Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 22

“The copper coins really were here with you.” I kicked open the chest in front of me. The open chests in front of me were filled with copper coins. Castell stood to one side. He looked at me with a bitter smile and said: “Your majesty, I can definitely explain the origins of these coins. … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 24

Dear Lucia, I hope you have adapted to life in the North. The purpose of this letter is to confess…… I thought about it for a moment, but my pen never touched the paper again. After thinking it over and over, I decided it was best not to confess to Lucia. Lucia can smell the … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 28

Humanity’s early mornings were very cold. While there’s no rule about staying indoors late at night in the royal capital, drunkards lying on the streets and cleaners were found early in the morning. Winter had come so the night patrol units had an extra job and that was to pick up drunkards, because if they … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 32

“Before we get down to business, let me say something.” I narrowed my eyes to look at the representative in front of me and sombrely said, “Nier, go and find out which guard brought this cage in without my permission. After you find out, kill him.” “Understood.” Nier nodded and just a moment later, I … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 44

“Your majesty! You have worked hard! Welcome home…… Ah… this miss is……” Luna blankly watched me carry Freya off the horse. She caught Freya with puzzlement. Freya leaned on Luna, looked at me and said: “Your majesty, if you have time, I would like to speak to about my plans for the next step. For … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 54

When Luna woke up the next day, she found Nier had already gotten changed. Nier noticed Luna who was behind her wake up. She turned her head around. Her eyes were still red, but she had regained her calmness and resolve in her gaze. She looked at Luna, made a small bow and greeted her: … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 21

“Son, I heard about what happened to you yesterday.” I sat at the table and had my head down as I looked at the bread and honey in front of me. I quietly replied: “Sorry, mom.” Nier was standing behind the empress opposite me. She had her hand on her sword handle as she trained … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 20

“So that’s what happened. I understand.” The empress looked at Nier who was kneeling down on one knee in front of her, switched which leg went over the other, smiled and said, “Rise, Nier. It’s not your fault. It’s my son’s fault. I knew that this would happen. I knew he would go there. He’s … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 19

“Of course. I am just putting it out there. God does not force anyone, nor will he threaten anyone. You did what you did for the sake of the people. We too do what we do for the sake of the people.” This time, I sat at the side of the table mortified. The archbishop … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 18

I didn’t see a mountain of copper coins in the warehouse like I imagined…… Well I guess it’s impossible. Nobody would just casually make a mountain out of money like that. Inside were neatly placed money chests. Every single chest had seals on them. The money chests were very familiar because not everybody can create … Read more