Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 115

Jiuhua Alliance’s Core Guardians

At the centre of Yi City was a platform, one large enough to fit hundreds of people on, specifically set up for the core guardians’ selection event. There were already over a hundred Golden Core Realm cultivators waiting there. The majority of the spectators were Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators, albeit attending just to see Reverend Jiuhua in the flesh.

The crowd was in uproar, discussing historic feats, such as Wild Deity Liu Yutian fighting Daoist Qing Song to a draw after exchanging blows with the daoist for three days using his Wild Broadsword. Snoring Drunkard Old Qi was confirmed to the eldest and among those present and what have you.

An energy field suddenly enveloped the Golden Core Realm cultivators, putting so much invisible weight on them that they were stunned.

“Welcome Lord Jiuhua!”

Those in Yi City went down on their knees to salute their new awe-inspiring god who landed on the platform. Only seven Golden Core Realm Ninth Layer cultivators didn’t kneel; they did bow, nonetheless. The seven weren’t official members of Jiuhua Alliance. Reverend Jiuhua, who was dressed in a red robe and wore a purple and gold daoist crown, could’ve forced them to their knees, but he chose not to.

“Please rise, my friends.”

They rose as they were commanded. Many of the gazes on Reverend Jiuhua were gazes of fanatics. Reverend Jiuhua stopped discharging energy, switching the high pressure for a soothing aura. However, nobody took that as a signal to disrespect the reverend.

“I have taken it upon myself to establish Jiuhua Alliance for the purpose of combatting the elemental demons showing signs of resurgence. Unfortunately, I alone am not enough to build a force strong enough to combat the looming threat. As such, I have decided to train forty core guardians as the alliances main force.

“The forty guardians must be Golden Core Realm cultivators. As promised, I will cleanse your nerves and marrow using my cultivation, thereby boosting your aptitude. In addition, I will mentor you to accelerate your progress. With my help, you will be able to add another twenty years to your lifespan.

“I am offering my cultivation as I hope to see everyone take it upon themselves to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. I hope you will use your extended life span to help humanity exterminate the elemental demons and restore peace.”

A one year addition was considered a blessing; the appeal of twenty years spoke for itself. Finding hope after learning Daoist Qing Song and Reverend Jiuhua ascended to Primordial Infant Realm, the Golden Core Realm core cultivators wanted extra time to ascend to Primordial Infant Realm.

“He sounds as if he’s sincere, and it’s a one of a kind promise. Everyone is enthralled. What does he want?” questioned Mu Yu.

Mu Yu and Tian Ran poked a hole in their paper window at the inn to get a view of the event. They chose the inn specifically for its view over the venue. The owner of the room was probably amongst the crowd at the venue.

Tian Ran curled her lips. “Spoken like a sheltered brat still wet behind the ears. Twenty years? He must also the secret to immortality for everyone at Primordial Infant Realm and beyond.”

“With them, he has enough to push Green Pine Alliance around and spark a war. Ghost Gate will have their way if a war is triggered, right?”

“Didn’t you suggest Daoist Qing Song’s master was also with Ghost Gate? Wouldn’t that mean they have moles in both factions? What’s the point of the convoluted approach when they could just give the command for the two to fight, then? It’s not as if either of them would dare defy the order.”

“Not everyone at Moyun Mountains is a dunce. Nobody is going to put in the effort if they’re told to fight without justification. People are still bitter about their sects’ conquest, but they aren’t openly venting due to fear of the two leaders. The two leaders are trying to win over support for the alliances so that they have loyal soldiers when it’s time to drop the hammer.”

“Everyone participating, step forward and I shall personally choose the guardians. First and foremost, I’m not judging you based on your cultivation, age or background but whether or not you’re worthy of me expending my energy for you. Thus, I might accept you even if you are only at the first layer,” declared Reverend Jiu Hua, drawing Mu Yu and Tian Ran’s attention back to him.

The Golden Core Realm cultivators at the lower layers were delighted to hear they had a chance. They raised their heads and wore stern, yet respectful, looks. Everyone wanted to show their best side, after all.

Reverend Jiuhua’s explanation suggested there would be equality. That being said, in no shape or form did he explain specifically how he’d judge them.


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