Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 859

Third Heaven Palace’s History

Archfiend Baiyuan raged, “What could be more important than retrieving Hai Dongqing’s heart?”

“Protecting his body is more important than retrieving his heart,” Mu Yu explicated.

“I’ll have my men guard his body.”

“By what wizardry are fiends, who couldn’t stop Lie Shang and I, going to stop Bai Jie all of a sudden?”

“Bai Jie?”

“Archfiend Qinglong mentioned Third Heaven Palace would keep tabs on you the moment you set foot outside of fiend territory. In other words, they would already know where Hai Dongqing is sealed by now. If you come with us, what do you think Bai Jie will do to him? Don’t forget that he’s also a formation caster. If I can defuse the seal, so can he.”

Realising Mu Yu was dead right, Archfiend Baiyuan surveyed the surroundings for spies.

“Third Heavy Palace never knew where Shifu and Illusionary Clear Rain sealed you archfiends. You’ve gone and divulged Hai Dongqing’s location to him. You sure you want to take this risk?”

“You’re wrong this time. Third Heaven Palace always knew where we were sealed.”

Mu Yu narrowed his eyes.

“Rather, the former Third Heaven Palace knew where we were sealed.”


“Oh, you don’t know?” Archfiend Baiyuan treated his knowledge as a trophy against a battle against Mu Yu that he came up with himself. Howbeit, Mu Yu refused to pose a question, flipping Archfiend Baiyuan’s switch again. “Ask me something!”

“Already demanded an explanation.”

Hiss. Fine, you win! I’ll be the bigger man and enlighten you.” Archfiend Baiyuan pulled out a chair to sit. “Third Heaven Palace is no longer the Third Heaven Palace back in my day.”

“How so?”

“Prior to being sealed, I often visited Third Heaven and met Third Heaven Palace’s leader back then. Reverend Xuan Jizi loved to speak cryptically, but he was a decent man.”

“Pause for a second. Reverend Xuan Jizi was Third Heaven Palace’s leader?”

“I thought you went into Fiend-Sealing Pagoda knowing that,” teased Archfiend Baiyuan, taking a bite out of his banana. “Although he wasn’t as strong as your shifu, Reverend Xuan Jizi was formidable. He, along with Sword Shadow Dust Gale, Illusionary Clear Rain and Evil Shadow Eternally Youthful, were the ones who sealed us. It’s a pity he wasn’t immortal like the other three.”

“Elder Helian Kong told me Reverend Xuan Jizi is an elder of Formation and Talisman Sect, not the leader of Third Heaven Palace.”

“Is there any issue with being both? Come on. Didn’t you just mention Bai Jie is proficient with formations?”

“How can he affiliate with both groups? Which one is he?”

“Why is your head as rigid as a rock? Third Heaven Palace used to be nothing more than a title, not a faction. People knew Reverend Xuan Jizi as an adept of Formation-Talisman Sect, not Third Heaven Palace’s leader. He only makes an appearance when humankind is in peril to lead members of Third Heaven Palace spread out around the world.”

“Third Heaven Palace’s members are all over the world? Aren’t they supposed to be where the cycle of samsara is?”

“Well… I don’t know the details. What I can tell you is that the members of the former Third Heaven Palace used to be a faction consisting of an elder from each sect, some clans’ members, freestyle cultivators and even hawkers on streets. Reverend Xuan Jizi stated that the three requirements for qualifying as a member of Third Heaven Palace were potential, competence and secrecy.

“Potential is necessary to becoming strong. Competence refers to assassination, reconnaissance, spying, business and leadership skills. In short, you must have a speciality. Reverend Xuan Jizi’s expertise was formations. Secrecy means that you must forego whatever identity and status you held prior to becoming one of them.

“Third Heaven Palace’s members are found everywhere. They will test candidates they see possessing the three required attributes to determine if the candidate is worthy of joining them. If not, their memory will be erased. The leader selects who their successor will be, but they must receive the approval of others. This election process is held at the cycle of samsara.”

“Back to where we started: Reverend Xuan Jizi didn’t tell me he was Third Heaven Palace’s leader.”

“That’s understandable. It’s supposed to be a secret from everyone but us immortals, after all.”

“I thought they’re the catalyst for the conflict between elemental demons and humans.”

“Maybe now but not back during Reverend Xuan Jizi’s era. Under his leadership, Third Heaven Palace’s establishment was to act as mankind’s guardians. Bai Jie is the one who directed them down another path. Perhaps the former leader didn’t see Bai Jie for who he really is. It’s understandable since Bai Jie fooled even your shifu. Let’s just say Bai Jie is more dangerous than we give him credit for. Bai Jie cultivates on soul energy from the cycle of samsara. From what Brother Qinglong said, the consequence is they end up with appearances that put the word ‘hideous’ to shame.”

“The holy light of their soul energy gives cultivators the impression that they’re deities.”

“According to Qinglong, that’s but a disguise. We can’t put our finger on it, but we feel there’s something bizarre about the current Third Heaven Palace as they’re exceedingly stronger than previous generations. Consider that my warning to keep your wits about you.”

Mu Yu mused, I’m sure Shifu would’ve noticed something off even if he was gravely injured. Why did he trust Bai Jie? I have a feeling that a piece of the puzzle is still missing.


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