Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 141

Wood Residue

“Haha, are you trying to amuse me? As I told you, your spiritual energy is too weak at the moment. I can suppress mine for the meantime.”

“Exactly, hot shot,” Xiaohua derided.

“I learnt a technique that empowers me with the ability to sense wood residue using my wood attribute. That was how I diagnosed you. Of course, I am quite confident I can extract it.” Mu Yu stood up and performed a hand-fist salute. “Could you give me the chance to check?”

Alchemist Yao stretched his arm out. “If you wish to know my condition, you may check first, but don’t try to guide it out for the consequences are dire.”

Alchemist Yao’s skin was dry, a condition that alchemists often dealt with since they transferred their spiritual energy into herbs via their hands to melt the herbs and then re-absorbed it. In certain cases, their arms would mutate as a consequence of accumulated wood residue.

“I shall give it a try.”

Mu Yu positioned his fingers on Alchemist Yao’s wrist. Once he honed in, he could sense a chunk of wood residue collected in Alchemist Yao’s wrist that was likely causing aches.

Mu Yu: How ironic alchemists can’t help themselves of all people.

Mu Yu’s source of confidence was his ability to manipulate plants. He could effortlessly command the herbs to leave Alchemist Yao’s spiritual energy – wood residue wasn’t deposited exclusively in meridians. He took control of the wood residue found in the pinky-sized meridian and used an equivalent size of the elder’s spiritual energy to ensnare the residue. The elder’s finger gradually turned emerald as the wood residue ejected from it.

“I apologise in advance.”

Mu Yu imbued his finger with a blade of spiritual energy to slash open a wound on the elder’s finger. Had Alchemist Yao resisted, he never would’ve been able to open the wound. Green spiritual energy poured out from his finger, and Mu Yu controlled it before it flew off.

Despite Mu Yu extracting a drop in the bucket, Alchemist Yao was pleasantly surprised he regained mobility in his little finger.

“The wood residue certainly is tough.” Mu Yu condensed the wood residue into a small ball about half the size of a fingernail.

“How did you do it?”

“The mental cultivation I practice is rather special, which explains why other people’s spiritual energy will not expel mine. Please forgive me, but I cannot divulge any more of my teacher’s teachings.”


“I bet that’s all you can do,” Xiaojua mocked after he recovered from his astonishment.

Mu Yu raised Alchemist Yao’s right hand and pulled the wood residue in his hand to the surface. He spent an hour doing it to avoid suspicion. Once Alchemist Yao’s hand turned dark green, Mu Yu opened a cut and drew out the wood residue. Again, he compressed it into a thumb-sized ball.

Alchemist Yao trembled with joy. His hand was as good as new. Mu Yu staggered back and dropped into his chair, trying to catch his breath.

“Are you all right?” queried Alchemist Yao.

“Sorry, Elder, but I have expended the majority of my spiritual energy to extract just that meagre amount. I am afraid I cannot continue for today. I apologise,” Mu Yu fibbed as he rubbed his temples. He wanted to get Alchemist Yao hooked on the results in hopes of attaining more and solidifying his importance. As long as he was needed, he was valuable.

“Please don’t say that. I am moved beyond words you helped me extract that much. If you are still willing to help me after a few days’ of rest, I would be sincerely grateful.” Alchemist Yao didn’t suspect Mu Yu. He even handed Mu Yu a vial and expounded, “I made this Rank Five speedy recovery pill. It will instantly replenish your spiritual energy. We, as alchemists, often save it for when we perform alchemy. In essence, it could give you a second chance in combat.”

“Shifu, do you not think that is an excessive payment?!” contended Xiaohua, aware that cultivators could do plenty of things in six hours and it only immobilised them for two hours after depleting their spiritual energy stores.

“It is not worth so much, Elder. It is my honour to offer you my help. You should keep it for yourself,” responded Mu Yu, feigning surprise at the excessive reward.

“Thanks, Captain Obvious,” Xiaohua fumed under his breath.

Impressed the young man rejected the reward unlike most cultivators, Alchemist Yao replied, “What you have done for this old one is worth more than any pill. Should you ever need this old one for anything, don’t hesitate to speak up. This old one does have a voice at Third Heaven Continent.”

That was exactly what Mu Yu wanted to hear. He hesitantly accepted the pill before saying, “How long will you be sojourning at Mist City for? Because of my unique cultivation style, I need roughly two to three days to recover. I can help you extract some wood extract every third or fourth day.”

“No rush. No rush. Rest up first. Xiaohua, where is Mu Yu’s apology? If you don’t learn to show respect, you’ll learn just how excruciating the pain I battle is.”

Dodging the topic, Xiaohua answered, “Shifu, Mu Yu must be tired. How about I take him to his room first.”

“All right, then. Take some pointers and learn to be humble.” Alchemist Yao instructed. “Stop sticking your nose in the sky,”

Mu Yu flashed Xiaohua a harmless smile.


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