Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 939


All of the formations Mu Yu installed in the valley had been activated to fight off Third Heaven Palace’s invaders, riling Mu Yu up. Mu Yu subsequently sped off to confront the two Body Synthesis Realm and Ascension Realm invaders, finding the valley demolished and Celestial Fiend Tree strewn across the ground. Skipping the introductions, Mu Yu came in swinging!

The Ascension Realm cultivator spawned a hand to catch Mu Yu’s qi long before it could hit. “Now this is a pleasant surprise. Why is your cultivation back to Body Synthesis Realm?”

It was obvious who attacked them for there was only one person who appeared invisible to them and used the same technique.

Mu Yu could not press the attack as they already had Leng Bingxue in their hands as well as Ku Mu’s corpse!

“Mu Yu, he’s rank fifteen ultimate immortal, Yu Xunlao!” shouted Leng Bingxue from a Body Synthesis Realm middle-aged man’s hold, face ashen.

“I was wondering if you’d show up,” remarked Yu Xunlao, grabbing Ku Mu’s clothing. “This is Eternally Youthful Ku Mu who cast Ultimate Concealment Bloody Guardian on you. I thought he was some freak, but he’s just a corpse.”

Mu Yu’s fury snapped the shackles in his left arm, releasing bloodlust energy throughout his body. With output comparable to natural lightning, Mu Yu slashed down with all his might. Yu Xunlao shook his head and pulled Ku Mu over by the throat, forcing Mu Yu to cancel out his attack from three metres away.

“Release him!”

“What happened? Scared? Hahaha.”

“These scumbags again?!” thundered Cai Lie, arriving on the scene.

“I said, release him,” Mu Yu demanded in a low voice, cancelling out the residue energy of his swing.

“Why won’t you swing? Tsk, tsk, we should’ve captured him earlier if we knew he would be such an effective countermeasure against you. I want to perform an experiment to determine his worth. Kill the three pests behind you, and I’ll release him,” ordered Yu Xunlao, ginning. “Those three sacks of crap aren’t worthy of seeing us. If you don’t kill them, I’ll maim Ku Mu’s corpse right now, hahaha.”

Mu Yu shut his eyes to calm his mind, ignoring the demand he would never adhere to.

“Are you just going to brush me off?” Yu Xulao suspended Ku Mu’s corpse in his hands.

Mu Yu opened his vengeful eyes.

“Time to crash the party!”

Nobody could make out what happened next besides describing it as a light flitting in from behind Yu Xunlao. When Yu Xunlao opened his mouth to speak, blood poured out of it, indicating he was unaware a blade had already penetrated his throat.

“Finally found you, Rank Fifteen. Now Shifu won’t put me on a cucking stool, haha.”

In seconds, Yu Xunlao lost his soul energy, unravelling his hideous appearance.

Mu Yu threw an extra swing, cleaving Yu Xunlao in half from the top, then snatched Ku Mu’s corpse off the latter.

“Be careful, man. You nearly killed me,” hollered Chu Xiachi, jumping away from Mu Yu’s attack.

“He had it coming!”

“How are we supposed to tell who killed him now that you’ve halved him?” Chu Xiachi checked his wrist for a change. Upon seeing the number fifteen surface on his wrist, he cheered, “Yes! I killed him!”

“Sorry, Dad. I promised to not let you get hurt again.” Mu Yu swung his wrath again, halving Yu Xunlao’s torso from his lower body. He tidied up Ku Mu’s body, then proceeded to blow the two restraining Leng Bingxue to smithereens. He subsequently said to Chu Xiachi, “Thank you.”

“I didn’t come to save you. I was only after rank fifteen. I’ve been chasing him for days. Laters.”

Catching up, Cai Lie inquired, “Who is he?”

“Someone strong,” Mu Yu replied.

Leng Bingxue hurried over to check Ku Mu.

Mu Yu suppressed his bloodlust energy and then transferred qi from his sword to his body, forcing the bloodlust energy and soul energy back to his left arm. “Are you all right?”

“I’m f-,” Upon seeing her father, Leng Bingxue snapped, “What is he doing here?!”

Yao Wuji explained, “I was looking for you. He has a problem…”

“Coward,” insulted Leng Bingxue.

“I’m not a coward. I’m not a coward!” cried Daoist Yuande, clinging to Yao Wuji.

“You’re not a coward, Uncle.”

“What happened to him?”

“Junior Sister, do you know what happened to Pill Cauldron Sect?”

“Haven’t cared. I just want to live my own life.”

“Pill Cauldron Sect was almost wiped out. Third Heaven Palace is the one who did this to Uncle. He is now suffering from a mental condition.”

Mu Yu added, “I came here to bring you back to Pill Cauldron Sect as it needs you now. Those three were Third Heaven Palace’s henchmen.”

“What about Shi Dengtian?”

“I killed him.”

Leng Bingxue shut her eyes and inhaled deeply.

“Junior Sister, you have to understand Uncle had his reasons.”

Leng Bingxue used her eyes to ask Mu Yu for confirmation.

“Dad’s death is not Elder Yuande’s mistake. My dad won’t hold it against him. The true culprit is Third Heaven Palace,” Mu Yu asserted, eyes fixed on Ku Mu.


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