Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 133

Elemental Demon’s Teleportation Formation

The sword made its way toward the mountain range. As they closed in on it, the number of trees around reduced. They travelled along a river stream for some time and noticed the temperature climbing. Surely it wasn’t the plain rocks emitting heat. The sun wasn’t shining violently.

“A volcano?”

Mu Yu followed Tian Ran’s finger to see an active volcano. The lava was collected at the volcano’s mouth, but it was spitting sparks as it shook. The sword changed directions and headed toward another mountain. Mu Yu chased it halfway up the mountain and caught it. The space was vacant. Five large mountains were systematically positioned around the mountain he was on.

From a bird’s-eye view, one of the mountains housed lush trees, all of which were fig trees. One mountaintop sprayed lava, dying the mountain red. The lava somehow disappeared at the foot of the mountain. Another mountain was constructed using shiny and various valuable metals. The mountain in the North was created using clear crystals. The last mountain was a frozen mountain. In the centre was a massive star, with strange things placed at each of the five corners.

“What’s that?” Tian Ran asked.

“Five Elements Formation.”

The five items placed at the corners were the same ones Elder Xun used to use a Dragon Searching Formation. However, the five were drastically larger than the versions Uncle An showed. Their sizes were indicative of the energy produced. The pattern, on the other hand, was more complex than Dragon Searching Formation.

Tian Ran and Mu Yu descended into the formation. Mu Yu stated, “Shifu would be able to figure out if it’s a transportation formation if he was here.”

“Let’s go back to ask my father.”

When the two decided to hurry out of the elemental demons’ territory, the formation’s sudden glow caught their attention. The immense energy pouring out of it began to rip apart their bodies. Tian Ran was unable to collect spiritual energy for flight. As a result of their carelessness, it came back to bite them.

If the formation teleported them out of Moyun Mountains as they guessed, they wouldn’t be able to return. Mu Yu mustered up everything he had to run to a corner of the formation. Alas, the barrier knocked him back inside. Tian Ran dropped to the ground and curled up, screaming and convulsing.

“Tian Ran, what’s the matter?” Mu Yu cried as he bolted over to Tian Ran.

“Something’s… weird about this formation, argh. I feel as though I’m being shredded.”

Xiaoshuai hopped onto Tian Ran from Mu Yu’s shoulder. “The formation is used to teleport elemental demons. A human would be torn apart in it.”

“I’m human, though,” Mu Yu argued.

“Half,” Xiaoshuai corrected.

“What about you? You’re looking spunky. Can you help her?”

“Chill. I’m on it.” Xiaoshuai released a soothing light, which was spiritual qi he collected over the years, onto Tian Ran. The spiritual qi acted as a distraction to the formation’s energy, reducing the pressure on Tian Ran. Xiaoshuai instructed, “Hold onto me tightly no matter what happens. If you let go, you will die.”

“I can’t…” moaned Tian Ran, gripping Xiaoshuai with a vice-like grip.

“Mu Yu, lend me some energy. I don’t have enough to suppress the formation’s energy.”

“How do I do that?”

“Tell your shoddy sword to protect her. That bugger will heed your command!”

“Shoddy Sword, Shoddy Sword, you’ll listen, right? Protect Tian Ran for me, or she’ll die.”

The sword vibrated, then went limp in Mu Yu’s hand. He gripped it and cried, “It’s not listening.”

“It’s already protected you. Hold Tian Ran!” exclaimed Xiaoshuai, hopping back onto Mu Yu’s shoulder.

Mu Yu pulled Tian Ran into his arms. He glanced down at the sight of her hills that Xiaoshuai was a fan of.

Noticing Mu Yu’s racing mind, Xiaoshuai remarked, “Youth is beautiful.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Pillars of light rose from the earth. Mu Yu saw a sequence of flashes. Next thing he knew, he and Tian Ran were in corporeal forms and breaking down, but it was painless. The feeling could be described as having one’s organs jumbled around. His arms around Tian Ran went numb. An exterior force smashed into the formation’s barrier repetitively.

The golden patterns banged on the formation, shaking it. Based on the fact they showed up during his clash with Gui Xuanyue, Mu Yu hypothesised Celestial Prison aimed to stop the Five Elements Formation from teleporting people out. The formation’s quaking made it akin to standing in a raging tornado.

In a split second, Mu Yu went from feeling as though his head was spinning to finding his balance on solid ground again, albeit on his bottom due to the shaking. Spiritual energy dozens of folds more potent than that at Moyun Mountains caught his attention. Tian Ran’s breathing was hectic, and she still had her eyes shut. Their vision was essentially a field of white fog. He had an inkling they were at Third Heaven Continent. He also had an inkling an elemental demon’s teleportation formation would teleport the user to their den.

“Oh, crud…”


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