Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 469

Formation Sect VS Talisman Sect (Part 1)

Boom! Eight mountains were gone in a flash, yet not a single Formation Sect disciple was heard grunting because they were teleported away the instant the mayhem on the mountains started, though the same couldn’t be said for the landscape.

“Formation projection?” Chang Tiancheng remarked, bitter.

“You think your plan is flawless? You think Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai have us in the dark?” Zhuge Xiaosheng rhetorically questioned.

Yesterday, Zhuge Xiaosheng ordered all loyal disciples to stealthily take shelter inside Formation Palace as per Mu Yu’s suggestion. The disciples seen at the arena were mere projections created from an illusion formation called Mirage Formation. That being said, the reactions seen during the tournament were actual reactions from the disciples projected. In essence, Formation Palace cast a spatial formation similar to Cosmic Sleeve Formation, the difference being the former could easily house living organisms for a month, while the latter was for lifeless item storage.

“You didn’t know about this from Lu Deyi?” Chang Tiancheng asked Zhou Jinglin in a muffled voice.

“Lu Deyi only told me their counterattack plan. He did not tell me about the projection formation as it was not important.”

Turning back to Zhuge Xiaosheng, Chang Tiancheng stated, “Regardless, it won’t change your destructive fate!”

A big group of reinforcements, each being, at least, a Body Severing Realm cultivator, arrived beside Chang Tiancheng. Over forty of them were Spirit Severing Realm Greater Heaven talisman masters. Talisman Sect brought their entire force over for their operation! Formation Sect had no chance of winning against those odds in a front-on skirmish.

Several months ago, Talisman Sect heard from Celestial Star Sect that Chen Tiandao was no longer a threat to the former. To confirm the news, they had their spies dig up information and confirmed Chen Tiandao was not his former self, therefore believing Celestial Star Sect and commencing their design to take over Formation Sect. Zhou Jinglin set out to mind control Lu Deyi after they decided to go ahead with the attack since Lu Deyi was a necessary pawn to counter Formation Palace.

“Kill them!” Chang Tiancheng roared.

Talisman masters and formation masters pounced, exchanging full-power blasts in the sky. The combat heated the air, sprayed spiritual qi and marred whatever was left on the eight mountains. Almost every formation caster had to tackle two talisman masters due to the number discrepancy.

“Curse them!” Mu Yu muttered under his breath as two Spirit Severing Realm formation masters moved to attack him.

The two talisman masters spawned two grey hands to catch Mu Yu, but he teleported away. The two quickly materialised another two overhead as soon as he emerged again.

“Lake Switch Ultimate Spirit Sky Defiance!”

Blue formation lines covered Mu Yu, yanking him out of the two hands’ reach. Lu Deyi lunged in front of him and activated an eight trigrams formation underfoot, detaining the two talisman masters in a cage.

“Lake Switch Ultimate Spirit Sky Defiance” allowed the caster to furtively capture the target within the formation’s range and inhibit the flow of spiritual energy in the target. Unless someone helped the two inside, nobody could harm them, nor could they escape. It was the same formation Lu Deyi caught Situ Yangtian with last night. Unfortunately, it left the caster vulnerable to sneak attacks as the caster had to manually maintain it.

“Lightning Shadow Snakes!”

Mu Yu zapped the two talisman masters Lu Deyi had restrained. Mu Yu could only put their lights out and not kill them for he was weaker than them. Thus, Mu Yu drew Shadow Splitter Sword and harvested their heads. Wood Spirit Sword sent Mu Yu a fulfilling sensation that didn’t bother him.

“Nice, Feng Mu.”

“Greater Heaven Caster Lu, I reckon we are invincible if we team up.” Mu Yu smiled.

“How touching,” Zhou Jinglin sarcastically remarked.

Lu Deyi lowered his voice to instruct, “Feng Mu, take Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu away now. I shall personally settle my score with Zhou Jinglin.”

Mu Yu dithered and shot Zhou Jinglin a wrathful glare before he teleported off to Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu.

Cheng Zhuo took Song Qingyu and Mu Chenghong with him to hide in the rubble as soon as the fighting broke out already.

With the sound of crackling thunder emitting from his hands, Lu Deyi asserted, “Zhou Jinglin, let’s settle this once and for all.”

Zhou Jinglin huffed and shook his head, intensifying Lu Deyi’s flourishing unease.

Nobody could interfere in Chang Tiancheng and Zhuge Xiaosheng’s scrap for their abilities were leagues ahead of the others. Chang Tiancheng spawned over a hundred fiend beasts from his red talismans he set off around him. The fiend beasts emerged from vortexes and asserted their dominance as level five and level six fiend beasts. Like starved beasts, the fiend beasts hounded the formation casters.

Zhuge Xiaosheng activated a formation, creating a white net that seized Chang Tiancheng, his pets and Zhuge Xiaosheng himself before they could interfere in the fights. The net suppressed the energy of the fiend beasts, weakening them. Chang Tiancheng smacked the net in various spots, imprinting his hand. Alas, Chang Tiancheng was unable to defuse the formation, echoing his inferiority in the formation department. There was a cool down interval before Chang Tiancheng could use Formation and Talisman Stone again.

Chang Tiancheng ended his fruitless attacks and gave a wrathful smile. “If it’s a death wish you have, I shall oblige.”

Standing on his white eight trigrams formation, Zhuge Xiaosheng responded, “Chang Tiancheng, I will make you pay today.”


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