Almighty – Ch. 523

Dao Scripture’s Profoundness

The woman didn’t know how to feel about her son suddenly showing such intensity. A middle-aged man covered in the stench of blood slowly strolled in proudly.

Yang Tian and his divine soul shivered as he looked at his mother. He dropped to his knees in tears. Voice husky, he cried, “Father, Mother, I promise to save you!”

“Haha, exterminate all of them,” commanded a man in black, pointing his spear at Yang Clan’s members.

Seeing his clansmen skewered into the ground, Yang Tian howled and shed bloody tears. Once the wind settled, he was seen standing in the void. As silver trails coursed down his face, he took in a deep breath and shut his eyes. He opened them after three breaths.

The illusion Yang Tian was subjected to was far more surreal that Dao Deity Mountain’s. Thankfully, his Invincible Will helped him break free. The scene of Yang Clan’s massacre wouldn’t go away. He promised to save his parents, again, in his mind. Avenging Yang Clan was his top priority.

Yang Tian stepped out of the illusionary dimension. There was an abundance of energy and ancient formations around. Ancient herbs were located inside. His pores opened. He inhaled, then muttered, “These formations could kill half of the people who entered.”

It made no sense for his golden lake to roil since his cultivation was supposed to be switched off in Divine Garden. The only possible explanation he could attribute to it was Dao Scripture. He couldn’t complain; it provided him with enough of an advantage to take on three three-legged crows. Nobody could tell his qihai’s energy still functioned for him.

Yang Tian headed in the direction he had yet to explore. He saw creatures charge in. He wore on a black robe to avoid the three-legged crow he last fought with. Formations around began to explode as creatures searched for herbs and triggered them. He continued on his way for almost an hour.

Yang Tian spun around and caught a purple sword before it could make contact, startling his assailant. His armoured attacker immediately showed a clean pair of heals. Yang Tian snickered and fired a golden lightning bolt from his eyes that effortlessly shattered the armour and wounded the attacker. Next, the attacker watched as a hand came down onto his armour. Yang Tian shattered the armour to smithereens and blasted his attacker out of existence with a golden blast.

He peered inside the interspatial ring he fetched from the ground. There were fifty precious herbs, all of which were three thousand years old at the very least. He picked up a token with “Myriad Swords” on it and laughed. By his estimations, the man he just killed was at Battle Emperor Realm. He suppressed his discharged to avoid detection, thereby making his search operation easier.

Yang Tian travelled for a day. He picked up plenty of goods. Nevertheless, he began to panic because he couldn’t contact Yun’er or find any trace of the Divine Garden. He climbed a tree and gazed between the green leaves. He espied Old Lecherous Wang carrying a large bag into a cave. It didn’t take long for Yang Tian to figure out a girl was in the bag based off Old Wang’s character, the size of the bag and a cave. He snickered, then hopped off the tree to go assassinate Old Wang.

Old Wang set the bag down inside the cave and began giggling as he rubbed his hands together. One of the two girls he pulled out was a sixteen, year old in green. She shrieked immediately. The girl next to her was her elder sister.

The younger girl cried, “Sister…” as she hid behind her sister.

Old Wang: “Hehehe, Meng Yunxi’s two maids sure are sensational. Lucky me. Don’t be scared. This old one isn’t rough. Once First Elder captures Meng Yunxi, you three will be reunited.”

The older girl curled up upon noticing Yang Tian approach. Hence, when Old Wang reached for her, she calmly watched Yang Tian slowly walk over and raise his hand.


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