Son-con War for Their Son – Ch. 11

“Begin! March!” The red uniform army stepped forth in unison, crossed the grass area and marched in orderly towards their enemy on the opposite side. Objects flew through the air like a meteor, tore through their red uniforms, creating a bloody fireworks display. However, if the soldiers in red weren’t dead, they just paused for a moment before resuming their march until they could no longer stand and fell. The soldiers behind them would then step over their corpses without hesitation to replace the line in front.

The artillerymen in the rear pushed the cannons out of the forest, aimed in the direction of the trees where the enemy fired from and loaded the cannons.


The commander aggressively waved his arm and several cannons opened fire. The cannonballs flew into the air and exploded. It was the same as a petrol bomb exploding causing the petrol to scatter in the air and burn anything it came in contact with, only this time, it burned the forest. The black smoke with a strong smell ascended into the air like an evil black dragon. The originally lush forest became a sea of fire. The artillerymen quickly cleaned the cannon barrels, and loaded up another cannonball. This time, a black liquid was released when they exploded. Wherever the liquid made contact, the fire would instantaneously intensify, and because the fire followed the tracks of the liquid, the area of effect quickly expanded.

The fire forced the elves out of the forest. They pitifully dashed out of the forest only to find the red uniform army had arrived right before them. They drew their blades without any hesitation and charged at their enemies. The red uniform army stopped in their tracks. Their commander watched the elves rushing over, raised his commander blade and shouted: “Take aim!!”

The first row of soldiers squatted down. They orderly drew their rifles and pointed them forwards. The third row of soldiers stood between the shoulders of the second row, and placed their rifles on the shoulders of their comrades. The soldiers in the rear continued to ready up their guns and waited.


A loud bang rang through the air, and after a flash of smoke before their eyes, the elf standing at the forefront had a small bullet-hole made in his body. The elves cried painfully as they dropped after being hit. The elves at the rear continued to flee, but the second barrage of bullets immediately caught them!


The third row fired. Then the fourth row fired.

The elves were slaughtered by the gun shots that were fired virtually non-stop. The smoke in the air mixed with the scent of blood. The red uniform army was fearless before the elven vanguard. They opened fire like machines, then retreated, loaded their ammunition and opened fire again. They continued until there were just a few tens of elves left. But the elves did not cower before the red uniform army. They disregarded everything and drew their blades.


The row right at the front of the red uniform army pulled their guns back, carried their rifles and charge at the remaining elf without any hesitation. The humans and elves killed one another, and then more elves charged out of the burning forest.

“Maintain formation!”

On the left of the battlefield, a group of humans dressed in white on their war-horses uniformly headed towards where the elves and humans were engaged in battle. They wore metal chest plates which reflected the sunlight, so nobody could get a clear vision on them. They followed the orders of the commander and maintained their formation for two-hundred yards.

“Draw your sabres!”

The war horses took a big step forward and the cavalry drew their shiny blades.


When there were just fifty two yards left, the cavalry let out a long and loud roar. They formed a formation and charged into the battle. The sounds of their metal horse hooves were loud as thunderclaps. The elves turned to look in their direction but only saw vague white silhouettes with sabres raised as they charged towards them. Even the brave elves were frightened by the vanguard that rushed them like an avalanche. They shrieked, threw their weapons down and fled towards the forest.

However, those who came out of the burning forest were not their allies, but cavalry without armour. They were covered in blood as they sat atop their war-horses, indicating they had a perfect hunt in the forest. They ignored the fatigue of their own and their steed, and charged towards the elves preparing to run into the forest with their blades held high.

“Your majesty!”

The empress stood atop a high spot, as she coldly watched the elves get surrounded and slaughtered. She already said that she was not going to take any prisoners. Injured elves were stabbed to death by infantry. The cavalry chased fleeing elves. The cavalry didn’t even need to swing their sabres. Just holding their sabres and utilising the force behind their charge was enough to separate the torso of an elf from their lower body.

Alice rode her horse up to the high spot, and panted as she asked: “Your majesty, what do we do about that huge tree on the battlefield? Shall we burn it?”

“I’ll burn it myself. The tree holds a special meaning to the elves. Throw the corpses of those creatures under the tree and I’ll burn them together with the tree.”

The empress turned around and left the high spot. Alice looked at the battlefield covered in smoke. The black smoke covered the entire sky. Not a ray of light seeped in. Nobody dealt with the fire. It was like a demon was rampaging in the forest of a holy god. The air was so polluted it was tough to breathe. The smell of smoke, blood and even burnt things filled the air. How many elves were burnt alive in that fire?

Alice sighed and shook her head before chasing after the empress.

The red uniform army then offed all of the elves not long after. On the battlefield, they cried: “For her majesty!!”

The war horses neighed, and the clanging of metal against metal created an intense war anthem. The cavalry reformed their formation and left the battlefield while the infantry remained to move the bleeding corpses beneath the large tree. They fulfilled their duty and role. They moved the corpses under the tree whether they were corpses that had been reduced to pieces, corpses with only their torso remaining, lost limbs, half-burnt limbs, organs, or bits of flesh.

The brown tree branch was now dyed red with the blood of the elves.

An elven military platoon consists of two thousand men, but only more than four hundred were beheaded. The other elves who couldn’t be beheaded had either been reduced to bits and pieces, or their torso had flown off to god-knows-where, or they had been reduced to charcoal.

At night, the human soldiers gathered at the centre of the plains which was rare to chance upon. The place was a large tree. The empress looked at the large tree, and gently touched her ring-finger on her left hand which was now empty. A ring made from grass will eventually wither just like her memory of him. The withered grass and the two lovers had been swallowed by the flames of war.

In the past, she swore an oath with her lover under this tree, but the tree was now nothing more than a mark of her dominance.

The empress was willing to conquer hell itself if it was for her son!

Elizabeth looked at the large tree but didn’t feel a single tinge of nostalgia or regret. She tossed the fire torch onto it. The tree that had been smothered with oil went up in flames immediately, which proved that the leaves of life had been burnt and turned to ashes like lightning had struck it. The stench of their corpses followed the smoke up into the air. The red uniform army raised the guns in their hands up highs and shouted in unison:  “Long live your majesty!!”

That’s right, she’s the empress.

She could have the world at her fingertips, so even more so her son. That woman was right. She wanted to show her the consequence of infuriating a mother.


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