The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 22

Absurd Future

“Ascillia? To be honest with you, I wouldn’t have thought of it had you not told me,” said Sisi, sitting on my thigh and leaning on my chest. She dank her fruit juice while stroking my face. Though she was discussing legitimate work, she spoke as if she was flirting. “You are referring to the bishop’s daughter, correct? It has been a long time.”

“It has.” I carefully supported Sisi by her waist, afraid that she’d fall. “I actually came hoping she could have the job she wanted. She wants to be a foreign diplomat for elves to help mend the relationship between humans and elves. I believe that it’s a paramount endeavour and important post. In the future we will be focusing on the colony in the South instead of the North. If we improve our relationship with the elves, we can focus our efforts on the South.”

“Mm, I’ll leave it with you, then. My relationship with the elves… isn’t exactly good.”

I contemplated whether or not to tell Ssi about the elves at first since her dreadful memories carved her eternal hatred for the elves into her bones. Regardless of how she felt, though, Sisi needed to be aware of the potential problem of leaving her broken relationship with the elves as it was. She wouldn’t prioritise her feelings and jeopardise the nation’s future. As such, she wouldn’t forbid humans from forming relationships of various sorts with elves based purely on her emotions.

“I’ll speak to the elves at my wedding, then. While I’m here, I want to inform you about the nobles. Sisi, I offended them… Did you know about it…?”

“I do. Alexis reported you for being excessively rude and lacking the demeanour of a noble. He also accused you of being bias toward the South’s businessmen instead of me. He said that you would declare yourself King with the people in the South down the road.” Sisi wore on a mischievous grin and continued, “In short, it was a derelict report for you. If you and I weren’t on good terms, I would be second guessing you now.”

“And now?”

“I don’t believe them, obviously, because I believe your loyalty to me to be unwavering.” Caressing my face, Sisi expanded, “I believe you would be more interesting in being with me and guarding my rule than becoming a King. You are this empire’s Prince Consort, after all. That is why I don’t care about what they try to indict you of. Don’t bother with it or them if you don’t want to go. I know who’s truly most loyal to me.”

I smiled helplessly: “However, what they mentioned does deserve some attention. The colony in the South is beyond you to rule. In which case, figuring out how to manage the relationship between the imperial capital’s businessmen and the South’s businessmen is crucial. I’m not making a sensationalism statement; the colony in the South is too far for you. Your rule won’t hold much weight there.”

“I know. It’s just that I have something I’m more worried about at the moment – the indigenous people. They don’t seem happy about us moving in. As a result, several of our explorers were killed there, and their heads were sent back. I classify it as provocation, and I must put them in their place. What’s your take? Should I wage war on them?”

War? It didn’t bother me. It was an inevitable conflict between the inhabitants and newcomers. When they can’t communicate, weapons are the best gambling chips. I understood where Sisi was coming from. Her view of the situation was simplistic: conquer the colony. She refused to retreat, meaning a war was coming.

“War would definitely work. If you insist on ruling the colony, then you must wage war. In saying that, you must be aware of the reason for the war. Our motivation for the war is to conquer the colony, not to slaughter its inhabitants. All we need is the right to rule the land. Hence, all we need to do is persuade them to sit down at the negotiation table, not commit a mass massacre.”

“I know that. I’ll be leaving the important task to you,” instructed Sisi, while tightening her arms around my waist with an enchanting smile. “I’m leaving it in your hands, Dongqing. Help me negotiate with them. I really hate negotiations, and I’m not suited for the job. It’s in your hands.”

“Why do you always want to give me jobs? I can go to the colony. I’m an expert in that field.”

“Because you’re the child’s father. What else?” Sisi placed my hand on her belly and kissed my lips.

As we kissed, I contemplated, “I’m soon scheduled to marry Veirya, but kissing with Sisi doesn’t count as cheating, does it? I know I won’t have so much time to be intimate with Sisi in the future, so let me enjoy her love for now…”

After we kissed, a lady-in-waiting knocked on the door to inform, “Your Majesty, your doctor has arrived. You should have a check-up today.”

“Ah, all right. We’ll head down in a short while,” replied Sisi, after wiping her lips. Sisi scrubbed my head and smiled. “When will I get to see Veirya’s child? I’m eager for my child to meet hers. That would be so interesting.”

“You think? It’s a disaster if you ask me…”

I remember seeing those stories about two kids falling in love, and then finding out they were siblings in those absurd television series…

“My kids’ future… won’t be that absurd, would it…?” I wondered, apprehensive about the topic once again.

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