The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 67


“Mr. Achilles!” The young man ran up to Achilles. His mind was in fragments as it was his first time seeing a man near death.

Achilles patted him on the shoulder: “You’ve done well to bring him back alive. We’ve found the most experienced doctor already. Whether he can survive or not is not in our hands. We just need to leave it to the doctor.”

Achilles approached the doctor who just entered. The doctor shook off the blood on his hand and opened them in a shrug. Smiling, he reported, “He’s an unimaginably lucky man. The second shot should’ve been enough to take his life, but this necklace saved him from it. The first short didn’t damage his organs. Regardless, he needs to rest with a wound of that magnitude. Otherwise, his wound will open, and there will be no way to stop the bleeding. He might not have been resting and sleeping properly for the last few days. I think it will take him approximately one month to recover. Look after him.”

“Thank you.” Achilles patted the doctor on the shoulder. Achilles placed the halved necklace dyed in red blood in his pocket. With a smile, he declared, “I’m keeping this. This lucky item that saved him from a bullet will definitely be able to help me avoid a disaster.”

“Mr. Achilles… since he nearly died at the entrance of the imperial palace, which suggests that Her Majesty wanted to kill him. Is it really a good idea for us to keep him? We are not friends, are we? Do we have to risk our lives to protect him? How about we take him elsewhere?” questioned the fretting young man.

“Haha, how much did we lose this time?”

“We… did not suffer any losses. I sold all of our stones at the last moment. They still fetched a lot at the time. If anything, we earned twenty thousand gold coins from the event,” answered the young man, chest high with pride.

“Had he not written you the letter, would you have made the twenty thousand gold coins? If you opposed him, would I not be homeless by the time I came back? I’m sure you’ve seen what makes him a frightening man. He was bankrupt, yet in the blink of an eye, not one single person dared to let him go bankrupt. Forging a friendly relationship with such an individual will only bring us benefits; there won’t be anything to lose. Rest assured, and take care of him. As for Her Majesty, if she genuinely wanted to kill him, he would be dead by now without a doubt.”

Achilles looked at the man lying silently on the bed, pondering, “Surely he went on a rampage just before, turning the entire imperial capital on its head. Before that, though, when he was planning it all, how much pressure did he feel? How much risk did he shoulder? His plan could’ve gone wrong at any moment. Only he knows how much he went through to realise the plan until now. This man, who managed to fell every single businessman in the imperial capital, looks so helpless and small as he’s lying here now. What holds this man up? Is it the woman who is bed ridden in the elven lands?”

Although Achilles never experienced love, he had an idea of what it entailed as he watched the two.

“Prepare a horse for him,” instructed Achilles. “Prepare the fastest horse and a good carriage. I heard that the auction for the North will continue. It appears that Her Majesty is not going to stop at anything to have him. I may be loyal to Her Majesty, but I cannot watch her err over and over. Let Dongqing head back. Additionally, prepare ten thousand gold coins for him. He must need money now.”

“Understood,” verbalised the young man, wishing to opine but realising he didn’t have the right to when he noticed Achilles’ expression.

As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw the candelabrum overhead spinning; I couldn’t get a clear visual on anything. The sharp pain from my gut was still had all of my nerves screeching. I tried to stand up. Alas, my lower back refused to heed my command.

Suddenly, a pair of hands supported my back, thereby allowing me to sit up, albeit with a struggle. I rubbed my eyes and looked over to see Achilles standing next to me.

“Good morn-, rather, goodnight? It’s almost morning, however. You want something for breakfast?” Achilles cheerfully inquired.

Once my memories gushed into my head, I shunted Achilles aside. I grabbed my gut and struggled to try and get off the bed, but he quickly returned and supported me: “It’s all right. Don’t be hasty. I have a good idea of what happened. This is a cheque for ten thousand gold coins. I’ve already had someone prepare the fastest horse and carriage for you, but you’ll need to find Leah yourself. There’s no need to be hasty. The North is still in chaos, and I doubt your people would agree to the auction. It can be stalled for a while longer, so there’s no need to rush.”

Because I resembled an idiot trying to process the influx of information, Achilles chuckled: “Hurry on up. You have ten thousand gold coins on hand, so you’ll win regardless. Those merchants would be lucky to have several thousand gold coins, so it’ll work out.”

I grabbed the cheque from Achilles and dragged my injured leg out, hand pressed on my wound. The young man pulled the door open and helped me into the carriage. There were a few riders behind the carriage waiting. They gave me a nod and expressed, “Lord Lin, we once fought alongside Lord Veirya. We heard you were hurt, and we were worried about you being assassinated on the way. As such, we will protect you until you reach the North.”

“Thank you, all.” I climbed in and told Achilles, “I’ll repay the loaned.”

“No rush. It’s yours to being with,” replied Achilles, waving his hand with a smile. “I hope all goes smoothly for you, Lin Dongqing. To be frank, all of the so-called young geniuses and so-called business geniuses in the imperial capital are now the equivalent of trash cans to me. You have won my admiration, man. After you’ve recovered and rested, we’ll meet again in the imperial capital.”

“Yeah, we will.”

I had no time to pursue the assassination matter. I had to head back. I had to pick up Veirya. I wanted to propose to her. I wanted to be together with her forever…

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