The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 31

Sisi Attacks Again

“Far out. It’s supposed to be ‘go until you drop’ night for the newlywed, yet this idiot is dead drunk! And why the hell does his mother-in-law have to tuck him in?!” whinged Angelina, while aggressively throwing her son-in-law onto the bed.

From behind Angelina, Veirya said, “He must be. Very happy today. I’ve never seen. Him drunk.”

“Papa doesn’t seem particularly happy to Leah,” opined Leah, from in front of Veirya. “Judging from Papa’s smell, Leah believes he is emotional but seems vigilant of something.”

“Uhm. There are lots of things. He has to. Worry about.” Veirya stroked her husband’s face.

Angelina, rubbing her back, wondered what her daughter was thinking, but it didn’t take long for her to figure it out. Veirya told the two who lacked self-awareness, “Why are. You two. Still not leaving?”

“Wow, you’re starting to shoo us off now?! I went through the trouble of carrying your man back to avoid ruining your wedding dress, only for you to kick me out without even offering a drink?! You’re my daughter! Can’t you be nicer to your mom?!”

Veirya tilted her head, genuinely beginning to think her mother was annoying. See, Veirya thought she was Lin Dongqing’s wife, not Angelina’s daughter, since her mother had entrusted her to Lin Dongqing, although she never fulfilled the role of a daughter in the first place. Veirya passed Angelina the glass of red wine that was reserved for her to drink before bed: “Leave. Once you’ve had. Your drink.”

When Angelina was so angry that she was speechless, someone knocked on the door. Curious, Leah opened up to see Sisi. “Your Majesty, why are you here…? Papa is drunk. He has gone to bed.”

“Nothing, Leah. I’m here for Veirya,” answered Sisi, as she stroked Leah’s head.

After the previous incident, Sisi learnt that the prerequisite to winning Lin Dongqing was to win Leah over. Lin Dongqing would only respond if Leah acknowledged the woman as her mother. As such, Sisi was nice to Leah despite not liking the girl.

Lin Dongqing underestimated the tenacity of the women around him. Sisi believed that she had a chance as long as she was with Lin Dongqing; Angelina shared the thought. Leah had a chance every week. Therefore, Lin Dongqing’s wedding wasn’t a threat to them.

Although Veirya was surprised to have Sisi visit, as Sisi’s bodyguard and humanity’s hero, she instinctively left with Sisi. Leah sighed and left. Angelina tugged her lips into a conniving smile – at least it would be from Veirya’s perspective.

The wedding was over, but the celebrations were ongoing. There was a huge bonfire at the town’s plaza for people to sing and dance.

Stopping by the foundation with Sisi, Veirya asked, “Your Majesty, do you have orders?’

“Ah, Veirya, you don’t need to speak to me in that matter. You’re a noble; you’re not my bodyguard and soldier anymore. You have the right to refuse me now.” Sisi took hold of Veirya’s hands. “I never thought you’d be here next to me, looking so blissful. I always knew that my trust encaged everyone around me. That’s why I didn’t want to lock you, my best friend, in a cage, as well. However, I’m so happy to see you blissful and free.”

“It is all. Thanks to you. Your Majesty. If you. Did not give him. To me. I would have. Failed. In the first winter. So. I am sincerely grateful. Your Majesty.”

Sisi heard Veirya’s perfectly acceptable reply with a ridiculing undertone. She regretted approaching Veirya again as she ended up angering herself. Moreover, it would affect her child.

“I apologise in advance, Veirya, but can I draft your husband for some time? In the past, I needed you for you were the only one who could slay the Demon King and lead us to victory. Right now, I need more than just simply fighting my way to victory in a war. What’s even more important is controlling an area. The most trustworthy person I have around me is Lin Dongqing; however, he refused to follow my command out of consideration for you. The empire and everything you protected is hanging from the precipice. If you don’t mind, can you try persuading Lin Dongqing? Can you bear with the loneliness for a while? Lin Dongqing won’t have to leave for long. I really need Lin Dongqing’s help.”

Pure Veirya couldn’t think of any reason to refuse her honest Queen when the entire empire was hanging in the balance.

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