Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 883

Earth Reverend

“Tell me if this alleviates your itch!”

Mu Yu sent torrential qi up at the stone barrier, smashing it apart with the imbued formation and then going full steam ahead to Earth Reverend’s punch. Mu Yu denied Earth Reverend a defence, forcing the latter to launch a fist. Earth Reverend felt a shock to his body on par with the shock going through his mind that Mu Yu could hack off parts of his body upon collision.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll pass!”

Earth Reverend discharged energy, shaking off Mu Yu’s qi on him. Mu Yu transformed the scattered qi into miniature swords, borrowing the momentum to fling them at the other earth demons. Mu Yu used the scattered dust produced as the earth demons broke apart as cover to race over to his allies.

Unable to see through Mu Yu’s disguise formation or recognise the bloodlust qi, Zhuge Xiaosheng, who suffered the worst injuries, inquired, “You are…?”

“Be careful,” prompted Daoist Yuan De, deciding their saviour’s identity was not important for the meantime.

“I will. Take care of yourselves,” Mu Yu replied.

“Hahaha, thanks for making my life easier,” jibed Earth Reverend, already coming out swinging.

Mu Yu only had enough spiritual energy to deploy Archfiend Baiyuan’s domain one more time, and their lives rode on him bagging the match once he deployed it.

“Domain? You’re not an Apotheosis Realm cultivator,” commented Earth Reverend, getting caught in Archfiend Baiyuan’s domain.

“That’s not important,” Mu Yu responded, focusing the domain energy on his sword this time instead of the sky so that he could pierce the tough reverend.

Earth Reverend grew himself a hundred metres into the sky to stop the heavy sword blow. Mu Yu cleaved through the ginormous fist, sending the titan crashing into the ground, disfiguring the ground and surroundings.

Legs buckling under him, Mu Yu cursed, “Damn it! I hurt him, but I don’t have enough spiritual energy left to finish him.”

“Catch!” called Daoist Yuan De. “It’s a level seven divine spirit pill that expedites spiritual energy replenishment!”

Due to the potency of divine spirit pill, it could only be consumed once within a small window. Daoist Yuan De would not have offered Mu Yu the pill, otherwise.

Like a tree coming to life, Mu Yu felt every inch of his body revitalised in mere seconds. With a fifth of his spiritual energy restored, he deployed Archfiend Baiyuan’s domain again. Even though the domain’s boost was only half as effective as his last usage, Earth Reverend was not at full capacity, either.

As the wave of qi crashed down, Earth Reverend pulverised the ground, soul energy seeping into his hand. Earth Reverend flitted down through the crevice in the ground as a white light, threatening, “We will obtain your bloodlust energy sooner or later!”

Mu Yu slashed the crevice as hard as he could, sending tremors through the earth, in his attempt to find Earth Reverend. Sadly, Earth Reverend already escaped through a void the same way Jin Xiyun did.

“He knows Third Heaven Palace’s soul techniques?!” Xiaoshuai blurted.

“Shouldn’t be surprising when they’re now Third Heaven Palace’s lapdogs.”

“Did Earth Reverend escape?” queried Daoist Yuan De.

“We survived the ordeal, though,” commented Lu Deyi, working with Mu Chenghong to nurse Zhuge Xiaosheng’s injuries.

Daoist Yuan De gave Zhuge Xiaosheng his best healing pill, although it would take time for it to work, and then conveyed, “Thank you for saving us. This one is Pill Cauldron Sect’s Daoist Yuan De. May he ask who you ar-”

Mu Yu spun around and grabbed Zhuge Xiaosheng by the collar.

“What are you doing?”

“Release our patriarch!”


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