Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 44

Groundhog and Su Xiao (Part 1)

“Eh?” Su Xiao couldn’t put his finger on what was peculiar when he came to. Ming Feizhen was still deep asleep. “I’m sure I… Huh? Why does this remind me of when a man tried to grope me while I was on patrol?”

Vice-Captain is so deep asleep that she wouldn’t even know if the cavern toppled down. Guess I have to assume guard duty. The burden of being the second strongest here…

I beat Ye Luo fair and square at the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament, while Big Brother Ming was just lucky. Big Brother Ming needed Tang Ye’s help against Jin Wangsun. He’s been relying on his mouth to save him since we arrived in Huzhou. He was only a doctor in the fight against Abels, and he’s been playing dead since. What a guile groundhog, he is. Even if he deliberately let himself get hit before, his footwork when he evaded sucks. When will he learn how lousy he is compared to others? He’s going to get himself killed if he continues to underestimate strong people.

Even though he remembers all these cool manuals, you need to have talent, like Tang Ye or me. Maybe he should learn how to be a prim and avoid trouble before learning martial arts. That money he pulled out of nowhere is also fishy.

Su Xiao wasn’t concerned for Tang Ye since Tang Ye was Demon Sect’s Lord San Shen.

Su Xiao felt he was brimming with infinite energy as he guarded the cavern entrance, oblivious to the fact that he obtained a key to a vault of unbelievable power thanks to the mental cultivation he was practicing earlier. Having ascended to its first layer, he only needed a bit more of a push to obtain power on par with actual adepts in the pugilistic world.

Su Xiao had yet to figure out why he was ejected from the surreal world when he was about to see the whole picture. He didn’t try; it was the balance in the cavern that stirred autonomously. It’s what people call “luck” in the martial arts world, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hence, nothing he did could reproduce that balance, that realm he entered. Nevertheless, as he didn’t comprehend the style’s depth, even a setback was something to celebrate to him if he moved an inch forward. As such, he wouldn’t push the envelope and risk his wellbeing.

“Excuse me. Is Mount Daluo’s team inside?”

Su Xiao opened his eyes upon hearing the voice of their escort: “What is it?”

“You have been challenged.”

“An enemy attack?!” Su Xiao had an impulse to turn around and cry, “Big Brother Ming!” but resisted out of consideration for the latter’s condition. That said, he finger jabbed Ming Feizhen’s nose and grumbled, “Stupid groundhog, always missing in action when it counts!”

Standing behind the escort were six men, six of whom were from the previous group of assailants and two escorts.

“How did you locate us?” Su Xiao questioned.

Mount Daluo’s escort explained, “It is Refining Divine Convention’s rule.”

“What rule?”

“One of the rules state that, should a team not be able to locate their opponent, they can place an enquiry with an escort and issue a challenge to the closest team. That is why we brought them here.”

“In other words… you will find us regardless of where we hide?”

“If that is how you prefer to comprehend it, then yes.”

“You’re not our escort, then! You’re traitors, rats!”

Su Xiao’s first idea was to call Ming Feizhen for help. His second idea was to call Shen Yiren for help. Ming Feizhen was out of commission. Shen Yiren was mentally unstable due to her fake death condition that plagued her previously.

“Hey, lass, if you’re not ready, what are you here for? I suggest you pull out,” shouted someone amongst the enemy group.

Su Xiao always had support when he fought in the past, whether it was in the form of physical help or pointers. Although his teeth were chattering, his grip wasn’t.

“Heh, careful not to cut yourself.”

“You fight with your mouth or your hands?!”

Su Xiao’s attempt at a surprise attack failed miserably. The man flowered Su Xiao’s chop as he turned his body to the side then knocked Su Xiao’s Ancient Cold to destabilise Su Xiao. To the man’s surprise, he felt a shock up his hand.

How is her internal energy so advanced at such a young age?

Su Xiao slashed backward in a panic.

“You trying to kill me, you wench?!” The man clumsily retreated from Su Xiao’s lethal slash and donned silver qi armour.


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