The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 39

Tense Family

“Mama Veirya… is pregnant? So Mama Veirya has a child inside her now?” Leah worriedly touched Veirya’s belly.

One could see that Veirya genuinely loved Leah very much from the way she silently let Leah touch her belly because, otherwise, she wouldn’t possibly let Leah be near her vulnerable treasure. Leah wasn’t in her best mood. After all, Leah had a miscarriage thanks to Veirya. I, to the contrary, was tense, as I was afraid that Leah would try to get revenge. Nonetheless, Leah didn’t harm Veirya.

Veirya replied, “Yes. I’m pregnant. Leah’s brother or sister. Is in here.”

“Do you like boys or girls more, Mama Veirya?”

Veirya looked up at me. I shook my head, conveying, “It doesn’t matter to me. As long as it’s Veirya’s child, I’ll like him or her.” My response was signed off with my entire heart. I didn’t have a preference. All I wanted was a child with Veirya.

Veirya nodded, pleased with my response. She then stroked Leah’s head: “I think. Leah is very cute. But a boy. Would be nice. I think. If possible. I won’t both. The more the better.”

My dragon and spine juddered in fear. Veirya’s misunderstood that her pregnancy was a product of going nuts in bed. I, however, didn’t agree!

“I’m not a spider! I don’t need to risk my life for every child!” my face read.

Just because Veirya and Sisi ended up pregnant as a result of us going wild, that didn’t mean that was how they got pregnant!

Angelina, who sat to the side, sighed. She stroked Veirya’s head and placed a plate of food in front of Veirya. “Have some. It’s going to get rough for you. It’ll take months before you feel a little better. Winter is going to be harsh. I think it’s best that we return to the imperial capital before the symptoms pile up. They have the best doctors there. If you want to protect Veirya, then the imperial capital is the best place for her to be.”

At the end of the day, the North couldn’t compare to the imperial capital. Though it was a blissful shelter for us to avoid the turbulence in the world, it wasn’t the best place for a pregnant woman to be. Heck, I had never seen a doctor in the town. There were only some locals who had some knowledge of medical practices. I wasn’t going to trust them with Veirya unless it was the only choice. With that said, I really didn’t want to go to the imperial capital for I’d be living in Sisi’s territory. At some point, I would very likely concede and go to the South with her constant tricks. There wasn’t even any guarantee we’d be able to move back into the mansion again… Nevertheless, refusing to go to the imperial capital and subjecting Veirya to poor conditions would be putting the cart before the horse.

My goal was to provide Veirya with the best treatment options to avoid any complications. If I couldn’t achieve that at the imperial capital, there’d be no point in going. Henceforth, every decision was made with Veirya as the priority. I couldn’t allow Sisi to be the reason I put Veirya at risk.

“I know. Let’s return to the imperial capital. I must provide you with the best healthcare conditions.”

“I know,” responded Veirya. She eventually entered the state of a proud and happy woman after overcoming her nerves, though somewhat pedantic about protecting herself and her child – understandably.

“How nice. Countess Veirya is pregnant. I cannot see what sort of expression she is wearing, but I assume it would be a smile that people would be jealous over,” expressed Linna, when she came to the table with a gentle smile.

Ciara sat the Elven Queen next to me. I reactively shifted away to prevent giving the impression that we were closer. I heard that pregnant women lacked a sense of security once they were pregnant, which was why I did my best to avoid spoiling Veirya’s mood. Fortunately, she didn’t appear jealous.

“Yes. I’m very blissful,” Veirya replied.

“It is so nice to have your own child. I bet your child will be adorable. I am sure that your child will grow up to be a smart, composed individual with Count Lin and us educating your child. Your child is sure to be wise.” Linna touched my hand and placed a small pouch in it: “This is an antiabortifacient that we elves use. I may not have a need for it, but lots of elves know its formula. We began preparing it when you and Countess Veirya were got married, and it is finally ready. I believe that elven medicines are superior to humanity’s. Consider this a gift to Countess Veirya.”

“Thank you,” voiced Veirya, before I could speak.

Veirya was a crazy to me. I didn’t think it was wise for her to use or consume anything perceived to be good for her and her child. Having said that, I couldn’t tell her to be careful of what others gave her with Linna sitting right there, so I decided to save it for night time.

Angelina felt Veirya’s face. “By the way, remember that you must refrain from doing that for the next two nights, for it will likely result in a miscarriage. Let Leah sleep with Lin Dongqing tonight.”

“All right,” responded with Veirya, without a moment of hesitation.

You know, that was upsetting. We’re husband and wife; can’t you express some love? I get that it’s objectively necessary, but can’t you, at least, hesitate? Geez, how heartbreaking… You won’t… become a son-con, as well, will you…?

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