Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 62

Void Spawning Slash

Amateurs who failed to escape the qi tornado went flying as if a bull speared them to the sun. More impressive martial artists were able to enter the combat zone but would end up with grievous injuries under the onslaught of attacks traded. Elites, such as Jia Tiankui, Luo Wunan, Kuang Lu and Dugu, fed the tornado. Nevertheless, nobody… nobody could steal the spotlight from the self-proclaimed dragon – Long Zaitian.

While all those adepts were throwing strike after strike, Long Zaitian had yet to engage anyone once, which was also the reason he was still alive. First of all, he wasn’t just a notch below the level of those trading in there. Second, he was unarmed, while a number of people in there were wielding their best weapons, if not Luo Clan’s approved weapons. Was it tiring to constantly dodge? Yes, but the tragic consequences that befell those who were implicated as collateral damage stoked his fire to stay alive.

Moyan Xiuluo regretted deciding to jump in recklessly, trusting the mental cultivation Blade Demon imparted, only to be mired in the inescapable cycle. For the record, he didn’t regret trying to chop the tornado; he would never regret chopping someone or something. Soon, though, he was a fish to water for the essence Demon Eyes Sect’s style lied in their eyes.

Every disciple of Demon Eyes Sect aptly trained their eyes to develop “demon eyes” that were capable of seeing one’s internal qi, equipping them with the knowledge to see flaws in their opponent’s style.

Demon Eyes Technique is split into seven levels (from lowest to highest): blood, white, purple, green, yellow, red and blue. Those who had developed blue demon eyes could see the flow of true qi manifested outside of the body.

Moyan Xiuluo had mastered up to the fourth level, so he didn’t need to fear them. That being said, being able to see something and being able to escape it are two different things. Through his demon eyes, he discovered that pulling out of it would result in over eighty percent of the amalgamated energy smashing into him. He couldn’t outrun the speed of the true qi, nor could he withstand the accumulated qi unless he could magically double his strength. The same applied to everyone else.

“Where is that monk and drunkard?! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them!”

Hours had gone by, yet nobody still standing in the fight had a solution to pull out safely. On the contrary, more and more newcomers joined the party, increasing the probability of death. Nobody there had qualms about killing another person. The elites could keep going for another three days, which would be when they burnt out. If they were burnt out, they were only defenceless people, let alone partaking in the convention. Yu Feiyuan was the only one who hadn’t lost her temper and was countering methodically.

Huofeng, following the tornado from a safe distance, opined, “If this continues, there will hardly be anyone left to hold a convention.”

Xiao Huangquan said, “The tornado has pretty much reached its peak. The only way to defuse it from inside is for someone to sacrifice themselves and pull out at the risk of their own life. Taking blows from over a dozen adepts will probably kill them so catastrophically that they go down in history. The only other alternative is to have someone far above their level smash the tornado from the outside. They won’t need to terminate the true qi. Knowing the types of people who are in there, opening an aperture is all that’s needed for them to slip.”

Noticing Su Xiao and Huofeng celebrating, Xiao Huangquan added, “Don’t delude yourselves. Throw a stone column in there and it’ll be in fragments faster than you can count to one. There are only a couple of people out there in this generation strong enough to do it without killing themselves.”

“They’ll be okay, then!” effused Huofeng.

“Huh? Look, lass, your Vajra Divine Might may be a force to be reckoned with, but it’s not like everyone is equally strong once they learn it. Unless it’s your shifu, this old one wouldn’t even pretend he could do it. As for you, well, this old one can’t be bothered stopping you from marching to your own death.”

“No, not me. If First Sister can come out, she’ll be able to do it. First Sister! First Sister, can you hear me?!” Huofeng wanted to yell “Ming Feizhen” out to get Yu Feiyuan’s attention, but there was his identity to account for. With no other idea, she yelled, “Br-Brother Feizhen said he’s treating us to drinks! You coming?!”

Yu Feiyuan came to life as if cold water was poured on her face. “Yes!”


There’s a joke that’s completely lost here. In Mandarin, “I’ll go” can be used as a cuss word. When Huofeng asks Yu Feiyuan if the latter is coming or not, Yu Feiyuan answers, “Yes”, which is written as “I’ll go” in Mandarin. For everybody within earshot, that sounds like she suddenly went, “F***!” out of the blue – also atypical of her.


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