Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 938

Tian Ran

Mu Yu assured Yao Wuji that he would explain the reason behind the latter’s actions to Daoist Yundan and company, while Cai Lie assured his shifu to return to Pill Cauldron Sect. After lengthy speeches, the two of them managed to persuade Yao Wuji to return to Pill Cauldron Sect.

On the way out of Formation Sect, Mu Yu encountered Mu Hao waiting for him up ahead, face burning. Mu Yu, therefore, instructed, “Wait for me outside.”

“I’ve thought it through,” Mu Hao stated, clearly uneasy.

“You here to see me off?”

“Grandpa told me Mu Yu is someone who knows what he’s doing,” Mu Hao responded with his head down.

“Your point?”

“So he must’ve had a reason for massacring those at the city. Those cultivators must’ve deserved it. He doesn’t kill the innocent, right?” Though it was a question, Mu Hao was actually praying his assumption was true.

“All I can tell you is that I’m no hero. I only help those who deserve help.”

“People are blasting True God and hoping Third Heaven Palace will save the world. I’m more willing to put my trust in True God than Third Heaven Palace.”


“I will surpass you.”

“Keep your word.”

Mu Hao turned the other way to leave, while Mu Yu departed Formation Sect after finally setting that problem to rest.

Daoist Yuande’s fear of flying implied he had forgotten that he still had his cultivation. As such, Yao Wuji had to assure him everything would be fine.

Cai Lie questioned, “Mu Yu, you going to go see Tian Ran?”


Yao Wuji asked, “Mu Yu, do you know what she is to Secular World Sect now?”

“Cai Lie told me she is a divine maiden. Is something the matter?”

“Several months ago, she was promoted to the next matriarch candidate and is being groomed for the role. Secular World Sect’s matriarchs cannot have relationships with men. Her mother is held prisoner there for eternity due to breaking that law.”

“I couldn’t care less about their rules.”

“Mu Yu, I like that side of you. If you ask me, being my sister-in-law is more important than leading Secular World Sect. In saying that, you seriously don’t want to mess with that old witch, bro…”

“Cai Lie, watch your tongue,” chastised Yao Wuji.

Cai Lie poked his tongue out. “You remember Ximen Buxing? Their elders are always hunting him for their disciples’ sake. They won’t show any mercy. I guess Ximen Buxing’s skin is thick enough to handle it. I suppose you’re good enough to work around them now.”

“You still need to be cautious, Mu Yu. If you want to be with Tian Ran, you must prepare to make an enemy out of Secular World Sect,” warned Yao Wuji.

“No old witch can scare us. Tian Ran is Old White Beard’s daughter and in love with Mu Yu,” Xiaoshuai stated.

“Who is Old White Beard?”

“You two know who Tian Ran’s father is?” Cai Lie questioned.

Mu Yu rubbed Xiaoshuai’s head. “I… can trust you, right?”

Cai Lie and Yao Wuji nodded, with the latter conveying, “That said, you do not have to tell us if it is an important secret.”

“You’re not nosy. Whoever managed to win the heart of Secular World Sect’s divine maiden is my idol!” Cai Lie opined.

“Are you praising Mu Yu?” Xiaoshuai queried.

“Yeah. By the way, you better teach me how to woo girls, bro. I want to try courting a girl from Jade Sect and…” Cai Lie leaned into Mu Yu’s ear and chortled.

Yao Wuji pinched Cai Lie’s ear. “And here I thought you had matured.”

“Mu Yu, we’re adults now, so it’s fine for you to steal her heart. I’m also a normal man. I promised to obey everything Shifu says from now, so I would ask for Shifu’s input before I take her into my room to, you know…”

“Don’t lump me in with you, shameless.” After deliberating whether he should divulge the secret or not, Mu Yu informed, “Tian Ran’s father is actually my shifu.”

Cai Lie and Yao Wuji slammed their brakes.

“I’m not joking,” Mu Yu affirmed upon witnessing the next-level surprise.

Cai Lie pressed a hand on Mu Yu’s shoulder. “You two are a perfect match in every facet. Who cares about being a matriarch when you can be True God’s daughter? Mu Yu, you have to snatch her away from them.”

Yao Wuji shared, “Mu Yu, the reason Secular World Sect’s matriarch cannot develop a relationship with men is because their Secular World Lotus Style’s most advanced section, Secular World Emotion Severing Technique, is a technique reserved for virgins. They must cut off all their emotions and protect their virginity to maximise its power, which is why their matriarchs have always been aloof and bereft of any relationship. I’m worried that…”

“All the more reason for me to stop her,” Mu Yu asserted.

“Guess we need raid Secular World Sect,” voiced Cai Lie.

“You want to be Mu Yu’s dead weight?” castigated Yao Wuji.

“I have an obligation to help him, Shifu. Moreover, Tian Ran should be considered your disciple. Think about it: True God’s daughter, your disciple, is being forced to severe her emotions. Can you accept that?”

“I certainly do want to protect her innocent nature. Mu Yu, I will lend you a hand.”

“Thanks in advance.”

Hours later, they reached Ku Mu’s valley that Leng Bingxue had now renovated into nature’s paradise, much to Mu Yu’s liking. Unfortunately, good times did not last.

“What’s the matter?” Yao Wuji asked upon noticing Mu Yu’s tension.


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