Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 886


Blood splattered onto Zhuge Xiaosheng’s face, sobering him. Standing before him was Mu Yu, who shielded Zhuge Xiaosheng with his shoulder, feet plugged into the ground so that he would not tip over and gnashing his teeth as he wrestled with the urge to kill Daoist Yuan De.

“D-didn’t you chase her?” Daoist Yuan De stuttered.

Mu Yu pulled the walking stick out of his shoulder. Letting his spiritual energy heal him, he communicated through his teeth. “I have a raging urge to kill you, but I can’t as I know you don’t mean to do this.” Gripping onto the walking stick tight, he cast his gaze in Jin Xiyun’s direction and remarked, “I was careless.”

When Mu Yu pursued Jin Xiyun, he detected another faint malicious signal around. Initially, he assumed it came from Jin Xiyun. As he continued flying, he discovered the signal gradually faded, meaning it did not come from her but those he just saved. It was then that what Daoist Chu Buqu conveyed dawned on him, telling him his misunderstanding had led him astray.

Mu Yu slammed Daoist Yuan De in the chest with his hand then made a beeline, poking two fingers on Daoist Yuan De’s forehead to install a formation inside the latter. “Divine Soul Formation. Figures.”

Daoist Yuan De grunted and grimaced as Mu Yu’s formation defused the Divine Soul Formation. Once he located the divine soul wood coated in white formation lines that spread across Daoist Yuan De’s brain meridians, Mu Yu erased the piece of wood, putting Daoist Yuan De to sleep.

“Alchemist Yao, watch over him.”

Mu Yu rushed over to tend to Zhuge Xiaosheng’s injuries, pillaging a healing pill from Daoist Yuan De prior. Mu Yu fed Zhuge Xiaosheng the heart restoration pill Yao Wuji previously mentioned and started providing a spiritual energy transfusion.

“Damn, I can’t use my contaminated qi to heal him anymore.” Muffling his voice, Mu Yu requested, “Xiaoshuai, I need a hand. We’re in a race against time now.”

Xiaoshuai jumped out in his human form and then pressed onto Zhuge Xiaosheng’s chest with his hand, ushering spiritual qi in the vicinity into Zhuge Xiaosheng. “He’s hurt bad, and the walking stick damaged his heart. The pill isn’t going to take effect in time.”

“Buy him time, then. We need him alive.”

Mu Yu activated Archfiend Luanfeng’s domain – Ashes Nirvana – enveloping Zhuge Xiaosheng in red qi as a means of prolonging the latter’s life for another hour. The domain looked shaky owing to Mu Yu’s exhaustion.

Yao Wuji, who took care of Daoist Yuan De, was panic-stricken because, if Daoist Yuan De’s assassination attempt succeeded, it would not be only Formation Sect that came at them with a vengeance.

Xiaoshuai ran his fingers along Zhuge Xiaosheng’s meridians to promote the circulation of the herb.

Mu Yu’s eyes stopped on Mu Hao for a while as he swept his gaze over the others. “It’s all right now,” Mu Yu informed, cancelling out the domain.

Xiaoshuai subsequently drew spiritual qi into Mu Yu to replenish the latter’s energy.

“There’s one more thing we need to confirm.” Mu Yu shot his bloodlust energy into everyone present, sending a chilly sensation throughout their bodies. “I have to verify whether or not any of you are under control.”

Boom! Mu Yu looked over his shoulder to see white energy and sword qi colliding.

Bloodlust energy? Why would Dong Zhi have bloodlust energy?


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