Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 06

Well, that’s how our lunch ended. I was left completely mind-boggled as to why her majesty got so mad. Perhaps it was due to the way I put my question when I said I was lonely and wanted a girl to accompany me. Maybe females take offense to it.

But I genuinely don’t want to let Nier continue killing people. While it’s true that Lucia has threatened a lot of people, I’ve never once seen her actually kill somebody. Nier’s beauty is not beneath Lucia’s and if you don’t mind me being a bit more biased towards humanity, I’d say Nier is prettier than Lucia. However, Nier’s eyes and cold expression ruins her beauty.

If one kills too many, they’ll become numb towards life. If they become numb towards life, they’ll lose interest in life. If Nier continues down that path, she’ll become a killing machine instead of a girl. I honestly feel pain for her. She’s a girl just like Lucia so why are their lives the complete opposite of each other? Lucia can run around with wine and rabbit thighs happily, choose her fragrance bag and scent, but Nier only carries the scent of blades and blood.

Girls should be surrounded with the scent of flowers not blood.

I don’t have the confidence I can save her, and I’m not as gentle or good at moving people like the main protagonist from a Manhua. Nier is so far away from me I couldn’t embrace her if I wanted. The best I can do is keep her away from bloodshed. I can stop her from killing people if she stays beside me.

I can’t save her, but I can perhaps hold her back.

As I was lost in my own thoughts, I found that I’d strolled to the inside of a long corridor… Okay. I’m lost and have no idea where this is… I checked left and right. Both sides looked like quiet woods some place far away. There were stones laid about. This place should be part of a flower garden or something, right?

On one side of the corridor was an artificial lake. It wasn’t large but the water was very clear. It was surrounded by large round rocks which looked very natural. I felt closer to home when I saw it because it was one of the rare Eastern elements amongst all this Western architecture. I might as well go check it out since I’m lost anyway. I crossed the long hall with handrails along both sides and went over to it.

There was somebody on top of the rock. No. It was a young girl in a pink skirt. She had light blonde hair done up in a bun. Judging from her physique, she should probably be around eight or nine. Her face was round like a goose egg. She was pretty like a doll.

It is a known fact by the public that I don’t have corrupt thoughts towards those younger than myself, so I won’t be caught screaming “Woooww! A blonde loli!” And then charge over there and take her away.

I saw her crawl on top of the rock and reach her hand out towards the lake as far as she could like she was trying to grab something. However, her tiny arms couldn’t reach it. I went over, looked at the surface of the lake and noticed a very crudely made doll… If you can even consider a teru teru bozu a doll… Floating on top of the water.

It wasn’t actually far away, but for the loli it was.

I walked up to the loli, bent over to pick up a small wooden stick and said: “If you don’t mind, let me help you.”

The loli turned her head around. She scanned me with her round eyes, and then nodded, retreated to one said, and said: “Thank you…”

“It’s nothing.”

I knelt down on top of the rock and used the small wooden stick to try and get the doll which resembled a teru teru bozu. It was like somebody took a single shabby piece of cloth, sewed it together and called it a doll. I got rid of the water in it, handed the doll to the loli and said: “Be careful not to drop it in there again.”

The loli took the doll. It was just a shabby doll and yet she hugged it like it was a treasure. She didn’t care that it was wet. She looked at me with a bright and cute smile, energetically nodded and said: “Uhm! I’ll keep that in mind! Thank you, big brother!!”

I laughed as I waved my hand and said: “Sure. But I want to ask you, how do I get to the outer chamber?”

She paused for a moment. Confused, she scanned me with her blue eyes and said: “Are you looking for his majesty? At the moment, only his majesty lives there…”

I helplessly laughed and said: “And that’s me…”


She revealed a look of surprise and walked around me to examine me. She then returned before me and excitedly said: “You’re her majesty’s son?! Ah! Yes! No wonder why you’re so gentle and so handsome! You really are her majesty’s son!”

I laughed embarrassingly as I touched my head and said: “Ah… I guess…”

She then gave me a nod and said: “Please follow me. It’s a bit of a challenge to explain, so just follow me. It’s quite amazing that you managed to end up here while you were lost.”

“I was lost in my thoughts… I just kept walking and found myself here before I knew it. Thank you, little girl.”

“Little girl?”

She specifically emphasised those words and then the corner of her mouth turned into a smile completely uncharacteristic for her age, but the smile quickly disappeared. I only noticed it due to my elf eyesight! There’s definitely a problem with you, isn’t there?! There’s definitely a problem with you! You’re not a loli, are you?!


Just as I was about to unleash a verbal attack, a bee suddenly flew over. It hesitated at first but then rushed over towards the loli. Perhaps it mistook her pink skirt for a flower…

“AAAHHH!! A bee!!”

After she shrieked, she turned away and threw a punch which accurately hit and killed the bee flying over. The bee violently crashed into the rock behind it. That rock had text engraved on it. Even if it weren’t granite, it was still a huge rock nonetheless…

A loud rumble filled the air as if the Earth were being split. The entire massive rock was smashed to pieces by a single punch from the loli… Nope, you didn’t misread it. Not broke, not sent flying but a strong punch in between that shattered the ENTIRE rock to pieces… Dust from the rock flew all over the place. The loli proudly clapped her hands, looked at the shattered rock and proudly said: “Uhm! Let’s see if you dare come me again! Sorry for the embarrassing sight, your majesty. Please follow me. I’ll take you to the outer chamber now!”


I quivered from head to toe as I looked at the shattered rock before me. I then looked at the unharmed loli and felt like my entire belief system had just taken a big hit again…

You may not believe me but a loli that only comes up to my waist, and that you could pick up with one arm just smashed a rock bigger than me. No. It should be called a boulder. She smashed a boulder with one punch. This loli could roll up her sleeves and laugh while saying to lolicons: “Hey jii-san, please don’t impose your horny thoughts on me, or my punch may kill you~”

You really will die! You really will die!! You’ll die a death worse than that bee!!

I’ve definitely run into a fake loli! She’s definitely a fake!!


*Jii-san = uncle in Japanese


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