Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 137

Pill Scripture

Mu Yu decided to trust Xiaoshuai and that Tian Ran would soon come to. He woke up every now and then at night to check on Tian Ran. He chose a table for two nice and early, still by a window, the next day to continue eavesdropping without having to deal with anyone fighting for it. He was fond of listening to guests’ conversations and seeing different cultivators on the streets. Possessing common knowledge also served to prevent him being treated as a country bumpkin.

Xiaoshuai had more drumsticks. Mu Yu suggested Xiaoshuai wander into the kitchen and take what he wanted. As long as Xiaoshuai used his speed, agility correctly and didn’t eat in front of others, he’d get away with it. Mu Yu, of course, was going to pay afterwards.

Unlike at Moyun Mountains, there was new daily news at Third Heaven Palace. News ranged from maidens hunting for young masters who peeped on them bathing, other young masters brazenly hitting on women, one of Secular Sect’s holy maiden going missing and more.

“Tu Hongxuan, don’t push it. Unfettered Sect won’t let you step all over us.”

“Haha, Chang Ming, you think we’ll turn a blind eye to you attacking Deity Slaying Valley’s member?” Tu Hongxuan responded.

“Please do not fight in our humble inn,” the proprietor pleaded of the two Primordial Infant Realm cultivators.

The two sects wouldn’t really fight with so many Primordial Infant and Body Severing Realm adepts present; it was merely another day, another verbal spar between two sects that couldn’t stand the other’s presence.

The inn proprietor had his hands full dealing with customers who were cultivators. As such, it was a common theme for inn proprietors to hire security guards. The bodyguards wouldn’t stop fights, but they would force those involved to take it outside. Sadly, not every proprietor could afford to hire bouncers. If it went to hell, it went to hell. Sometimes, somebody with deep pockets would promise the proprietor they’d cover the cost of damages and to let the enemies duke it out. In some cases, they could accept the offer, but if they couldn’t, they’d have to try their luck at reporting to the city lord and pray compensation was granted.

The customers treated the dispute between Chang Ming, who wielded a large sword, and Tu Hongxuan, who wielded a large cudgel, as a skit on top of their meal.

As he looked around the room, Mu Yu made eye contact with the elder from Pill Cauldron Sect. Since the elder greeted him with a nod, he reciprocated the greeting. As for the bitter little flower, he… was just bitter.

“Either take a hike, or I’ll bury you where you stand.”

Accompanying the aloof voice was a dull-looking flying sword that startled Chang Ming and Tu Hongxuan. The sword was chipped and dented to the point one would suspect its wielder didn’t neglected it. The two backed off and looked over in the direction of the sword’s owner. Silence and hostility permeated the inn. The stillness highlighted the scent of blood on the sword sitting between Chang Ming and Tu Hongxuan.

Chang Ming and Tu Hongxuan didn’t dare to utter a word upon identifying the swordsman. The swordsman and his damaged iron sword made from run-of-the-mill iron were known throughout the world for their list of feats. He was notorious for his swordplay that had spirit-energy wielders at his mercy. Legends portrayed him as a man who finished all his opponents once his sword made contact with their body. Nobody knew his real name, hence his moniker – Nameless Swordsman.

The two frightened cultivators apologised, “Please accept my apology, Nameless Swordsman.”

Chang Ming and Tu Hongxuan were enemies who could agree that there was never a good day to die. The two packed up their circus and left the inn as fast as their legs could take them. Following their departure, Nameless Swordsman settled down with his sword swiftly, restoring the noise to the inn.

Mu Yu’s eyes drifted around in search of Nameless Swordsman. One man sat in a corner and ate his meal. One individual dressed in worn-out clothing was wolfing down his meal. A middle-aged man was in his own world as he wiped his sword. He believed those who didn’t join the gossiping were likely to fit Nameless Swordsman’s reserved nature.

“I’m done, Mu Yu,” declared Xiaoshuai, hopping onto Mu Yu’s shoulder after he returned. He showed Mu Yu a book with a green cover and roughly his head’s size. The text on the cover read “Pill Scripture.” Xiaoshuai demanded, “I have a pill scripture for you. Make me a few pills to eat.”

By no means was Mu Yu a goody two-shoes. Since the scripture was with him and he had an interest in the topic, he welcomed the addition to his knowledge. He flipped it open and scribbled some text down on the first page. Somebody had gone and drawn a maiden on the page already. That being said, had there not been a dress drawn, he never would’ve realised she was a maiden. The second page was a mess of black ink. The third page resembled diarrhoea. Finally, the next pages were pill concoction formulas and complimentary, but blindingly-ugly, illustrations. It took a while to find a page that hadn’t been vandalised.

“Qi concealment pill, a rank four pill. The consumer will have the ability to conceal their cultivation and use the element of surprise in fights. Required spiritual herbs: a ‘ripple five flowers’ two to three hundred years old, ideally two hundred and thirty years old. A ripe net thread herb and must be plucked on a full moon night…”

Mu Yu didn’t need it since Dustfallen Swordplay had the in-built cultivation concealment feature. He had no idea what he was reading besides names, but he turned the page, nonetheless. The next page detailed explosive pill. Though named a pill, it was actually designed to be detonated as an explosive using spiritual energy. Alchemists had to stock up on them to make up for their lack of combat proficiency.

“Excuse me.”

“What?” Mu Yu almost jumped out of his seat. He recollected himself and looked up to see the unfettered youth.

The youth pointed to the book. “Hehe, that’s mine.”

Mu Yu shot Xiaoshuai a glare.

Please don’t tell me Xiaoshuai pinched this. They could destroy us.

Mu Yu decided to play ignorant to the bitter end. “There’s no name on it. Prove it’s yours.”

The youth scratched his head. “Well, umm, my odour is on the book. I can recognise my odour. Also, I wrote my name on the last page.”


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