Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 120


“Xiaoshuai, can you locate Tian Ran or Gui Xuanyue?”

Mu Yu tried to calm down and attempted to refute Tian Ran could’ve been with Ghost Gate. However, there were too many coincidences. The only people who could’ve obtained Feng Haochen’s clothing were her and Daoist Bo Yang. Daoist Bo Yang was trustworthy, but Tian Ran’s background was shrouded in mystery, making her the prime suspect. Having said that, bringing him to Yi City was an unnecessary move unless she went to hand over Feng Haochen’s clothing and covered it using the claim she was tailing Gui Xuanyue.

“Why do we need to locate them?”

“Xiaoshuai, the old man let you use the spirit qi core. Is he nice to you?”

“Yeah. I’m also quite fond of him. He never throws me.”

“He’s in danger now. Gui Xuanyue plans to kill him. If the old man dies, the spiritual qi core will no longer be yours.”

“What?! The old man gave it to me. To hell with anyone who wants to steal it from me. Let’s go stop Gui Xuanyue or what’s his face. Grab on. I’m going to serve him a butt whooping!”

Mu Yu wasn’t certain he could count on Xiaoshuai, but gambling was better than doing nothing. He grabbed onto Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai discharged an incredible spiritual energy. Mu Yu felt as if the energy was tearing him apart due to the velocity Xiaoshuai travelled.

“We’re entering Soul Searching Ghost Formation. Cover your ears, and don’t let the voices get to you, or you’ll lose your mind.”

Xiaoshuai shielded Mu Yu from the black wraiths trying to make contact using his tremendous spiritual qi.

“Where is he?!” exclaimed Mu Yu.

“I know where he’s heading. Hey, be careful. We’re going to intercept him.”

“Who’s there?” exclaimed Gui Xuanyue.

Gui Xuanyue thrust a large, smoky, black hand toward Mu Yu and Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai converted spiritual energy into a tree and sliced the hand. Xiaoshuai then condensed another bunch of spiritual qi and fired it at Gui Xuanyue whilst saying, “Try this spiritual qi bullet I invented.”

Gui Xuanyue intended to bust apart the spiritual qi bullet, but it exploded in the face of all his ghost clones, sending the formation into frenzy. He was furious Feng Haochen’s aura was affected, interrupting his search. He roared as he reached for Xiaoshuai. Unfortunately for him, Xiaoshuai jumped into the formation with Mu Yu before Gui Xuanyue could lay his hands on the egg.


Between Mount Dustfallen and Pine City was a canyon called Dragon Tiger Canyon. Freestyle cultivator Xu Ye was the boss of the area. He was the one who let Mu Yu off the hook after the latter slapped his subordinates around.

Xu Ye sat one a stone platform at the canyon’s cliff. Opposite him was Dustfallen Sect’s patriarch, Feng Haochen. While his disciples were searching high and low – except nearby – Feng Haochen was enjoying a carefree time with Xu Ye.

“You’re not focused,” Feng Haochen remarked, checkmating Xu Ye with his white stone.

“Masterful, Sir. Xu Ye admits defeat… Sir, the yin qi spirit souls gushing forth before… Ghost Gate must have found you. Are you not worried at all?”

Feng Haochen raised the corner of his lips. “What must come will eventually come.”

Nobody would ever think Feng Haochen was the legendary Sword Shadow Dust Gale from his appearance and demeanour.

“Can I do something for you, Sir?”

“No, I’m glad to have had you around to play go with me for these few months. Leave with your subordinates; it’s no longer safe,” answered Feng Haochen, packing away the board and stones in an orderly fashion.

“… You said he is an outsider, so he cannot kill me. I can stay and protect you.”

“But he can gravely injure you. Just watch from afar. It’s been a while since I’ve met anyone from outside of Moyun Mountains.”

Feng Haochen passed the board and pieces to Xu Ye, who stored them in his Cosmic Sleeve. Disappointed he was of no help, Xu Ye heaved a big breath and left the platform. Xu Ye sent his people off beforehand already, while he decided to stay and watch from somewhere nearby. When Feng Haochen allowed Xu Ye to stay in the canyon, he also helped him ascend from Foundation Establishment Realm to Golden Core Realm.

Feng Haochen stood at the cliff with his hands behind his back. Accompanying a white flash of light, ripples formed in the airspace. An individual crash landed onto the stone platform from the sky, landing at Feng Haochen’s feet. When Feng Haochen helped the individual up, he was surprised to see the familiar individual. “Mu Yu, what are you doing here?” asked Feng Haochen, dusting Mu Yu off.

Mu Yu needed some time to regain his balance and stop the world from spinning. Smiling from cheek to cheek, Mu Yu exclaimed, “Whoa, it really is shifu. Xiaoshuai, I love ya, buddy. Gimme a kiss!”

In spite of what Mu Yu said, he ruthlessly threw Xiaoshuai, who leveraged the aura the formation picked up to locate Feng Haochen, aside after giving the egg a kiss. Mu Yu emotionally hugged Feng Haochen.

“Hey, how many times is that now?! I’m about to give you a taste of your own medicine!” Xiaoshuai jumped up and knocked Mu Yu on the back of the head.

“Mu Yu, I never expected you to find me. Hey, why’s he here, too?” Feng Haochen questioned, scrubbing Mu Yu and Xiaoshuai’s heads.

“Shifu, are you all right? Where are we? Wait, I think I recognise this place. Why are you here?! Did they kidnap you? Everyone is worried about you. Are you all right?” Mu Yu fired off, eyes red.

“It’s a long story,” Feng Haochen answered.

“Old Man, the punk will be here soon. Though I tampered with your aura to throw him off,  he’ll be able to erase the formation in no time. If he dares to harm you, I’ll rearrange his face,” Xiaoshuai declared from Feng Haochen’s shoulder, wagging his bottom as though he was warming up.

“Shifu, leave now. Ghost Gate is coming. We can’t stop him.”

Another ripple occurred in the sky. The ripple went in circles and expanded. The energy coming from within had Mu Yu’s adrenaline pumping. A hand emerged before Gui Xuanyue stepped out from the ripple.

“Greetings, Sword Shadow Dust Gale, Third Heaven Palace’s true god. It is an honour to meet you.” Once the ghost qi around Gui Xuanyue dissipated, his appearance was revealed. He glanced over to Mu Yu and scoffed, “A Golden Core Realm cultivator got in my way, huh?”

“Damn, the bugger is strong. What’s the plan?”

Mu Yu hurriedly grabbed Xiaoshuai and Feng Haochen’s hands. Xiaoshuai was the only one who could help them escape.


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