My Yandere Succubus Daughter is Mommy Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 03 Ch. 55

Bright Sunlight and Veirya

“Speaking of which, Veirya, you should return to the imperial capital. You can transfer back to my side, too, if you like. Veirya, I’ll feel at ease with you by my side.”

Veirya looked up at Queen Sisi, who rested her face on her hand, feeling puzzled: “Sorry, I do not know what you are talking about. I have no plans. To move to the imperial capital.”

“Oh? Little Doggy’s request was not at your behest? That means you made the request on your own accord?” asked Queen Sisi, softly giggling as she glanced over to me. “Making a request without one’s master’s permission is not what a loyal servant would do.”

Before I could answer, “I do not think I even qualify as a servant, do I…?”

Veirya glanced at me and said, “His plans. Are fine. I. Trust him.”

“Do you…?” asked Queen Sisi, chuckling.

Queen Sisi looked to Leah, who was next to me and didn’t dare to raise her head. She scanned Leah with her eyes narrowed. Queen Sisi’s gaze was instantly filled with questions as if she had forgotten who Leah was. But nevertheless, she recalled Leah in the end. She smiled: “She is the Demon King’s daughter, right? Mm, now that I look at her, she is a cute one. According to the chapel’s plan, you were the true main star last night. I must say, you and I should both feel lucky. You have a very smart father protecting you, while I have a very cute little doggy helping me fend off enemies.”

“Mm…” mumbled Leah.

Leah didn’t raise her head. She was still afraid of Queen Sisi. After all, Queen Sisi did dunk her in the tub. Not even Veirya did anything as cruel as what Queen Sisi did to her that night. It was the most horrific memory to little Leah.

I caressed Leah’s head; Queen Sisi also realised the reason Leah kept her head down. She didn’t continue speaking to Leah, because she didn’t consider herself to have ever done anything wrong, neither did she plan to apologise for what she did that night. Queen Sisi believed she did the right thing. As such, she didn’t change her attitude due to Leah’s reaction.

Queen Sisi then looked back at Veirya and asked, “Then, you do not plan to return to my side? I’ve prepared a house; as long as you agree, you can move in tomorrow. Veirya, if you’re in the imperial capital, I’ll feel safe. Rather, the war has ended, so you are no longer a soldier, either. I have always treated you as my friend. Everything is over now; therefore, I hope you can live a good life instead of suffering from the cold and starving between the heretics and demons. Veirya, come back.”

Veirya placed her food down. She still looked perplexed; she didn’t know how to respond. She gave me a baffled look. I gave her a small nod to indicate she could reply however she pleased. I gently hugged Leah and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead as I awaited Veirya’s reply.

I didn’t mind it. Regardless of what Veirya’s decision was, I decided to stay by her side, and it didn’t matter where we went. I didn’t have much in the North I could cherish. I just liked Veirya. Whether I stayed in the North or the capital would depend on Veirya’s decision. There were no schemes or the sorts involved in the decision, so Veirya could go with her preference. If she chose the North, we’d leave the heart of the political battles and the dangerous Queen.  However, we’d have to bear the cold. If she chose the imperial capital, I’d become Queen Sisi’s attendant in the future. In exchange, we’d receive the best treatment, and enjoy the best food, the best living conditions, the most opportunities and the best education.

“What’s most important to Veirya? What does she want?” I pondered.

Veirya glanced over to Leah, who had her head down. She subtly shut her eyes, seemingly to earnestly contemplate her options. She didn’t think for too long. It was basically a mere instant before she opened her eyes: “Thank you very much, Your Majesty.”

“Prepare to move in, then.”

Queen Sisi appeared to be very pleased. She instantly revealed a smile. I let out a soft breath of relief. As I initially said, it didn’t matter what Veirya’s decision was.

Veirya chose to stay with Queen Sisi. I was fine with that. Moving to the imperial capital wasn’t the worst decision. We had the most opportunities and resources there, therefore equipping me with what I needed to feed Leah and Veirya. Furthermore, I might’ve even obtained what was required to change politics if I got close enough to Queen Sisi. Next, I needed to think about how to establish my own footing in the imperial capital. I wasn’t informed about the current political situation. I might even have to choose sides in the future.

“Sorry, Your Majesty, I was not finished,” said Veirya. “Your Majesty, what I meant was. I am very grateful for. Your kind gesture. However, we choose the North. The war has ended. But I am still a soldier. I need to protect the border.”

Queen Sisi’s smile instantly froze on her face. She didn’t believe her ears. She hesitated for a moment before questioning, “Are you sure? Veirya, think about it carefully. Is it not good for you to return to me? Were you not always with me in the past?”

“Yes. Now, though. I think. The border. Needs me.”

“The war has ended, Veirya; it has ended.”

Veirya answered in a composed tone: “Nonetheless, the border. Is still. In great danger.”

Queen Sisi wore a very grim expression. It was the first time someone rejected her. Not to mention the fact that she was rendered speechless. Veirya was right. Although the war was over, it still wasn’t safe at the border. There were still demons alive. Elves were right at the border. Additionally, the elves were undergoing a political change at present. Who could say for sure how they would treat humanity’s empire thereafter? As a soldier, Veirya should, indeed, be at the border. Not at Queen Sisi’s side.

I was confused. I had no idea if Veirya was genuinely brainless or what. I couldn’t do anything about it. I gave the power to choose to Veirya, so I had to let her choose.

I wondered, “Why did she decline such good conditions and choose the North? Is it because she’s truly loyal, or is it because she craves battle?”

Veirya should be aware there was nothing worth having lingering feelings for in the North. I hadn’t cleaned up our house there. The garden was still basically a ruin. The townsfolk were stupid and ignorant. They attacked Leah before, which was I wanted to kill them to let off steam. Escaping them wasn’t a bad choice, yet Veirya chose the North.

Queen Sisi didn’t say another word to Veirya. Instead, she waved her hand to signal that we could leave. Veirya stood up, bowed then led us out. She maintained her usual calm expression. She never uttered a word until we left the Imperial Palace.

“Veirya, can I ask why you chose the North?” Only after leaving the imperial palace for quite some distance did I ask Veirya what she thought. I was genuinely incredibly curious as to why she chose the North.

Veirya gently looped her arm around mine and looked ahead. In a calm tone, she explained, “Because, I don’t want. To hand you to Her Majesty. Her Majesty. Definitely wants. To have by her side. That’s why. I want to leave. Also. Leah. Looks scared. Of Her Majesty. That’s why. I hope. To go to the North.”

I froze for a moment. Noticing my gaze, Veirya turned to look at me. Befuddled, she queried, “What’s the matter?”


I wasn’t sure if it was due to the sun stinging my eyes or what, but my vision was slightly hazy. I vigorously rubbed my eyes then looked up at the sun. The sun would eventually shine as bright in the North; it wasn’t long away.


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