Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 63

Heavy Sword Fool

Wait, drinking now?

From the moment of engagement, Yu Feiyuan defused all of the incoming attacks instinctively and wasn’t even aware of the perilous predicament that she was in until then.

“Huofeng, tell Brother Feizhen to wait for me! I… I’m busy at the moment.”

She’s too innocent for her own good…

“Hero Xiao, please switch with me,” requested Yu Feiyuan.

“Lass, I’m happy to help, but it’s too dangerous. One transgression is all it takes to obliterate you.”

“It’s okay. I can handle it.”

Xiao Huangquan hesitantly drew his sword from his big calabash.

“Hero Xiao, are you sure you can switch?” Huofeng inquired.

“Beats me. Sometimes, you have what it takes, but the heavens defy you. Let destiny take its course. We can’t just leave them to all die. Lie Shang started this. I brought him here, so I am partly to blame.”

Switching and storming in are different. If either of them made a miscalculation, the two switching would perish – unless Yu Feiyuan is faster. Nobody besides Yu Feiyuan had the capacity to pull of the stunt despite their ability to demolish someone’s skull because qinggong proficiency was the cornerstone factor to the stunt’s success.

Yu Feiyuan prepared to jump once Xiao Huangquan advanced, only for Moyan Xuiluo to extend his arm out in her way and stick his bronze eyes in her face. “You think you can just leave when you please?”

Switching spots inside the tornado would take any of them, at least, fifteen minutes. Those locked in the tornado could now target specific individuals as the mass of qi had become the main concern as opposed to the strikes thrown – not to mention Elder Shou and Venerable Mianhua’s intervention.

Moyan Xiuluo didn’t have a feud with anyone there and was purely waiting for someone unlucky enough to sacrifice himself. He, however, didn’t want to let the maiden, who unintentionally seduced him with her natural beauty, go.

“You haven’t even given me a smile. I’m not letting you leave until you call me ‘Hon(ey)-’”

Yu Feiyuan’s cannon ball was already an inch away from Moyan Xiuluo’s face before he saw it. She redirected it to his extended arm to use it as a launch pad to eject herself from the tornado, though she was slower than if he didn’t stuff her first attempt. As a result of the speed difference, her switch timing with Xiao Huangquan was minutely off.  To compensate, she rotated herself so that she’d land feet first on the ground, maintain straight legs in position to block herself and then use her hand as a spring to accelerate Xiao Huangquan’s entry.

“Third Sister, do it,” yelled Huofeng.

Lian Qingluan unstrapped the iron case on her back and hurled it to Yu Feiyuan, who quickly moved out of the tornado’s range. Without needing to look over her shoulder, Yu Feiyuan caught the case. When a flip in her seemingly switched, Huofeng bolted off with Su Xiao, Lian Qingluan following closely behind.

Su Xiao’s confusion prompted Huofeng to ask, “You’ve yet to see First Sister’s Vajra Divine Might, right?”

“Wasn’t that when she drove Lie Shang back with one punch?”

“That was just her measly punch. There’s nobody who can get away unscathed if she uses Vajra Divine Might. Watch, you soon won’t see a cloud in the sky.”


Inside the case weighing four hundred kilograms was another two thousand and four hundred kilogram weapon – Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s sacred sword that was seldom taken out from the case. Only ten people from Wutong Jin Yuxuan were allowed to carry the sword on their sash. Lian Qingluan, a direct disciple of Matriarch Zi, was still only allowed to carry it for Yu Feiyuan because carrying it was a form of training, let alone opening the case to wield the sword.

The only way to open the case was to infuse it with one’s internal energy. Despite its size, the part to unlock it was located in the centre of the case, which meant that one needed the competency to transfer their true qi over half the length of the average human height and pry open the lock. In another words, only Vajra Divine Might masters could unlock it.

Xiao Huangquan regretted switching places with Yu Feiyuan as soon as he saw her smack the case and before she drew the giant sword slumbering inside. In spite of the abrasive, long hilt, it didn’t appear clunky to wield. Rather than be concerned about how to wield it, someone who knew a thing or two about swords would suspect the sword to be decoration for it was too large to be categorised as a large weapon.

There was always a moment of silence prior to Vajra Divine Might detonating due to the pressure building up and vacuum that disrupted one’s stance to make them more vulnerable, but Imminent Wind and Rain never came this time. Instead, they witnessed an inexplicable black hole spawn on the tip of the sword that Yu Feiyuan raised.

Water droplets, soil, dirt, blades of grass, leaves, anything with a physical form shifted towards the raised sword, while stationary objects snapped as the sword ushered them toward it. Even the tornado steered towards Yu Feiyuan.

The last time the sword made an appearance to exterminate villains, the same phenomenon occurred; people termed this version of Imminent Wind and Rain, Void Spawning Slash. The only way to condense all that energy around the sword was through Vajra Divine Might. Its threatening appearance was what earned its former wielder, Zi Wutong, the title “Great Sword Maiden”.

“Son of a bloody dog, Everyone stop and run!” Xiao Huangquan yelled.

“So what if she has a big sword? What can she do?” slighted Moyan Xiuluo.

“Anyone who doesn’t want to die, run!” Xiao Huangquan was first to run. “That is one of the Seven Dynasty-Founding Blades – Heavy Sword Fool!”

“Everyone, do your best,” Yu Feiyuan muttered under her breath as a golden light flitted across her eyes. “Do your best to survive.”

In one slash, Yu Feiyuan absorbed all of the coalesced qi into the black hole, stopped the rain and broke through the charcoal clouds so that the golden orb could shine once again.

“Junior Sister, wait for me. Where are we drinking? Where is Brother Feizhen?”

Behind Yu Feiyuan was a scene that resembled a carpet bombing.


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