Almighty – Ch. 498

The Beauty of Divine Blood

Yang Tian sat cross-legged on the ground. The divine blood was potent enough to budge his sixth Dao Body, exciting him. That said, the vital essence wasn’t useful to him. A brief while later, the trend halted. As the mighty gorilla wasn’t a Divine Beast, it didn’t possess much divine blood.

Chubby ate plenty himself. He was faster and stronger than before, so the divine attribute was useless to him. “Yang Tian, why did you eat so much?”

Yang Tian suddenly came to and looked at the remaining meat with an awkward smile as there wasn’t much left. He stored the divine blood in a jade container. He had some because they didn’t cook the entire gorilla. He went into Ancestral Dragon Ring and chuckled at the sight of it. A thirst for the blood interrupted him. He pinched his eyebrows together and traced the desire back to the divine sprout.

Yang Tian went over to the divine tree, scratching his head and wondering if the blood was of any use to it.

The small herb: “The divine tree can absorb divine blood to grow rapidly.”

“Another glutton, I see.”

Yang Tian generously gave the tree a golden drop. Although the tree only grew a tad, its vitality increased notably, and its divine attribute strengthened, compelling him to offer another three drops. The three grew to fifteen metres tall, which was beyond the extraordinary nine metres.

World Spirit, Black Devil, Dubhe Divine Sword, Three-legged Crow Divine Furnace and Star all wanted some of the divine blood, stupefying Yang Tian. He interrogated World Sprit, who answered, “Divine Blood is a Bloodline deities passed down. It contains deities’ symbols, allowing artefact and item spirits to evolve.”

The last time Yang Tian consumed the golden-winged great peng’s divine blood, he saw a war. Then, he realised he was in luck; he could hunt down divine blood whilst there. He gave all of his items a drop each despite only having ten drops each out of friendship. They quickly refined their drops. Yang Tian consumed another.

All of the corpses outside the palace were gone the next day. The light coming from the palace attracted creatures to it as they thought there were treasures. Yang Tian’s group hid inside a formation while the fight for said treasures raged on. It was a dangerous approach since overpowered elders could find them, but the return on investment justified the risk. By the end of the day, everyone had thirty precious herbs. Though inferior to the mighty gorilla’s herbs, they were still premium quality compared to what was available outside.

Someone at the bottom rung of the world of cultivation once spread news of hidden valuables once he was strong. In reality, it was a secret realm he coincidentally opened. He robbed them to climb the figurative ladder and become an adept.

Chubby and Dahu engaged in a superficial conversation of resources being king when it came to cultivation.

The group continued ambushing creatures for two days, knocking them out, robbing them and then throwing them out.

The weakest visitor they had was a Battle King Realm cultivator. One youth had almost ascended to Almighty Realm.

The scenery changed every hundred metres in the radiant palace filled with herb fragrances.

Yang Tian was worried after three days of waiting. He felt fidgety because he didn’t hear any news of Yun’er or Xiaoji. In the end, he decided to go and search for them, citing the mountain wasn’t too large. However, as he planned to leave, the Inheritance formation behind them shook and chipped an ancient dimension.

An aura burst from aforementioned dimension. The palace quaked. The group hit pause on their fight against a creature. The interior of the dimension gleamed.. Shangguan Hao, now a Battle Emperor Realm cultivator and equipped with an ancient adept’s Inheritance, emerged from within.

Due to the power in the void, Yang Tian instructed, “Activate the formation…”

Chubby nodded.

Once the grey smog dispersed, several individuals appeared. A hundred herbs up ahead absorbed vital essence. The creatures in the palace realised they were tricked when a golden bird shouted out to them.

An elder who thought most poorly of Dahu: Damn thugs!

The palace trembled when Yang Tian tried to take the herbs, as a big hand flew toward them. The creatures cursed. Dahu detected an Almighty Realm adept standing guard at the door who saw something.

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