Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 937

Live in Reality

“… Your Brother Mu Yu isn’t a hero.”

“He is!”

“He was the one who massacred the residents of Eastern Desert City.”

“You’re not my brother’s friend, are you?! You’re also jealous of him!”

“I’m not jealous of him.” As much as it hurt Mu Yu to do it, Mu Yu removed his disguise as he stated, “He personally slew the cultivators. There’s no arguing it.”

Mu Hao jumped to his feet. “Don’t you dare malign my br-”

“Sorry for keeping you in the dark all this time.”

Once Mu Hao recollected his thoughts, he jumped to another step and then froze as he did not know how to continue. Mu Yu followed after Mu Hao and asked, “What are you doing?”

“You’re not my brother. You just cast Hundred Faces Illusion Formation to act as his imposter. I won’t believe you.” Mu Hao jumped to the step below, only to end up higher.

Mu Yu jumped after Mu Hao. “This jade stone prove I’m him?”

Mu Yu stopped Mu Hao from hopping away again and took the latter’s jade stone to place theirs together, showing they could glow upon contact. There was no way anyone could create a bootleg of them.

Mu Hao snatched his jade stone back. “My brother would never massacre people!”

“What you think isn’t all there is to see.”

“How so? Tell me why you massacred all those people, then!”

“You believe me now?”

“Answer me!”

“They deserved it.”

Mu Hao clamped his teeth together.

“What do you think of Third Heaven Palace?”

“Humankind’s leaders who lead and protect us from elemental demons. You should be following after their example.”

“In reality, they’re the ones colluding with elemental demons. They’re the ones who instigate the fights between the races!”


“Why do you think elemental demons ambushed Daoist Yuande and Patriarch? It’s because Patriarch can fix every city’s barrier. There won’t be fights if elemental demons can’t invade. Third Heaven Palace told the elemental demons to assassinate Patriarch. They also placed Daoist Yuande under their control!”

“But…” Mu Hao suddenly saw an explanation as to why Zhuge Xiaosheng did not hate Daoist Yuande and even took care of the latter when it was Daoist Yuande who backstabbed him. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I don’t want you to be in the dark… And I do care about how you think of me.”

“… I want to leave.”

Mu Yu chose to let Mu Hao leave, thereby taking Mu Hao back to ground floor. Zhuge Xiaosheng happened to cross paths with Mu Hao, who stomped off, and inquired, “Did you tell him the truth, Mu Yu?”


“It looks like he needs time. Before he joined, he always asked me about you. I told him everything I could tell him. He idolises you, which is why he’s always pushed himself. He’s demonstrated he has talent for formations with his rapid improvement rate. I bring him along on jobs to expand his horizons.

“This is a tough pill for him to swallow. If elemental demons are rampaging, we are held in higher regard. He hoped to show what he could do and fight elemental demons as you did, not Third Heaven Palace.”

“He… is a shackle to me. I never wanted to hide the truth from him. I don’t know if this was the right choice, nevertheless.”

“I understand the complications of ascending to Ascension Realm.”

Recalling Zhuge Xiaosheng was also a Body Synthesis Realm Ninth Layer cultivator, Mu Yu questioned, “Patriarch, what is holding you back?”

“… You.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Grandmaster’s last words were his wish to see Formation Sect survive the chaos in the future. I didn’t understand what he meant back then. Regardless, I understood that I had a duty to fulfil. Hence, Formation Sect’s future has become what I stress over.

“When you revealed the truth, I finally understood what Grandmaster meant. The reason Formation Sect suffered instability was my lack of confidence. You provided me with confidence; you were a ray of light in the darkness when you took the blow for me. As long as you are around, I know Formation Sect will survive.”

Zhuge Xiaosheng suddenly felt a surge of Ascension Realm qi circulate through his body. “Turning you into my source of confidence has helped me overcome my problem, it seems.”

“Congratulations, Patriarch.”

“This is why I believe telling the truth is important. He will suffer now; however, he will see the truth.”

“I know.” Mu Yu smiled hopelessly. “I hope he understands.”


Despite the weakest cultivators kneeling being Ascension Realm cultivators, none dared to raise their head in Bai Jie’s presence.

“Have you learnt who Chu Xiachi and Xiao Ran are?” Bai Jie questioned in an uninterested tone.

“No…” quavered someone below.

“Their whereabouts?”

“No… Mu Yu is at Pill Cauldron Sect for sure, however, as we have lost contact with Qian Shange and Wan Shuiyao.”

“Have you found the ninth immortal of Third Heaven?”

“We could not find them using our secret method. The good news is that we have clues.”

“Tell me.”

“They are related to Mu Yu as Mu Yu has interacted with them before.”

“His family?”

“No, nobody in his family has any immortality attributes. According to our investigations, the ninth immortal does not have any cultivation, or their cultivation is too weak to be picked up. Something on him is blocking us off from digging deeper.”

“There’s a simple solution – process of elimination. Dig up everyone related to Mu Yu. I want that ninth immortal!”

“As you command, Your Eminence!”


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