle personality when you have a mother like that. It just doesn’t fit no matter how I think about it.”

I smiled helplessly and replied: “I… Don’t… Her majesty has never taught me swordsmanship. I don’t have any ambitions for wealth or women… To be honest, I don’t know what I like either. Maybe I don’t have any special interests.”

“Is that right? You’re a king without any desires.”

“I’m not really a king…”

“Of course you are. You’re the one who’ll ascend the throne once her majesty passes on.” She pulled back the tape measure, nodded and said: “That’s about it. I hope you can come by every day while I make your armour. I have a lot of ideas but am always missing some stuff. I believe you have the intellect to help me”

“Alright. Thank you.”

“Wow. Elizabeth’s child actually uses courtesy. You’re so cute! I can’t believe that woman has such a gentle kid. Let me give you a kiss!”

“No!! Don’t!! I’m suffocating!! I’m suffocating!!”

At the same time at the inner court.


A young girl flew outside holding her chest which was swollen like a ball as she gasped for air. Her majesty waved the wooden sword in her hand, sighed and said: “How boring. I was using my left hand and it was still so boring… Castell, come spar with me”

Castell smiled helplessly, shook his head and replied: “Your majesty, should you wish to kill me, you need only say so. If the Valkyries cannot defeat you, a scholar without the ability to fight such as myself would not be able to hold a candle to you.”

The empress threw her sword down. Her maids by the side hurried over to serve her a cup of wine. She gulped the wine which was red like blood, then wiped the corner of her mouth and asked Castell: “Hmm… It feels like there’s nothing to do without my son here… Castell, you’ve interacted with my son before. What do you think he wants? Women? Treasures? Or glory?”

“Please forgive me for being frank. His majesty does not want anything. His majesty is not lustful and does not care for wealth. He does not advocate or pursue military goals and does not yearn for glory.” Castell gently continued: “His majesty honestly does not need anything.”

The empress stood silent for a moment. She then sighed and said: “He’s not suited to be an emperor then. An emperor is an emperor because he has ambitions. Only emperors with lofty ambitions and desires can rule an empire. Since he does not want anything or need anything, he’d be no different to a commoner even if he were to be an emperor. My empire would crumble if I let a commoner inherit the throne.”

“You are right, but the throne must be passed on to his majesty.”

“Hmm… Let’s change him a bit then. Make him like myself…”

The empress stood up, waved the wooden sword, let out a long sigh and said: “Hands soaked with blood can never be washed clean. Once one sees blood, they’ll become addicted to this power. Get him to kill people. He will realise his power as an emperor once he understands that he’s an emperor and has the power to determine everybody’s fate.”

Castell politely nodded and replied: “Understood.”


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