The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 21

Empty Body

I tried to stop Veirya from leaping at me again and pleaded in a grievous voice, “Veirya, stop for a moment! Serious! Serious! Time out for a moment!”

I was seriously done. The only reason I went so insane last time was thanks to Sisi drugging me. At the time, I didn’t do it at a conscious level, so I couldn’t feel anything but aroused. All of the pain only kicked in after the drug wore off. I would never forget the pain comparable to having my weapon had been ripped off. I couldn’t even feel it or feel any lust. My legs couldn’t even hold me up at the time. My head felt as though it’d burst, and I was starving… I never wanted to repeat that again.

When Leah violated me, my mind must’ve been foggy as I didn’t feel any pain. Tonight, I was wide awake… The ominous omen became a reality. Veirya grabbed me, slammed me onto the bed and got straight down to business before I could say a word or even giving me a heads up. The first round was nice since I was happy to see Veirya so assertive. By the third round, I was breaking down. To get me up again, she rubbed my rod as if she was trying to light a fire… No lust could possibly override the pain sensation.

No, serious. I know males, who have their minds warped by impure commercial films and the unscientific novels that ignore science, think that it’s only normal if you go round after round for hours in a single night. In reality, three to four loads is the limit. Those tapes aren’t a reflection of reality. They cut and edit that stuff. Also, your novels are the exact same as your virgin imaginations! It might help you feel better to know that Veirya had the same impression you do.

After Lilia told Veirya that she wasn’t going to always be pregnant in one shot, Veirya decided to double down and go berserk. Somehow, she concluded that more was better. Veirya’s body and my body were different. She isn’t affected even when she orgasmed. As opposed to thinking of her as a human, you’re better off comparing her to a machine that doesn’t fatigue.

Veirya tried to get back on my hips, but no way was I going to be able to continue. It wouldn’t stand up again.

“Veirya, I’m spent. I’m really spent. It’s enough. Lilia meant over time, not going wild as you are. I have a limit. I’m spent. I’ll be spent for days if we keep going!”

“I think. You still have some. In you.”

Veirya tightened her legs in order to try and ensure she received enough future because not even we knew if there’d be one drip that would be our future child. I gave up, and let her have her fun. It wasn’t as if I’d get it up again. I wasn’t mentally done but physically done.

Veirya tried to get it up again to stick it in, but we both knew the dragon wouldn’t raise its head again. I watched her feeling confident that she’d give up. My body was the boss; there was no way it would let me continue. Indeed, she couldn’t get it up.

Veirya eventually dropped down. Before I could yell, “Stop,” my dragon was enveloped in softness and warmth again. While I thought it wouldn’t rise from the ashes again, her mouth had no trouble reviving it. Once the dragon raised its head, she mounted me again.

I was weak the next day, not that it was surprising. I practically passed out and let Veirya do her thing until she released me when the sun came up. She was calm and happy as though I was doing the work, when I didn’t do anything in reality. I just slept through it as a man out cold. When I woke up it was dark, again. I only managed to get some shut eye during the day.

I grabbed my blanket and spaced out. The painful memories resurfaced. I was thirsty and hungry. The dragon was dehydrated, as well. The pain was horrible. I rang the pain then returned to grabbing my throbbing head. I slept for a long time, yet I was still exhausted beyond belief.

A maid knocked and then respectfully bowed to me. “Count Lin, you have slept for a long time. Are you feeling all right? Do you need a doctor?”

“No, I don’t, but I need my dinner and a glass of wine that can alleviate my headache.”

The maid nodded to confirm she heard me then left, while I gently rubbed my aching nether region. Leah, who came in behind Veirya, inquired, “Papa, are you feeling all right? You did not wake up for the entire day. Leah… is worried about you.”

“Papa… is fine.”

It was a blissful feeling to have someone ask me how I felt when I wasn’t feeling well.

“It seems. I went too far. Sorry. I won’t. Do that again.”

“Mm, never mind it,” I said with a smile.

To be fair, Veirya didn’t do it with the intention of crippling me. Unlike Sisi, Veirya merely wanted a child. And to account for her intellect, I could accept it.

Veirya nodded to show understanding. The maid finally came back with piping hot dishes. Leah cheerfully leapt onto the bed. The maid was rendered awkward when she saw the messy bed sheets. She gently cleared her throat and asked, “Count Lin, could you please allow me to clean your bed sheets?”

“Oh, sure, sure.” I got off the bed.

Leah gently took an arm and smiled: “So, do you remember that tomorrow is a new week, Papa? It’s Leah’s turn tonight.”

And after those two days, it took me two full days of rest at home to recover…

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