Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 30


Luna leaned in toward me, gently touched my cheek and tenderly apologised, “Sorry, Your Majesty…”

Maybe it was because we were always together that Luna started having more and more mana, leading to her looking sexier on the full-moon night. Full-moon nights are when elves are at their peak so naturally, they’re at their most beautiful, as well.

“Mm… Luna…”

“There is nobody else, Your Majesty… It is fine, Your Majesty. Nobody is around. Nobody is around. Let us do it again as we did in the desert, Your Majesty.”

A fragrance went down into my lungs. Luna’s passionate kiss blocked all of my senses. Her fragrance entered my mouth and rushed to my organs comparably to a heatwave. Her misty eyes contained her passionate love for me. It was as though her entire body was a red loving heart. Her hands swam across every inch of my skin.

I became aroused by her attack from all sides. I, too, am an elf. When I am in the most pain on full-moon nights, it should be when Luna is most aroused. Luna’s tongue was in my mouth desperately sucking my saliva out while exchanging her saliva with mine. I couldn’t breathe anymore, but my mouth was filled with Luna’s sweet breath. I tightly hugged Luna and rubbed her body as if I wanted to roll her up and eat her. There was no love in the moment.

‘The rationality of elves is weakest under the moonlight. Our ancestors’ blessings need to surpass our habits we have formed by far, after all. That characteristic is precisely what allowed elves to continue to prosper until now. Elves are supposed to be by their loved one’s side on full-moon nights. I, however, wasn’t by my lovers’ sides right now. Lucia isn’t here. And even if she was, I can’t go down on Lucia so I’ve only got Luna.’

‘However, we don’t have any love between us. It’s just our instinctive urges driving us.’

I tightly hugged Luna and we felt each other’s warmth. Luna may have had an unbearable past, but I could see how skilled and sexy she was. Seeing Luna, who was on my hips with an infatuated gaze and eerie smile, made me just want to pounce her. While suffering from unbearable pain and wild-passionate arousal, I truly wanted to hug Luna forever in this moment.

‘I did suffer from pain this full-moon night, but having Luna by my side made me feel particularly great. Normally, Mom would be by my side and I wouldn’t do anything to my mom. With Luna, however, I could unleash myself on her. Luna wasn’t an ordinary elf, either, as she could feel the pain I gave her.’

‘She felt the same way I felt; the two of us were in pain and happy tonight.’

“Your Majesty…”

Luna panted as she sprawled out on my chest. My vision was now hazy, and I didn’t have the strength to do anything other than hug Luna.

Luna looked into my eyes and clasped my face gently, “Will you abandon me?”

I looked at her. Her eyes that were clear as the moon shined in the dark night sky similarly to the brightest crystals in this world.

I looked at her eyes. I slowly reached my hand out to clasp her face and firmly shook my head.

“… No. Never.”

Luna looked at me and brushed her hair aside. She then leaned her head down and kissed me on my lips. The moon was now high in the sky, but I was no longer in any pain.

‘I just need to get my mana out of my body and I’ll be fine. I must admit that this is the fastest way to drain my mana. I couldn’t use this method in the past, though.’

Luna looked at me. While drawing small circles on my chest with a smile, she asked, “Do you… want to do it again? Not to relieve you of your pain this time, but out of love. Your Majesty, I can only tell you I love you at times, like this. Only at times like this can I be with you out of love. I think that I will only have this one chance in my life.”


I nodded and gently hugged Luna. Luna followed me and lay down on my chest. She looked at my lips and went to kiss them…


Suddenly, a loud explosion went off, causing the hanging lights overhead to sway dangerously and even causing two candles to drop to the ground. I quickly sat up; but nonetheless, due to my weak condition, I dropped back down. I’m extremely weak once my mana is drained on full-moon nights. I was virtually totally immobilised this time. Luna vigilantly sat up then quickly crawled to the window to look down.

‘The sound of the explosion came from nearby the outer court, so it came from within the Royal Palace grounds!’

‘What happened? Could it be that the guards’ gunpowder exploded? Where are the Valkyries? Where are my Valkyries?’

“Alice! Alice!”

Luna got dressed while shouting toward the outside. However, even after she finished getting dressed, there was no response from the corridor. Luna wore a very serious expression. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss on my cheeks, “Your Majesty, I am going to go out and take a look to see what happened. Before I return, do not come out. You must not come out, okay? Your Majesty, do not come out.”

“Uhm. Be careful.”

‘Honestly, I wasn’t worried. At least I wasn’t yet, because I believed the Valkyries were fine. I knew well how formidable the Valkyries are. As long as they’re inside the outer court with the palace guards, I’m certain that they can defeat anyone.’

‘I was clueless at the time. I didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what had happened.’

Luna pushed the door open. She turned her head around to look at me; then she revealed a smile to reassure me, “Your Majesty, please do not worry. I do not think it is anything serious. However, do not come out before I return. Do not move. I will be back. After all, we still need to do it one more time.”

I smiled and told her to take care, “Be careful out there, Luna.”

“All right, Your Majesty.”

‘It was the same as how Luna told me goodnight every night. The exact same. There was no determined farewell or reluctance to part or the calmness before facing danger. It was a simple response just as per usual. Yes, just as per usual. Even the light shining in on Luna’s shadow on the door was the same as usual. Luna’s smile, her posture, her everything… it was all the same.’

‘Yes. All the same.’

‘I had no idea, and I don’t think I ever would’ve expected what happened thereafter…’


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