Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 858

Ninth Immortal

Frankly, Mu Yu hoped the person he was found was Reverend Nilei more than the ninth immortal. If Reverend Nilei was willing to point him in the right direction, he assumed the former would also help revive Ku Mu.

“If Reverend Nilei knows where the ninth immortal is, why not protecting the immortal himself instead of guiding me there?” Upon closing in on the golden light, Mu Yu realised he recognised the place for he had been there before. “Surely, I’m imagining things. That’s the ninth immortal?”

Mu Yu called his consciousness back to his body, switching off Dragon Searching Formation’s and dimming the dragon scale. Unlike the revolving formation that decelerated, Mu Yu’s head started spinning with questions. Unable to wrap his head around it, Mu Yu checked on Lie Shang, who was still running the formation, and then made his way over to Archfiend Baiyuan.

A grin came to Archfiend Baiyuan’s lips. “Found what you were looking for?”

“How do you know?” asked Mu Yu, certain he had concealed what he was doing.

“When you activated Dragon Searching Formation, the one who watched you is an immortal. I felt qi flit past me before. Your formation can’t detect me, but I can tell someone is searching for me,” gloated Archfiend Baiyuan.

“You know what I was searching for?”

“How should I know when you weren’t spying on me? I reckon you’ll tell, though, won’t you?”



“Apotheosis Realm adepts have means of avoiding Dragon Searching Formation’s detection, correct?”

“Are you pleading me for an answer?”

“If you activate your domain ability, you shouldn’t be able to protect yourself. As a consequence, the formation can’t detect you if both are cast simultaneously, correct?”

“I’m not happy with you and, therefore, refuse to reply.” Archfiend Baiyuan turned his head away.

“Given you could tell what I was doing, you could reverse trace me if I tried to spy on you, correct?”

“Call me ‘Father-in-law’, and I’ll tell you.”

“Thought so. His concealment technique was negated when he utilised Lightning Annihilation, resulting in me detecting him by accident. He reversed traced it and learnt who I was. That explains why he guided me to the ninth immortal.”

“I never answered yes or no, so what are you mumbling about?”

“Reverend Nilei has always known who the ninth immortal is and, presumably, been protecting the immortal all this time. By this logic, he should always be near the immortal, yet I didn’t detect him. Why?”

“Oi, are you ignoring me?!”

“Who exactly are you, Reverend Nilei?”

“Oi! You must’ve found Reverend Nilei and the immortal if you’re going to prattle that much. Who the hell is the ninth immortal of Third Heaven?”

“… I’ll protect them. You can find some other pastime.”

“You can at least tell me their name, right?”

“Don’t know it.”

“You think I was born yesterday?”

Lie Shang, who finally wrapped up, shot Archfiend Baiyuan a glare, then tilted his head to gesture for Mu Yu to come.

Archfiend Baiyuan refused to give the duo passage. “Did I give you permission to leave? You haven’t answered my questions or defused Hai Dongqing’s seal. Do I have to beat you two into submission?”

“If you lay your hands on us, Hai Dongqing shall never be released,” Mu Yu threatened.

Archfiend Baiyuan swivelled around and levelled five hundred kilometres of the landscape behind him. “You’re lucky I don’t want Qiao Xue to be a widow! Neither of you are leaving until I have answers.”

Archfiend Baiyuan stomped the ground, generating multiple tornadoes in a wall formation.

“I don’t have time to waste with you.”

“I know Xiang Nan ran off with Hai Dongqing’s heart. You two used Hai Dongqing’s body as a formation trigger to find his heart. Where is Xiang Nan?”

Upon reaching the border of the sand tornadoes, Mu Yu replied, “We’re busy. I know how important Hai Dongqing is.”

“Release him, then!”

“When Shifu sealed you away, he ensured you wouldn’t die. Hai Dongqing’s idea of self-defence is suicide. Without his heart, he’s dead. He won’t be immortal if he leaves his seal without his heart. What happens if his energy can’t find a host? You want this world to be blown to oblivion?”

“I… I’m going to find Xiang Nan with you two, in that case,” demanded Archfiend Baiyuan, not willing to trust Hai Dongqing’s life to Mu Yu.

“You won’t, and you can’t.”

“I won’t kill him.”

“That’s not what I’m getting at. You have a more important task.”


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