The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 32

Sisi’s Promise

I knew Sisi wouldn’t let me go after our wedding ceremony ended. If she was just testing me, she wouldn’t have gone as far as riding over with minimal luggage, so I was certain that she wanted to take me away, which was why I deliberately got myself drunk. She couldn’t bother me if I was drunk.  Plus, I’d get to spend a night with Veirya as newlyweds.

I admit that I had a bit of a headache and hot flushes, not that it was enough to incapacitate me. I wasn’t surprised to find it was dark outside when I woke up. The candle had been put out, but the silver hair next to me told me Veirya was by my side.

The moonlight accentuated Veirya’s beauty tonight and my love for her. I could look at her all day. No, I could just look at her for eternity. When my gaze drifted down to her collar bone, my hands reached out. Gravity existed in this world, but Veirya’s breasts remained voluminous and perky as though they were two natural mountains despite lying on a bed.

Wait. What the hell do I need to be careful for?! She’s my wife! She was only my fiancée before, but she’s now legitimately my wife. I have to be careful around Sisi and Leah, but not Veirya! Veirya is my wife. Tonight is our night! We can do anything we want!

Despite saying that, I was still worried that Veirya would reactively knock my socks off if I suddenly grabbed her I sat up and prepared to escape then grabbed Veirya’s globes.

Veirya opened her eyes. No knockout haymaker or guillotine chokes. Instead, she looked baffled. I couldn’t bring myself to continue rubbing her breasts when she looked confused, though…

Veirya asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing… I just… just wanted to…”

Veirya calmly stripped then pulled me into her embrace. You know, it felt more as though we were mother and son than husband and wife… Mothers and sons wouldn’t actually do it, nevertheless.

Veirya was expressionless as always, and her body felt the same. I was just thrown off because she behaved differently to my past experiences. I just couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was… I always had very little resistance to Veirya’s body, so I didn’t think too much.

I don’t think there’ll be any problems. I’ve already avoided Sisi. I’m sure Veirya cherishes this night, so let me let loose and enjoy. She’s Veirya. Maybe I’m just too worried…


“Veirya, do you want another drink?” inquired Sisi, smiling.

Veirya handed her glass to a girl by the side. With a smile, the girl refilled Veirya’s cup with beer. “Countess Veirya, are you not returning? It is your night as a newlywed. Are you not going to keep Count Lin company? Would he not feel lonely?”

“Of course not,” Sisi answered in Veirya’s place. Evidently, Sisi was somewhat drunk after a few drinks. She hugged Veirya and kissed the latter’s cheek. “Lin Dongqing is drunk and asleep, so I can have some fun with my favourite Veirya. Veirya will be Countess Lin henceforth; I’m going to be lonely.”

“Please do not do this, Your Majesty…” implored Veirya, not too happy about Sisi pressing her bosom up to her face.

“Ehehe.” Sisi let go and set her glass down. “This will be my last drink for a while. I’ve refrained from drinking a single drop of wine in so long. I only drank a little because of your wedding. Veirya, I’m so envious of you. You managed to find an outstanding man. Why can’t I find one as amazing as Lin Dongqing? I have no luck in romance.”

“You will. Find one in the future.”

Veirya didn’t know how to respond to Sisi’s statements. Nevertheless, she was genuinely proud of herself for being able to marry such a remarkable man. Owing to his brilliance, not only did she need him, but also the empire. Her husband was incredible enough for the empire’s Queen to personally visit him to request his aid.

“Help me back to my place, Veirya. I haven’t been feeling too well as of late. You know how my illness will likely increase in severity. I’m grateful that you’re willing to spare me a thought and worry for me on my behalf. Don’t worry. I promise not to keep Lin Dongqing for too long. He’ll have more time to spend with you after this is settled.”

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