Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 05

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“So you refuse…? That truly is unfortunate because we will not back down regarding His Majesty’s matter. This deadlock will serve no good for both of our races.” Castell smiled as he rolled up the sheet of paper in his hand.

Vyvyan sat behind her table somewhat angrily, twirling her blonde hair around her finger. That was a habit of Vyvyan’s when she got frustrated. She looked at Castell and laughed coldly.

“Mr. Castell, nothing good has ever happened between our two races. The war ten years ago is proof of that. For as long as our soldiers’ corpses have not turned cold, for as long as our orphans are still alive, and for as long as the schemes you humans have for my son exist, I shall never agree. You should be aware of our nature. If you threaten us with war, then you may have just threatened the wrong target.” she said.

“I am very sorry, esteemed Elven Queen. I am not threatening you, but explaining the possible things that may happen if we cannot come to an agreement.” Castell chuckled softly and continued, “Esteemed Elven Queen, Her Majesty understands the deep love you have for His Majesty. You raised His Majesty for over ten years, so it is impossible for you to not have feelings for him. Hence, we have come up with this compromise plan to allow His Majesty have an elf wife and human wife…”

Vyvyan slammed her hand on her table hard and thundered, “Nonsense!”

She looked at Castell and angrily said, “Mr. Castell, do not think that the love we elves speak of is the cheap-filthy-carnal-desire filled and money-filled relationship of you humans. Our love is a dignified blessing from God. We will not accept any form of betrayal! Having a human and elf wife on each side is an insult to us. No one can accept it!”

“You are right. We really admire the way elves are loyal in love. But His Majesty is not an elf.”

Castell looked at Vyvyan who was angry and gently chuckled.

“His Majesty is mixed-blood. Elven Queen, you did not forget that, did you? His father is the previous elf king, and his mother is Her Majesty!” he continued.

“I’m his mother! If you say that again, then I shall ask you to return. We have nothing left to discuss anymore.” Vyvyan stood up, flicked her sleeve and left in a rage.

Castell quickly stood up.

“Please calm down, Elven Queen, that is not how it is. If you believe him to be your son, that is fine. But what do you intend to do if you are refusing the marriage? His Majesty will be returning to the royal capital next month, and then their wedding ceremony will definitely be held.” he said.

“Then I just won’t have my child return to your side next month.” Vyvyan turned her head around and looked at Castell with her blood-red eyes.

“If you want force my son to live with unhappiness, then please, start a war. I’ll fight you to the end this time out of respect for you!” she continued while revealing a cold smile.

“But what if His Majesty loves Nier too?”

Castell smiled as she looked at Vyvyan. He wasn’t scared by Vyvyan’s threat, because he had been through scarier things in the past.

He continued, “Esteemed Elven Queen, you can ask His Majesty. His Majesty has feelings for Nier too. Is it not a blissful thing for a parent to let their child be with the one he loves?”

“My son loves Lucia.”

“He loves Nier too.”

Vyvyan looked at him with a cold gaze and replied, “That’s my son’s business then. If my son really loves the Nier you speak off then he should bring Nier before me and beg me. But he doesn’t even have the courage to go through danger with Nier, so where is this love you speak of?”

Castell froze. He then smiled hopelessly and replied, “That… I have no way of explaining it to you. Since you are unable to accept our proposal, Her Majesty shall personally make a trip over. This pertains to His Majesty’s future, so I think that it would be better for both of his mothers to discuss it with each other.”

Vyvyan gave a casual smile and said, “Sure. It’s been ten years, hasn’t it? I want to see your empress too. Let her personally discuss this with me. Let’s end today’s discussion here then. But one more thing, Mr. Castell…”

Before Castell realised it, Vyvyan was already in front of him.

She looked at him with her belittling gaze.

He felt the atmosphere before him freeze stiff and there were sharp ice-picks around him. If he were to so much as budge, it would stab into his skin.

Vyvyan reached her hand out to grab his chin and coldly said, “You said ‘His Majesty’ seven times in our discussion just now. This is my final warning. Troy Galadriel is my son. My one and only son that I am proud of. You are to refer to him as ‘His Highness’ and not ‘His Majesty’ next time. If you knowingly make the same mistake again, you may never be able to speak again.”

Castell looked at her burning-furious eyes. He took in a deep breath and replied, “Alright, esteemed Elven Queen. I understand. I apologise for my rudeness.”

The freezing atmosphere vanished instantly. Vyvyan flicked her sleeve, narrowed her blue eyes, and said with a smile, “Good. I now need to go, and prepare lunch for my son. Goodbye, Mr. Castell. I look forward to speaking to your empress next time, if you can return alive that is.”

All the doors in the guest room gently shut. Castell let out a breath of relief and tugged on his coat. He thought that there was nothing in the world that could scare him. However, Vyvyan’s rage and the sky full of ice-picks frightened him to the point he broke out in cold sweat. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. He had to admit that while Vyvyan looks amicable, as a queen, she’s no less frightening than the empress when she gets angry.

But how was he going to now relay the results of the discussion back to the empress without angering her…? Or was Her Majesty hoping the negotiation wouldn’t work out?

“Mom, this is……”

I looked at what was on the table stunned. No, mom didn’t make something unbelievable, but rather she made far too much.

Mom giggled as she filled up my plate. She tried to pile on as much food as she could.

The huge mountain of food made me think “Am I at an all-you-can-eat restaurant?”

“It’s alright, son. Eat a little more. You won’t be by my side for much longer, and Lucia will be cooking for you after you get married. Let me tell you now though; Lucia doesn’t know how to cook.”

Mom blinked her eyes and then continued with a smile, “Lucia has always been training after all so she never learnt to cook. It’s better living with mommy, isn’t it?”

“Mom… can’t you teach Lucia…?”

“It’s alright. Mommy doesn’t mind living together with you two.”

No, I mind. I really mind. If I continue being so intimate with mom after marriage, I’m worried mom and Lucia will get into a fight to the death. I truly believe the two of them would.

Mom placed the mountain-high plate of food in front of me. It was a real burden to pick up my fork and knife. It was like the start of a long campaign. Mom clasped her hands together and looked at me with a smile. There weren’t many things, but mom loves watching me eat her dishes…

“Son, mommy wants to ask you something.”

“Mm, go ahead.”

“Do you love Nier more than Lucia?”


Shit. The mountain of food really collapsed…


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