Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 29

“Miss Gilliante.” Nier turned to look at Luna who brought up a hot cup of tea for her and held it up to her. Nier ignored her while continuing to look forward with her hand on her sword handle as if Luna didn’t exist. Luna didn’t panic or get mad. She just stood there in front of Nier holding up the tea cup while looking at her.

The sky finally lost out to the heavy cold. Although it should’ve still been winter, snow had begun to fall. Nier wore her thick cape as she stood outside. A layer of snow had already formed on her cape. Luna was just wearing a simple maid uniform which offered very little in terms of warmth. Further, elves naturally dislike the cold so she was shivering due to the cold. However, she didn’t drink the hot tea in her hand despite that.

“Miss Gilliante…… This is tea his majesty told me to bring to you……”

Luna felt like her mouth had frozen. Nier sighed and then called another Valkyrie over. She shook off the snow on her and then took the cup of tea before drinking the now cold cup of tea. Luna smiled as she looked at Nier and said: “If… you do this… I think his majesty might not look at you……”

“His… majesty……?”

Nier looked at the cup of tea and frowned a little. She then took the cup and returned it to Luna. Nier then turned around and walked to the inner court. Luna followed her back to the warm small room and let out a sigh of relief. Nier pulled open the entrance to the small room to the side and went in. This place was the rest room for Valkyries on duty. Luna looked inside with a slight feeling of concern.

Although Nier didn’t invite her in, she didn’t close the door. Luna hesitated for a moment before saying: “Please excuse me.” and then entered the room.

The room was very small with only one bed, one desk and one chair. Nier sat on the bed with her back against the wall and closed her eyes to rest. Luna sat on the wooden chair to the side and looked at Nier. She asked: “Miss Gilliante… If you do not mind, could I ask you a question…? Umm……”

Nier didn’t spare her a look. She kept her eyes closed and Luna wasn’t sure if she was indeed asleep. Luna smiled bitterly. Nier truly doesn’t like her. They two of them had never exchanged a single sentence between them before even when they lived together. Luna usually speaks to Nier, but Nier never replied.

“I will consider it as you having agreed then. I want to know why you and his majesty are angry with each other…… You two were a great match…… You looked amazing when you walked together. Why did you two get angry with each other…? His majesty has always looked down recently. I think… he probably wants to apologise to you.”


Nier opened her eyes and looked at Luna. Her gaze showed annoyance and anger. Luna smiled helplessly. She then looked at Nier and said: “Miss Gilliante, you care about his majesty, don’t you? You react at the very mention of his majesty…… Whatever the case… I feel that… you and his majesty are very……”

The tip of a sharp sword was pointed at Luna’s neck the next second. Nier was still sitting just a second before, and yet her sword was already at Luna’s neck. Nier’s gaze was very close up to her. Anger spurred her up. She looked at Luna and in a cold tone said: “Say one more word of nonsense and I’ll kill you where you sit.”

“Threatening me with a blade is pointless, Miss Gilliante.” Luna still had her friendly smile on. She wasn’t the least bit afraid of Nier’s sword. She looked at Nier and in relaxed tone said: “I’ve seen many things which were more frightening. If I was the past version of myself, I would step forward into your blade without any hesitation to escape. But I am now worried about his majesty, just like you are, Miss Gilliante. You cannot stop the call of your heart with a blade.”

Nier looked at her and violently said: “Quit with the nonsense. Get out right now.”

She didn’t dare to slit open Luna’s throat because Luna was now the prince’s personal servant. In terms of status, they were on equal footing now. However, since the empress doted on the prince, Luna’s status in the palace was slightly higher than even her own.

“The first time you spoke to me was because of his majesty.” Luna didn’t budge. She looked at Luna and spoke in a tone like she was pleading her, “Miss Gilliante, there are some things that only you can help his majesty with. I cannot protect his majesty. All I can do is sacrifice my life for him. I cannot actually protect him. Miss Gilliante, regardless of what happened between the both of you, his majesty needs you right now.”

“It has nothing to do with me!”

“It does have to do with you!”

“His majesty’s life has got nothing to do with me. I am her majesty’s Valkyrie. I only care about her majesty’s safety.”

“It is meaningless to lie to yourself like this, Miss Gilliante.”

Luna stood up, looked at Nier, smiled helplessly and continued, “Miss Gilliante, you care about his majesty, that’s why you try to convince yourself otherwise with your identity as a Valkyrie. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have left, given her majesty’s previous order was for you to guard him.”

“What do you know? His majesty……”

“What about me?”

I stood outside the door and looked at the both of them.

Nier reacted surprised. She rolled her wrist and sheathed her sword. She then looked at me, bowed and greeted me: “Your majesty.”


I looked at her and then smiled helplessly while saying, “Nier, are you still not willing to forgive me? What happened previously was my fault. I hope that you will be able to continue protecting me.”

Nier raised her head. In a polite and firm tone, she said: “I never got angry because of you. I don’t dare to. I am her majesty’s Valkyrie. Only her majesty can give me orders, not you.”

“I thought so.”

I smiled helplessly. I then looked at Nier and continued, “I’m not ordering you. I’m begging you, Nier. I’m not ordering you to help me, but begging you to help me, because I can’t complete the next step alone. I need your help. That’s right, I need you. I require your strength to make it a success.”

Nier looked at me and nonchalantly replied: “I can’t agree even if you beg me. I am a Valkyrie.”

Nier didn’t look angry or proud. She looked expressionless as usual, as if nothing happened between us, like we had never met before. I looked at Nier, clenched my fist and said: “Her majesty’s orders are… she ordered you to drop all your upcoming jobs and gave you a three day vacation. You can do as you please during these three days. So I’m begging you to help me for these three days.”

“What…? This… this……”

Nier gave a shocked reaction as she looked at me. It was the first time she wore a look of shock on her face. She looked at me without knowing what to do. It looks like she’s never thought about vacations. It was the first time she had thoughts about acting on her own accord.

I looked at her, extended my hand out and said: “Don’t let me down, Nier. I pleaded mom to get you your freedom. I hope you can help me during these three days, not as a Valkyrie, but as Nier, my bodyguard. Help me make this a success.”

“So you are no longer a Valkyrie, Miss Gilliante. What are you going to do now that you are not a Valkyrie?” Luna looked at Nier and pleaded, “Miss Gilliante, do what you want to do. Do not lie to yourself. You really want to help his majesty, don’t you? You care about his majesty, don’t you?!”



I looked at Nier and she looked at me like she was in a dilemma. She bit down on her lips. It was the first time she was hesitant. She swept her eyes over the two of us. I didn’t move or press her. I just waited for her.

Nier looked at me and I was still looking at her. I then softly said: “Sorry, Nier.”

Nier shivered and then lowered her head. She slowly removed her long sword and placed it on the table. Afterwards, she took in a deep breath and raised her head to look at me again. She sternly said: “Your majesty, I, Nier Gilliante shall follow your orders temporarily. However, please grant me a sword!”


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