Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 45

I looked at Tanya, who was beside me with her head down. With a smile I asked, “Tanya, what do you think of them? The people I introduced you to were all my family members.”

Tanya looked up at me and replied with an expressionless look, “Nier… Lucia… very nice… Freya… no like.”

I never imagined Tanya would be so prejudice against Freya. But that’s normal, since Freya didn’t give her a good impression, after all. I don’t know why Freya randomly threw a fit back there, either. It’s, therefore, normal for Tanya to not like her, but Freya and Tanya are both important to me. The two of them need to learn to get along.

I scrubbed Tanya’s head and said, “Freya isn’t a bad person. She’s just a girl. Needless to say, she’s very important to me, as well, so you must get along.

“Don’t like… hate her.”

Tanya ignored everything I said. She stood firm in her stance against Freya. I sighed.

‘I’ll let them sort it out between themselves. Nier and Lucia weren’t friendly with each other, initially, but they’re basically friendly now. I believe the two will get along after spending more time together.’

That’s the future, though. Right now, I need to head to the elven lands. Normally speaking, the journey there is absolutely safe, so safety isn’t an issue. When I returned to the elves from humanity’s lands, there was a chance Lucia would be waiting for me at the entrance, as well.

This time, however, the once open entrances were now virtually all closed. The atmosphere on all of the remaining routes was very tense. The guards were prepared for war. I wondered how many more soldiers were lying in ambush in the forest, but I strongly believed the elves wouldn’t fail.

Mommy Vyvyan is there with the elves. No anthropoid will be able to break through her defences given her demi-god powers.

“Are we going to go and see the true Galadriel now?”

Ling Yue was slightly excited.

I was honestly curious as to what she, a resident of the North, thought of the Galadriel tribe that cut off their mana supply. Under normal circumstances, the Galadriel tribe should be considered the source of their suffering, the tribe that destroyed the stability in the North, and the accomplices that killed her tribesmen. But then, it appears as though Ling Yue has considered the Galadriel tribe to be a noble tribe ever since she was young.

The noble act of the Galadriel tribe can be fairly considered a disaster for the North.

“I am a true Galadriel. Didn’t I tell you my surname was Galadriel Rosvenor?”

If I’m not mistaken, Ling Yue just said something very rude…

Ling Yue whipped her tail and looked at me in a somewhat disdainful manner, “I don’t want to believe that a playboy is the most outstanding member of the Galadriel tribe. My impression of a Galadriel is somebody who can control the entire South, the greatest King among elves, and the fairest King.”

“Indeed, I am not the most outstanding member of the Galadriel tribe. Is the one you speak of my mom or my grandpa…?”

“Isn’t your mom the Empress? Your father must the Elven King, right?”

Ling Yue looked at me as if that was a given. She asked, “You’re a half-human, half-elf, so you got your human side from the Empress, and the elven part from your father. Is there a problem?”

I laughed. In reality, Ling Yue’s reasoning is flawless. Any normal person with a brain would think that way. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t be wrong. However, I am an exception… a very special exception.

I looked at Ling Yue and chuckled as I explained, “The current ruler of the elves, Vyvyan Galadriel is a woman, and is also my mom. My mana came from her.”

The fur on Ling Yue’s tail stood up. She swiftly moved to stroke her tail and comb her fur. She looked at me, feeling somewhat surprised and exclaimed, “Two women… Can two women have children too?! Wh-What else is different between us and you elves and humans?! That’s too scary…”

“Of course I wasn’t created by two women!! How do I put it… the story between the two of them involves my father, Inard Galadriel. It’s a very strange story. If you’re not sleepy, I’ll tell you the story, but we’ll need to be quiet, since…”

I pointed at Tanya, who was curled up next to me, and finished softly. I took my cape off and covered Tanya with it. The camp had fallen silent. Only the guards and patrol team were still awake. My guards haven’t had a good rest in a while, but they won’t be getting a break anytime soon, unfortunately.”

Ling Yue placed her tail on her legs and combed her fur to look nice and neat. She looked at the fire and replied, “Tell me the story if you’re not sleepy, then. I’ve told you my story; tell me yours now, as an exchange.”


“Your Highness! Our frontlines are all engaged in battle. It is as we thought. The anthropoids are not harassing us this time as they previously did. This is a pre-mediated war! We beg you, please take to the field. We will help you maintain the rear. You have the purest mana of all. You are the ruler of elves and a demi-god. We hope that you can annihilate as many of our enemies as you can, the same way you did a decade ago!”

Vyvyan looked at the General on his knees down below. She twirled her blonde hair with her finger and looked at the large, exuberant tree overhead. She didn’t answer. She just looked on as though she was spacing out.

The General continued to await his Queen’s response on his knees. Vyvyan is the individual with the purest mana. The elves were engaged in a tough battle with the anthropoids in the Eastern forest. She could easily crush them in an instant and reverse the stalemate situation. She could absolutely do it. It would be a simple matter with her mana, but she didn’t want to go, because she didn’t have an abundance of mana as she did before.

She had to try to maintain Zero Time Boundary for her child, while her child absorbed her mana as though it was a bottomless pit. She could control her child’s physical growth, but she had to supply mana to her child. Vyvyan felt surprised. When she carried Troy, the flow of mana in her wasn’t so evident. Since her child was absorbing so much mana, he must be a descendant with extremely high purity mana. He might even be more powerful than her.

However, the consequence was that she didn’t dare to use magic carelessly. If she couldn’t supply mana, the boundary would break, thereby revealing the change in her belly. Once exposed, she had no means of explaining it to her son.

She needed somebody to come to her right now, and said person was her son.

Vyvyan can absorb another’s mana via sucking their blood. Her son happened to have an abundance of highly pure mana, making him the best candidate for her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have her son come back as it wasn’t safe here in the elven lands. She was determined to not put her son in danger.

At the same time, she couldn’t leave the Imperial Capital during wartime, for she had a duty to fulfil as the ruler of elves.

“It’s not time for me to descend to the battlefield yet. I can’t thoughtlessly leave the Imperial Capital. I took to the field back then, because the human soldiers were right at our city. It’s nowhere near as dangerous right now, though.”

Vyvyan stood up and walked to the door. She said, “If I had to take to the battlefield every time something happened to you, what use do I have for an army? What use do I have for a General? You’re not my son. I don’t need to personally attend to your affairs. Additionally, if you disappoint me, I will punish you. Now return to the frontlines. I will only personally take to the battlefield when the situation truly becomes dangerous, and I can see the silhouettes of the anthropoids from here!”


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