Son-con – Vol. 1 Ch. 03 (Uncensored)

“Come, my son, let me help you wash.”

Mom gently hugged me, and gently scrubbed my arms with a sponge while smiling. The bathrooms of elves were probably created with their lifestyle in mind. It wasn’t not a tub of water, but a river, and on both sides of the river were dense woods.

Mom hugged me as soon as we got into the water and began to scrub me without any explanation. Of course I thought about resisting, but for whatever reason, once I entered the water, I felt like I was in a trance and couldn’t move despite my mind being fully aware of what was happening. My body just wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t even blink, let alone shift my gaze.

Mom scrubbed my body with the sponge while she continued hugging me. I watched on with worry as her hands slid across my naked body. This is too stimulating even if she’s my mother! Further, she’s the mother of the owner of this body, but to me… She’s just a hot milf with a smokin’ bod! I don’t feel any ethical constraints holding me back!

You could’ve just scrubbed my back, why do you want me to face you? I’m facing an everyday crisis and yet I have to control myself…. It’s killing me!

“Come closer, I’ll scrub your legs.”

It’s fine, I’m good!! Don’t! Don’t touch me there!! Mom’s hand slid downwards, and she pulled me in even closer with her hand on my back. I fell into mom’s embrace at full force, and of course, collided with her firm and warm boobs. My hands that couldn’t move grabbed onto her boobs…

I can’t handle this torture…. Just kill me now….

“Oh? Hehe, you naughty boy…”

Mom giggled before poking my forehead and pulled me even tighter into her embrace. I beg you, let me go, okay? This isn’t my fault! I wasn’t the one who started this…. I can’t even move for crying out loud! Why is my body that’s so nimble on land like a rock in water? I can’t control my body. Now I understand why mom always needs to help me wash. If she weren’t here, I’d just drown.

“Has the side-effects of your mana going berserk not healed yet…?”

Lucia then swam over to me from behind. Elves can swim really fast like fish…. Perhaps it’s related to their magical powers. She leaned onto my back like a dog taking a break on a rock after a swim. I don’t really care about that, but please rest on me with your back and not the front of your body. Please! Your boobs aren’t as spectacular as mom’s, but they’re still boobs!

Wait. What did you say? Mana going berserk? Me?

Mom let out a heavy sigh and said: “Yeah. The condition can be alleviated, but there’s no permanent cure for it…. It’s all my fault… It’s all my fault that you’re suffering…. It’s all mommy’s fault… You can’t even do something as simple as wash yourself because of me….”

Could you please explain why I can perform much more complex tasks, yet can’t do something as simple as cleaning myself?! Mom skilfully scrubbed my legs, but it looked like she was aware of her role as a mother and nothing dramatic like touching something she shouldn’t touch happened, and then…

But I can’t feel my body at all right now, so even if she touched it, nothing would happen, right?

Lucia who was resting on my back suddenly moved, and said: “Your highness, I’ve always been curious about something.”

Mom smiled. She leaned her head to one side, and asked: “What do you want to ask, Lucia?”

“Umm… I want to know about that part on Troy’s lower body that’s different to ours. What’s that thing supposed to be used for? And…” Lucia dipped one of her fingers into the water while my sixth sense went bonkers to warn me that the most dangerous situation a man could face was about to happen. I desperately tried to move, but couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t even make a sound. I couldn’t even groan either.

I felt a finger encroach upon my forbidden area….

Don’t!!! Keep those hands there, don’t get playful! This isn’t a toy. It’s my hope and my pride as a man!

“Oh! Are you talking about this?”

Mom, I beg you… If you’re my biological mom, then please don’t go along with her! Could you please stop touching it? As my mother, you’ve seen everything there is to see. Just why are you playing along with her? I beg you, please stop her. I’m begging you! Can you imagine the pain of being teased and yet unable to do anything about it? This is the worst form of torture in the world!

“If you’re talking about this, then it’s something you’ll probably use it in the future~” said mom as she winked at Lucia. Lucia paused for a moment and asked: “When will I use it?”

“Once you two vow to protect each other and be with each other forever under the ancient tree, you’ll use it.” Mom smiled and let go, as well as removing Lucia’s hand. Thank you. Thank you so much. You really are my mother.

Mom gently hugged me and intimately caressed my face with the fine and smooth skin of her face. Mom embraced me with her arms filled with immeasurable love and said: “This is my most beloved treasure. I’ll never let him get hurt. I only have this one child and it’s his child. I’ll definitely protect him well. Alright, son, let’s get out and dry you up shall we?”

Mom easily carried me out of the water. It was strange. As soon as I left the water, I had the strength to move my body again.  I took a deep breath and blinked my eyes with all my might before lying down on the floor. Washing up wasn’t refreshing at all, it was pure torture.



I wearily opened my eyes and saw the shadow of a figure coming down towards me from above. I yelled out and subconsciously stretched out my arms. Lucia’s body connected with my body as she came down from above. Her refreshed body and the tip of her tits made contact with my chest, which made me feel like I got electrocuted.

“Hehe… Troy’s body….”

Lucia laughed and then hugged my body as her small boobs rubbed against my chest. At the same time, I could feel her tits rubbing me against my body as she moved around.

God help me…

My body had an inevitable reaction.

“Oho~… Looks like you’ve grown….” said mom with a blushing face and a happy smile from behind.

I’ve come to understand a lot of things after this experience.

First, my body can’t come into contact with water otherwise it’ll freeze up and become immobile. Maybe it’s due to me being diagnosed with “berserk mana”. In any case, I must be careful to not come into contact with water from now on. I must avoid lakes and rivers.

Second, Lucia is my childhood friend. Her father is the current captain of the guards, which is the squad that came to my rescue. Not only is she my childhood friend, but she’s also my fiancé…. We haven’t publicised it, but it’s certainly not a secret in the palace.

When I mentioned leaving the palace, mom warned me:  “You want to go outside? Don’t leave the palace~ don’t leave the palace no matter what. Stay within my sight, okay?” She poked my forehead with her index finger, and said: “You never listen to me, so I casted a spell on the door so that I’ll know when you leave. Don’t make mommy worry or I’ll give you a spanking….”

Mom, I’m not a kid anymore. Could you please stop threatening me with those childish threats? And don’t you think pulling the pants of your grown child down to spank him is a bit ludicrous?!

To be honest, I don’t want to go outside either. I just wanted to find a place so that I can think in peace. I left the palace, went to the flower garden and found a tree to sit under. I let out a long sigh and looked up at the tree overhead and fell into a daze.

It hasn’t even been a day and yet so much has happened. So much has happened since I died up until now. Just being reincarnated is mind-blowing in itself. But now I’m a prince, and mom is a blonde big-boobed elf. And to top it off, I’ve got a cute childhood elf friend who’s my fiancé. None of this is easy to digest.

But perhaps it’s precisely because it’s so hard to believe that I’ve accepted it. All this has made me lose my ability to reason. I’m just accepting them as facts.

I touched my pocket and felt something hard and solid. I was wearing what I wore when I left: a small vest, a shirt and trousers. It looks like the maids were very diligent and put all my belongings into the pockets of my new clothes.

I took something out and it turned out to be a dragon scale. I paused for a moment and let out a sigh. Well, I guess that did happen after all. Not everything was flowers and roses. The Earth Dragon matter had nothing to do with me, but I’ve been dragged into it now.

That was a lie. If Earth Dragons were harming people, then the campaign would lose all its meaning. On the surface, it looks like I’m the victor, but victims are still suffering from poisoning and the Earth Dragons are still killing elves. I can’t lie about that, but was forced to lie about it in order to protect our reputation.

But I don’t understand the nature of Earth Dragons. I don’t have the knowledge and memory of the previous owner of this body. I only have fragmented images of black shadows in my memory. Just how scary are these creatures?

“Earth Dragon Scales, huh?”

A voice suddenly came from overhead. I looked up to see Lucia sitting on the tree looking down at me. I smiled wryly. I’ve never been able to detect where Lucia is. Lucia’s magical skill is “Concealment”, so as long as she doesn’t appear on her own accord, she’ll never be discovered. She’s a definitely a first-rate assassin.

Lucia lightly slid down and forcefully pushed my hand away to sit in my embrace and snatched the dragon scale from me. Her usually sleepy eyes were full of energy as she said: “Damned Earth Dragons. They’ve killed so many elves and have headed for the capital. We’ve led campaigns against them numerous times but failed. It looks like we need the army to join in to be able to slay them…”

“Why are Earth Dragons…”

“Don’t you know? You’ve experienced it yourself once.” Lucia turned around to look at me and placed the scale on the lawn. She then closed her eyes and raised her palm at the scale. In her hand was a small fireball that started as a tiny star and grew bigger, eventually becoming the size of a billiards ball. And with that she smashed down onto the dragon scale.


The fireball was only the size of a billiards ball, yet when it made contact with the scale it exploded like a massive bomb went off. The fire spread into the air and almost burnt my hair, leaving a burn mark on the green lawn.

“Fu… Fu… Fu…” Lucia was sweating and panting heavily after using her magic, while I was scrambling to put the fire out. God damn it, miss! Could you please not try such dangerous experiments on the lawn? Do you realise that we’ll both be dead me that if it spreads!?

I slapped something hard with my palm and paused for a moment before brushing aside the dust. The dragon scale didn’t even have a scratch and was glowing brightly on the lawn. Lucia’s fireball definitely hit it, and the power of it was needless to say, explosive. But there wasn’t so much as a scratch on it. There was only a bit of dust which if you blew away would look as good as new.

“See? Earth Dragons are creatures that are protected by magic. Our magic is completely ineffective against them, unless the magic is on the level of high priests.” Lucia wearily leaned onto my chest and continued: “If it was just one of them, then we could ask the high priest to slay it, but we’re not facing one… We’re facing hordes of them! There are at least 20 of them. We don’t have twenty or so high priests, and you’ve seen for yourself how tired we are after casting magic. The high priest can’t beat that many of them.”

“D-Don’t blades work on them?”

“Here’s a dagger.”

Lucia suddenly pulled out a dagger from behind her for me. Where exactly did that dagger come from? I feel like my life is in danger if I hang around you…

I took the dagger, pointed it towards the scale, and thrust downwards.


I heard a crisp sound and knew something wasn’t right. Cutting it with the dagger was akin to trying to cut a rock with it. It had no effect.  The scale was so smooth, my blade just slid along. There was no way I could’ve damaged it.

“Do you get it now? That’s why I said we have no way of dealing with groups of Earth Dragons. If you were to say to me that they destroyed our capital, I’d believe you without a shadow of a doubt. It’s a miracle if you can return alive after encountering one.”

Lucia stretched out her arms, knelt down by my shoulder and hugged me. She softly said: “Don’t do anything stupid… If the palace gets destroyed, we can rebuild it. If we lose the capital, we can move. But there’s only one you…”

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