Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 746

Ruin’s Poison

“What are you doing here?!” Qiao Xue screamed at the break of dawn, waking Mu Yu up.

“Good morning,” Mu Yu blearily replied, stretching out. Upon noticing the scent coming from the blanket, his eyes flew open to find himself on Qiao Xue’s bed. “Did I transmigrate to another dimension?”

Qiao Xue, face flush, snatched her blanket back to wrap herself in. “What are you doing in my bed?!”

“I… I don’t know. I was cultivating when you were sleeping and then…”

“You deliberately sneaked in!” Qiao Xue fumed, figuring out Mu Yu fell asleep cultivating while she was also meditating.

“Didn’t you tell me to cultivate at night? That’s exactly what I was doing.”

“Get off!”

“It’s not like it’s the first time. Do you have to go so far,” grumbled Mu Yu, picking his clothes off the ground with a grin.

Was it deliberate or not? Only he knew.

Mu Yu picked up Xiaoshuai, who was snoring in the corridor, and stuffed the small guy in his pocket.

Qiao Xue came out standing akimbo. “No cultivating for you at night from now on. No cultivating within a hundred metres of my proximity!”

“Opportunities don’t come knocking; you have to go after him. My cultivation has progressed again thanks to our cultivation last night,” Mu Yu argued, stretching out his stiff back and showing off his consolidated Body Synthesis Realm Second Layer qi. “Have you noticed your cultivation always improves more than mine whenever we cultivate.”

“I really should make you sleep on the mountain,” admonished Qiao Xue, flying out of the house.

“Where are you going? You don’t need to run away from home, do you?”

“Going to eat something to blow off some steam!”

“Didn’t you say skipping breakfast will help you lose some fat?”

“Mind your own business!”

“Tsk, tsk, girls and their refusal to admit to their feelings.” Mu Yu went to the window, noting, Life sure is peaceful here, huh? Fiends here are more civilised than humans. Somebody is always killing somebody in human cities.

Mu Yu went to sit in the corridor and meditated according to Dustfallen Mental Cultivation. Up until then, he was under the impression that he and Qiao Xue resonated with each other due to Water Spirit and Wood Spirit. As he had sealed Wood Spirit, though, that meant the root was their elemental demon abilities.

Since Qiao Xue hadn’t come back and, figuring he should learn more about living in Green Dragon Kingdom, Mu Yu decided to head down the winding staircase. All of the fiends running their businesses would sneak glances Mu Yu’s way when he went past because he was the only other human besides Qiao Xue to visit their place.

“Oi, you didn’t lay your hands on Qiao Xue last night, did you?” Elder Tiantu came over with a meat bun in his hand.

“No. Prim and proper is our way of life,” Mu Yu jovially answered.

“I just saw her grumpily go past. Did you tick her off?” asked Aunt Zhu, carrying a basket of various needles.

“You would puncture me full of holes and torment me if I did, wouldn’t you? Therefore, I wouldn’t dare to get on her bad side.”

“Keep it that way if you know what’s good for you.”

“Make way! Make way! The nine-tailed cat brothers have been poisoned! Someone call for Doctor Zhuo Mu!”

Two dragonfly fiends with four arms carried the two patients on a stretcher for two people into the valley. As he made way for them, Mu Yu noticed the two nine-tailed cats’ skin was yellow instead of black and white. In addition, they were inhaling but not exhaling.

Doctor Zhuo Mu, a Body Synthesis Realm fiend, came racing out as soon as the two patients were delivered, checking their pulse and inquiring, “How did they end up so heavily poisoned?”

“The brothers went to catch three transparent illusionary-winged beasts to sell to an eatery and accidentally entered poisonous ruins’ mist.”

“You mean the forbidden ruins? Did you seal their bodies as I taught?”

“We did. We did. We’ve closed off their bodies to prevent the poison spreading.”

“Step back to at least the entrance. The ruin’s poison mist is deadly,” The doctor prepared a needle and, before he proceeded, warned the people around. Seeing Mu Yu sticking around still, he ordered, “Are you the young man Qiao Xue brought back. Get outside, or you’ll be infected.”

Still examining the two patients, Mu Yu replied, “I’ll be all right. I want to watch because the poison looks dangerous.”

“Of course it’s dangerous. Now get out of the way.”

Mu Yu did as he was told, albeit only taking two steps back.

The doctor stuck a needle into one nine-tailed cat’s skin with his right hand and then discharged brown spiritual energy onto the spot from his left hand. The yellow mist ceaselessly gushed out of the tiny hole the needle made, destroying barrier the dragonfly erected and then tried to break through the doctor’s barrier.

“They’re lucky you two didn’t open any wounds on the way back, or you two would be goners. Look at it: it’s broken through your barriers” stated the doctor.

“Can the brothers still be saved?” queried Aunt Zhu, from the door.

The doctor shook his head lightly. “It’s already spread too much. Prepare their funerals.”

The fiends sighed hopelessly, only for Mu Yu to blurt, “I reckon they can still be saved, though.”


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