Son-con – Vol. 7.5 Ch. 02

Wine at Sixteen Years Old


The Empress likes to kill people too. To be fair, the Empress was the same as his “master.” The both of them didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with killing people or torturing people, and in fact, enjoyed it. He felt as though he was back in the past when he saw the Empress’s shimmering face in the dungeon; but nonetheless, Castell felt that the Empress was still breathtakingly beautiful

In fact, he felt that the Empress holding a barbed-whip looked even more beautiful than when she gave him cherry tomatoes. Maybe some women needed blood to look more beautiful.

Although the Empress liked to kill and torture people, she wasn’t the type that would just kill because she felt like it. There were reasons she killed and tortured them. That was one thing that made her completely different to his previous “master.” The Empress’s life was very simple, as well. She didn’t have a husband. She went to sleep alone every night. None of the things in the past happened.

The young man quickly adapted to his new life. He woke up as soon as the sun was up. He would pick up the Empress’s clothes from the court lady and then go to the kitchen to pick up the Empress’s breakfast. He tested every dish to ensure the food wasn’t poisoned before taking the tray of food to Her Majesty’s door. He would then wake her up… or rather, see Her Majesty already awake, and then help her get changed and have breakfast.

Perhaps the Empress had never realised how seductive her body was. Her perfect body made her resemble a holy goddess under the early morning sun’s rays. Despite her having some scars, they didn’t reduce her beauty. To the contrary, they added an element of wild beauty. Castell felt his heart beat wildly every morning. The Empress, however, didn’t notice any of that and continued to get dressed in front of the young man.

She didn’t see the young man as a man.

During breakfast, the Empress looks over some of the items on the agenda for the conference for the day. Then she heads to the conference chamber to hear what the vassals have to say before making the final decision. Around lunch, Castell has to go the kitchen to inspect the dishes, in addition to notifying the kitchen if there are any banquets in the evening. He then takes the Empress’s lunch to her desk. Then he takes her clothes from yesterday and her sleepwear from last night to the laundry. He then has to arrange for the maids to go clean and tidy the Empress’ room. Next, he goes for a stroll in the flower garden with the Empress or they’ll see guests in the guest hall. In the evening, he takes dinner to the Empress and confirms the menu for tomorrow. He’ll then deliver the Empress’s sleepwear and sleep medication to her. After reading books, the Empress goes to sleep.

Then he can turn in before waking up to begin the next day’s work.

Life in the palace could be considered dull. However, for the young man who always had the Empress by his side, he could see her frowns and smiles. In the past, he couldn’t raise his head up to look at such a beautiful and venerable woman, but now he got to take care of her daily necessities at her side. For Castell, that was the most blissful thing in the world, as well as his hope for living on.

The Empress rescued him and gave him a purpose to live. As such, taking care of Her Majesty was his only purpose in life.

That was his life.

Do people complain about living their own life?

He didn’t completely understand Her Majesty. He was merely her personal attendant. He didn’t completely know her. He knew what she liked to eat, that she liked to kill people and her little habits, but he didn’t know any more.

Does she have a husband? Does she have children?

Her Majesty should be very young, but she doesn’t have a husband with her nor does she get close to any men. No men were permitted entry into the inner court even if they had urgent business. In front of the inner court was an outer court. Nobody resided in the outer court. There was just one room, yet there were people looking after the outer court as done with the inner court. There was also a palace for resting there.

Was Her Majesty keeping it for somebody to live in?

He wasn’t sure. Nobody had ever entered the outer court yet it was cleaned and tidied every day. That was Her Majesty’s order. It was as though she was waiting for somebody to return.

When she had free time, Her Majesty liked to look to the North and space out. In her eyes would be sadness and eagerness. She seemed to really want to go to the North. The map of the North of the empire had appeared on her desk more than once. She even made lots of marks on it, but never did she go there.

He didn’t understand everything about the Empress. Castell was aware that he couldn’t ask, either. He was just a mere personal attendant. His only job was to take care of Her Majesty. As for that sort of stuff…, it had nothing to do with him.

He did get along quite well with the Empress’s personal bodyguard, though. Alice was a personal bodyguard whose physique didn’t match her age. Though she was cute, she was the same age as Her Majesty and possessed monstrous god-like strength. She was also the captain of the Valkyries. Come to think of it, he strangely had a good relationship with the group.

His life and their lives belonged to Her Majesty.

Hence, they were the same as him. People of the same kind resonated with each other and formed a close bond. While he had nothing to do with the Valkyries, they treated him with courtesy.

“Your Majesty, do you have family members?”

His hand jolted, causing him to nearly spill the wine. He looked at the politician who was a little tipsy. He had no idea who the politician was, but he asked the Empress that question right in front of her.

The Empress smiled then shook her cup of wine a few times. The dark red wine inside gently swished. The Empress looked at his face and faintly replied, “I do.”

“So you are married?”

“That has nothing to do with you right, King Bagrott?” The Empress titled her head a little and then calmly explained, “I have indeed gotten married, and I’m still his wife. I also have a cute child. That’s nothing for me to be embarrassed about. In my opinion, it’s something worth bragging about. My family and my child are both worth bragging about.”

The Empress handed Castell her now empty cup, but his hand and body felt powerless for some reason.


Both of them looked toward him right away. Castell blankly looked at the broken cup of wine on the ground and the wine running down the pure-white tablecloth, not knowing what to do.

Everybody looked toward him. He went and broke Her Majesty’s cup at a national banquet when he was her personal attendant.

“Your Majesty…”

His legs felt powerless as he bent over at the waist. He knelt on the ground and quickly tried to sweep up the broken bits of class into his hand. A sharp piece stabbed into his palm and he began to bleed. The pain and fear enveloped his entire body.

“It’s fine. Get someone to tidy up. Castell, you go and have a rest. Bandage your hand. Have an early night tonight.”

A warm and fragrant scent released itself onto his head. She gently pulled him up with one hand. He looked up, and his eyes met with the Empress’s gentle and deep eyes. The Empress stroked his face,s causing him to feel as if a freezing cold breeze brushed all of his nerves.

A faint agonising feeling brushed the corner of his mouth as the Empress ran her finger with wine on it across his lips, leaving a faint mellow fragrance……

So Her Majesty is already married…

But… that should…

She must be…


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