Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 99

Subjugation Strategy

Dustfallen Sect was the only sect that hadn’t selected an alliance to join. Nobody expected either alliance to concern themselves with a sect home to less than ten members, yet neither of the alliances let up because of the potential their members showed.

Ju Wenxing was frustrated Cheng Yan turned him down the previous visit, but he didn’t show it and came back ten days later as promised. Dustfallen Sect was awaiting him at the vacant space halfway up the mountain. Despite Uncle An’s seniority, he wasn’t good with words, so Cheng Yan took the torch.

Ju Wenxing gave Cheng Yan a palm and fist salute. “Brother Cheng Yan, it is the tenth day today. Have you made up your mind?”

A male and female elder duo accompanied Ju Wenxing. Daoist Qi Qin, a bald Golden Core Realm Fifth Layer cultivator in his seventies, looked wrathful. Abbess Bo Hua, also a Golden Core Realm Fifth Layer cultivator, was one of Universe Sect’s elders despite only being in her forties.

Cheng Yan gave Abbess Bo Hua a subtle smile. “It is a surprise to have Abbess Bo Hua visit our humble abode.”

“Universe Sect has pledged allegiance to Jiuhua Sect. Why doesn’t Dustfallen Sect see the light?”

Cheng Yan had his aura surprised, giving him an ordinary appearance. Daoist Bo Hua considered him a nobody. She was never happy about Daoist Bo Yang’s friendship with Dustfallen Sect. She believed Universe Sect was stuck in the mud owing to his lack of motivation to process. Joining Jiuhua Alliance only put her on a higher pedestal to give a more scornful look.

Cheng Yan answered, “It is an honour for Daoist Qing Song and Reverend Jiuhua to regard our impoverished sect so highly. To be candid, our members are divided. It would be nice if you had some means of convincing them to join you.”

Cheng Yan swept his gaze over his fellow disciples. Kongkong and Miaomiao were sitting on a rock off in the distance, chomping on melon seeds and carrying fruit in their arms. God knows what they were pointing and chattering about. Mu Yu, who was next to them, said something every now and then. Xiang Nan yawned and scratched his ears. Uncle An had been out of sight since yesterday. Lan Ling’er just left the mountain.

“Easy. Will this do?”

Qi Qin stepped forward with a smirk on his face. He gathered his energy and discharged a batch at Cheng Yan. Evidently, Ju Wenxing was planning to play the intimidation card. Cheng Yan remained unfazed, still smiling and clothes still unmoving, much to Qi Qin’s confusion. Qi Qin scoffed and ejected his next batch at the four by the rocks.

The four in the distant remained unperturbed. Mu Yu grabbed Kongkong’s hand naturally. Xiang Nan absentmindedly placed a hand on Miaomiao’s shoulder. Both of the seniors were used to dealing with Uncle An’s superior aura – not to mention they had ascended – so it was child’s play to them.

Qi Qin bit down on his lip. Logic, as he knew it, was defied right before his eyes.

“What a surprise to see Elder Qi Qin here today. Bai Lang sends you his greetings.” Bai Lang’s hearty laugh accompanied his entrance from above along with his fellow disciples. “Elder Qi Qin, it is impolite to pick on the weak.”

“This old one is equally surprised you have time to be here when you haven’t caught the culprit,” Daoist sarcastically retorted with a grin.

“Shifu cherishes talent. Therefore, he sent us to establish a friendship with Dustfallen Sect. It would do our future battle against the elemental demons good, would it not?”

“Establish a friendship? What are you talking about, Brother Bai Lang?” voiced Ju Wenxing.

The individual who emerged from behind Bai Lang rendered everyone surprised. She was Daoist Qing Song’s beloved daughter – Qing Mei. It wasn’t hard to discern Cheng Yan resolutely ended their romance from his awkward reaction.

“Younger Sis, I bet you a meal that there’s something going on between First Brother and that maiden.”

“If you are betting Uncle An’s meal, I give up now.”

The twins flicked melon seeds and then picked up an apple to continue their merry feast. M

u Yu reckoned Qing Mei and Cheng Yan’s relationship was known if Qing Mei was sent.

“Playing their ace, are they? I bet they’re trying to force First Brother to surrender. Hey, Kongkong, add me to the bet.”

Qing Mei quietly informed, “I told Father about our relationship. He approved of our relationship after learning your true skills. As long as your shifu approves, nobody can stop us.”

Stunned, Cheng Yan looked away; he had his priorities in order.

Miaomiao shook her head. “It’s such a pity First Brother has a lover. I was going to marry him when I grew up.”

Mu Yu was going to roll his eyes until he realised he didn’t know squat, either. The person he was thinking off suddenly tapped Xiang Nan and him on the shoulder. “They still haven’t fought? I made it in time, then.”

Mu Yu smiled helplessly. As always, his desire to hold a proper conversation started with a jab. “Why are you always running around as if you have ants in your pants. You fail in the refined lady department.”

“I cringe just imagining myself as a refined lady, so I’ll pass thank you very much,” responded Lan Ling’er, picking up an apple from Kongkong’s shirt.

The spectators were only waiting to watch Jiuhua Sect and Green Pine Sect go at each other’s throats.

With the corner of his lips raised, Bai Lang said, “Brother Cheng Yan embodies extraordinary talent. Shifu approves of your relationship with Junior Sister. If you tie the knot, wouldn’t you be family?”

“Brother Bai Lang, using their relationship to force Brother Cheng Yan isn’t appropriate, don’t you think?” disputed Ju Wenxin.

Ju Wenxing hadn’t figured out why Reverend Jiuhua wanted to recruit Cheng Yan. The fact Daoist Qing Song was willing to use his daughter as a bargaining chip fuelled the belief that both of the big dogs held evaluated Dustfallen Sect favourably. He didn’t expect Bai Lang to turn up or to discover Qing Mei and Cheng Yan were in a romantic relationship. The endless surprises got on his nerves.

“What’s so wrong about a talented man being with a beautiful woman?” argued Bai Lang, turning to Cheng Yan. “Brother Cheng Yan, what do you say?”

Cheng Yan had a deep think before turning to Qing Mei. “What if I refuse to join either alliance?”


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