Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 940

Origins of Ultimate Immortals Monument

“I never imagined you would end up in this state,” expressed Leng Bingxue, emotionally gazing at her father. Even after being forgiven, Daoist Yuande had yet to recover.

“Junior Sister…”

“I will take care of him and help him restore his memories.”

A comforted smile came to Yao Wuji’s lips.

At Mu Yu’s urging, Leng Bingxue brought Daoist Yuande along to return to Pill Cauldron Sect as Mu Yu convinced her it would not be safe in the valley anymore. Daoist Yundan promised, “We will work together to help Uncle recover. Junior Brother Yao, I apologise f-”

“Let bygones be bygones, Patriarch,” expressed Yao Wuji.

“I have cleared it up with everyone, so everyone understands why you did what you did.”

Yao Wuji patted Cai Lie on the shoulder. “It matters not. His opinion of me matters more than anyone else’s.”

“I have you back, Shifu. I’ll fix any mouth that besmirches you.”


Mu Yu put He Jinglong and company’s body to rest at Pill Cauldron Sect and then took Ku Mu to Revealing Cauldron as he was convinced it was the safest place to hide from Third Heaven Palace. “Wait here for me, Dad.”

Dabai and Dahei climbed out of Revealing Cauldron to try waking Ku Mu.

“I’ll be back,” stated Mu Yu.

Dabai and Dahei rushed over to block Mu Yu’s path as the latter walked away.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Yu queried.

Xiaoshuai hopped onto Dahei’s head. “Mu Yu, they want you to leave Ku Mu’s soul behind.’

“Not happening. I must protect Dad’s soul.”

Dahei and Dabei bounced up and downm then did circles.

Xiaoshuai interpreted, “They’re saying that they can watch over Soul Fixing Formation as it’s the very formation that’s maintaining Ku Mu’s status as their owner. Unless Ku Mu’s body and soul are together, they won’t sustain Revealing Cauldron even without you around.”


“Put some thought into it. Primordial Yin Yang has its own mind. If the previous owner passes away, ownership should migrate, yet that wasn’t the case. Accordingly, we can infer that Soul Fixing Formation is the reason Primordial Yin Yang hasn’t deemed Ku Mu dead.”

“Dabai and Dahei can guard Soul Fixing Formation.”

Dabai and Dahei spun around.

Xiaoshuai translated, “Yes.”

Mu Yu thought it through and responded, “All right. I’ll continue my search for Reverend Nilei. Dad, I’ll be back before you know it.”

Mu Yu placed the jade piece in Ku Mu’s hand and bid farewell to Revealing Cauldron with Xiaoshuai.

Once Mu Yu was out of sight, Dabai and Dahei dove into the jade piece. Ku Mu’s damaged soul began to glow as his body and soul resonated. The text in the cauldron also lit up, triggering the emergence of an eight trigrams diagram below Ku Mu’s body.


Pill Cauldron Sect’s members watched Mu Yu take the spiral pills and spirit formations to rebuild the desecrated landscape.

“Please make it,” prayed Daoist Yundan.

From atop Revealing Cauldron, Mu Yu conjured formation lines. He planted around a hundred thousand spiral pills into Pill Cauldron Sect’s corners, combining them with spirit formations. He summoned a ray of light from Revealing Formation, then proceeded to send them into every inch of land. The land began to shift and move as the elements began to converge. Mountains, rivers, trees and so forth bloomed on the lands once again in a matter of seconds.

Mu Yu returned to Daoist Yundan’s side. “The rest is up to you. I cannot restore buildings, so Pill Hall is also beyond me. I have moved Pill Manual Hall and whatnot back to where they belong, however.”

“That is plenty. Mu Yu, we owe you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I need to get moving now. Whatever goes on in the outside world or is mentioned, block them out. Recuperating and staying safe until we’re ready to challenge Third Heaven Palace is what’s important now.”

Helian Kong came over to say, “Pill Cauldron Sect will fight alongside you, Mu Yu. Before you leave, I need to have a word in private with you about Third Heaven Palace.”

“Please feel free to speak. I will be cautious whenever they are involved.”

Helian Kong had everyone leave then informed, “While you were away, I had a reconnaissance team dig up some information and found at that Ultimate Immortals Ranking’s significance is the same as it was back then.”

“I thought you said it was something Third Heaven Palace came up with for entertainment.”

“No, not at all.”

“You do not need to beat around the bush, Elder.”

“Okay. Long ago, it wasn’t used just to fend off elemental demons but all other races. Did you see the other races in Demon-Sealing Pagoda, such as the lunar race?”

“I did.”

“Well, the lunar race is another race from another world. I suppose this is the first time you’ve heard this?”

“Another world? That’s scary!” commented Xiaoshuai, reacting stunned as Helian Kong would want as he ate an apple.

“Yes. Third Heaven Palace’s initial aim was to protect Third Heaven from foreign invaders. The chosen nine ultimate immortals are supposed to use the ultimate immortals monument as a tool to wield Nine Heavens Combat Formation against foreign races. It was associated with fighting off elemental demons for they were the race we crossed paths with.”

“What sort of formation is Nine Heavens Combat Formation?”

“It’s an aeonic formation that borrows celestial preservation energy as a formation foundation, and its output power comes from the nine chosen ultimate immortals – the nine mystic immortals. You don’t know what celestial preservation energy is, do you?”

Helian Kong wanted Mu Yu to provide a surprised reaction. Else, he would not seem profound. Though he already knew, Mu Yu decided to play along. “Yeah, I… have never heard of it.”


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