Son-con – Vol. 7 Prologue

I really didn’t return that night. No, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to return, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t let go of Elizabeth who was crying like she was crying a river. She was particularly coquettish that night. I almost couldn’t stop my own urges. But I did manage to stop myself from crossing the boundary as her son. I held her in my arms and we fell asleep. I left early the next morning, thereby avoiding getting discovered. I will not do anything to my two moms no matter what. That’s my bottom line. They’re both my moms no matter what you say. I will never develop romantic feelings for my two moms.

Furthermore, I still have two wives which is enough… these two are enough.

“Good morning, dear.”

When I woke up the next day, I saw Nier who was hugging me with a happy smile as beautiful as flowers looking at me. There’s no way I’m going to own up to just getting into bed not long ago. I looked at her, smiled, kissed her lips and said: “Good morning, Nier. Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yes. I slept with you officially as the princess last night……” Nier rolled over and looked up at the roof. She stretched her hand out and looked at the ring on her hand. She revealed a blissful smile and said: “I packed up all of my stuff as a Valkyrie last night including my cape, clothes, and sword. From now on, I am the princess so I won’t be using them anymore.”

“Do you miss it?”

“Uhm. Somewhat. However, I’m looking forward to the future more. I’m looking forward to the future as the princess.” Nier stood up and looked at her naked body. With a smile she then said: “Dear, let me say it again. Good morning. This is the first time I am greeting you as Princess Nier Galadriel Rosvenor.”

The first day after getting married always makes one happy even if they have to go to work that day. I didn’t sort out the matter with the elves last night so Freya and I need to take the next step in helping them settle down and delegating work. Luna only arranged their living needs after all. It’s going to take them a long time to adapt to life here in humanity. This is going to be a lengthy process. I believe those elves will soon be able to cohabitate with humanity, right?

Freya who was walking next to me looked at me and said: “Onii-sama, you sure look happy, huh? It looks like you really like Princess Lucia and Princess Nier. But your majesty, you must remember your work now. You have quite a bit of work today. You must first help the group of elves settle down and Socina City’s envoy seeks an audience as well.”

“Hmm? Socina City’s envoy? Isn’t he in the city?”

I hesitated. Logically speaking, he doesn’t need to seek an audience. He just needs to notify me. He must’ve just come to this city, which means that there isn’t just one of them. This one must be a new one. I don’t quite understand why another has come. Could it be for two different matters?

“That is correct. It looks like this one is different to the other one.” Freya chuckled softly and elaborated, “Onii-sama, you must know that Socina City’s lord isn’t a single individual who rules it. Their city operates following a parliament system. The lord’s orders and directives must be supported by majority vote by parliament members…… In other words, the orders or directives may only be carried out once the elders have given their approval. As such, the lord’s powers have always been at loggerheads with the elders’. Further, the newly crowned lord may have different ideas to the elders. Subsequently, if the lord wants to have her own powers, money is the most important asset she requires. Thus, I think that the previous envoy was the lord’s personal envoy. His so-called business deal was the lord’s personal deal with us.”

“So what you’re saying is……”

“Correct. It is just as you assume. Socina City’s lord and the elders must have some sort of grudge between them. Put another way, Socina’s lord is disliked by the elders. Both parties need money to compete and so you have become the person they want to win over, onii-sama.”

The corner of Freya’s mouth turned up into a pleased smile. Actually, it would be more correct to describe it as a little devil’s smile. It wasn’t the sort of smile a little girl who was cooking up an ill-intended mischievous scheme wore. Freya’s schemes could shape-shift an entire political system. I think Freya wants me to get involved with this matter since a suzerain would benefit from being able to get involved with a vassal state’s politics.

It would be best if we could control the vassal state’s ruler as well. Though a vassal state is a vassal state, they’re likely to have ideas, particularly if something happens to a suzerain. In that situation, the vassal state will definitely start trouble. Consequently, it’s best for a suzerain to involve itself with a vassal states politics.

But maybe it’s because the empress can’t help being so far away from them that she doesn’t have any plans for Socina City.

I quietly gave Freya a response: “Let’s act according to the situation.”

Freya took the hint and nodded. She knew what I meant. With a smile she responded: “You made it clear you were not participating in politics in the past, but you want to participate this time. It looks like you are set on becoming the emperor now, onii-sama.”

“Sort of. I just have a good impression of the lord of Socina.” I thought of the envoy. I have a very good impression of that envoy. An envoy is the representative of his ruler so the lord of Socina City must be an excellent ruler too. I naturally respect their ruler because she isn’t a threat to me.

“Is that because the lord of Socina City is pretty?” The corner of Freya’s smile crept up into a strange smile. She continued, “Onii-sama, are you more interested in your body? Did you want to use your male body to control their new lord? Onii-sama, you sure are interesting. Others use their attractive character or military might. Only you use your body.”

“I didn’t say that! I don’t want to do that! I just thought… I just thought that if their envoy is courteous, and neither obsequious nor arrogant, then think that their lord shouldn’t be too shabby. Therefore my impression of her isn’t so bad. I’ve never seen her, but it definitely has nothing to do with whether or not she’s pretty!”

“I know. But your reactions are still hilarious, onii-sama.” Freya pursed her lips together and laughed. She then said, “All right, onii-sama. If you have decided on who you will help, I shall go and……”

I extended my hand out to stop her and said: “No. Don’t turn the new envoy down just yet. I’ll decide who to help after I meet them. At the very least, I need to know what the two of them are after exactly. Then I’ll decide who to help since I don’t know their lord, nor am I obligated to do something for her just because I randomly have a good impression of her.”

“You are right.” Freya gave a nod of approval. Standing in front of the palace gates, she made a small bow and added, “Onii-sama, you go and take care of the elves. I shall go and see the two envoys. I wish everything goes smoothly for you, onii-sama, Ah, also……”

Freya chuckled softly. She then looked at me and sincerely congratulated me: “Congratulations on your wedding, onii-sama!”



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