Almighty – Ch. 222

Chaos Lightning Tribulation

Yang Tian smiled victoriously and released the limits on Lightning Source, allowing the purple lightning’s output to amplify. He unleashed his purple lightning on the lightning dragon, penetrating the dragon’s body. The purple lightning enlarged the slits on the dragon’s body, weakening it rapidly.

Naturally formed Lightning Source was rare, but when controlled, its potential would be inconceivable. Lightning Source was something every cultivator pursued. A millennium of cultivation could be reduced to half of what it was if one was unable to survive a lightning tribulation. Wrath of Heaven and some Destructive Lightning Tribulations were the only counter to it.

The bright and clear sky returned. Smiles surfaced as they assumed the lightning tribulation was over since the lightning dragon in the void had been defeated, and the fire within was brought under control thanks to the purple lightning that left the dragon’s body.

Yang Tian recollected the purple lightning and searched the void. A second ago, he thought it might’ve been over. A second later, he had an ominous feeling; he felt some sort of species locked on to him. Thus, he yelled out to Yang Ba and company, who were making their way over to him, to stop, rendering them puzzled. Nevertheless, they heeded the warning.

A rainbow crossed the sky. Beautiful weather returned. A brief moment later, the area was immersed in a spooky darkness.

A grey light imposed a dead silent atmosphere around the entire outer perimeter of Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Chaos Light could destroy everything. Cultivators feared it more than lightning tribulations. The energy only existed outside of this region. Not even a supreme devil could summon it.


A clear breeze carrying heaven and earth vital essence came from a valley where strange flowers resided. Around the area was a big concealed formation. In the centre of the lake three square kilometres large was a white lily. In the centre was a towering bamboo and wood tower. The mist concealed it partially.

A phantasmal female in white stood at the top of said tower, fumbling through her memories as she observed the entirety of Fallen Devils’ Grounds. In her mind, she exclaimed, “It’s Chaos Lightning not Destruction Divine Lightning. Why? Did his ancestors commit a deed the heavens forbade?!”

She gently sighed and then disappeared.


Quiet Hundred Thousand Mountains became lively Hundred Thousand Mountains again.

Yang Tian couldn’t fight against his fear when he peered at the indescribably imposing dark-grey light.

Eerie cries and howls came from inside Fallen Devils’ Grounds. The light was what broke the species inside the coffins. The killing formations at Fallen Devils’ Grounds activated. Powerful entities escaped the formations. Three Peak Celestial Weapons manifested.

Nobody dared to step further in when they noticed the three Peak Celestial Weapons vibrating.

The ear-splitting sounds at the grounds were so loud some people bled from their nose.

Once the oppressive and silent atmosphere peaked, loud rumbling began.

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