The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 33

Sinister Angelina

They say that there are four most blissful things in life: heavy rain after a prolonged spell of drought, meeting an old friend from home in foreign lands, the night you consummate your marriage and passing one’s examinations. First, I wasn’t a farmer. Second, I didn’t think I’d have any old friends from my homeland in this world. As for the last one, I didn’t need it. Only the third one was the bomb to me.

Maybe it was my mood or something, but Veirya’s change last night made her more seductive to me. I wasn’t her husband before, and we were shy when we were together for whatever reason. After going through the official steps to be husband and wife, we could do whatever we liked, let alone sleeping together. Perhaps I felt her body was softer due to being happy about consummating our marriage and proud about it. I was also delighted to know that she took the initiative to change positions with me. Maybe marriage unlocked more positions.

Anyway, I was in a fantastic mood the next day – minus the disappointment of Veirya waking before me. I wanted to hug my wife for a while longer, but I guess she still lacked awareness in that department.

I got dressed and opened the window to welcome the sun and scent of dew. Even the heavens blessed our marriage with its friendly weather. The property was much livelier after everyone was back at the small residence. I bumped into Angelina coming out from another room when I headed out. She looked so invigorated that she looked younger than Veirya. Maybe she was happy for her daughter as her mother.

“Oh, good morning, Lin Dongqing. Shouldn’t you change the way you address me from now? You are my son-in-law now.”

“So, what do you think I should call you? I don’t really know.”

Angelina was right. I should’ve changed the way I addressed her. In the past, you had to call your mother-in-law ‘mom’ after marriage. Even though it wasn’t required in this world, I figured it was the norm to refer to her differently.

Watching Angelina pinch her chin and earnestly think about it, I immediately realised that the tradition didn’t exist in this world. Angelina was just trying to stir something again!

“Just stick with Angelina. I can’t think of anything else,” replied Angelina, giving up.

Though Angelina gave up, her disturbing smile perturbed me. She was unlike Veirya and Sisi, in that she was more mischievous and her target was always me… Her wry smile told me that she did something bad that I didn’t know about but was looking forward to seeing the look on my face after I found out.

I went to the dining hall, uneasy thanks to Angelina. Leah blew a hot soup and slowly enjoyed it, while Veirya knocked the soup back as if she couldn’t feel the heat. Ross struggled to place a big plate of bread onto the table and bowed energetically to me after.

“Congratulations on your wedding, Lord Lin.”

“Thanks, Ross.”

Leah mischievously chuckled then looked to Veirya and grumbled, “Mama Veirya was so mean last night. She didn’t come back for such an important event last night.”

Veirya placed her cup down and explained, “Sorry. Her Majesty. Called me out last night. She wanted me. To stay with her. So I didn’t return. Sorry. It was my fault.”

“Wait, what did you just say?! You didn’t come back last night?!” I could literally feel my chin on the floor. No, I wasn’t worried that I got cucked since I trusted Veirya not to betray me. I was startled because… if Veirya didn’t come back, then who did I do the deed with last night?!

“Yes. Sorry. I’m truly. Sorry. I’ll make it. To you tonight,” apologised Veirya, misunderstanding that I was angry.

I was in no mood to respond to her. My head was numb. I reflected in my mind, “Okay, so in the world happened…? I… I was supposed to happily consummate my marriage with Veirya, so how did this happen? Just what… I… I was drunk last night, but my conscious and rationality were intact. I can still vividly remember what took place last night…”

Angelina calmly joined us at the table and poured herself a drink.

“I get it now! The person in question is right in front of me!  The only person who could replace Veirya without being noticed was Angelina! My kisses and four shots were all dedicated to my wife’s mother last night! I… I didn’t even realise it! I… I… what have I done with our consummation night?!  I think I actually need to commit suicide now,” I fumed to myself.

“That’s unacceptable, Veirya. A wife can’t ditch her husband at home. If you do that, your husband will have affairs right away,” condemned Angelina.

I’m innocent! I really am! Who would think of sleeping with their son-in-law on the night he was supposed to consummate his marriage to her daughter? Only her! Even Leah behaved and went to sleep in her room with Anna. I can’t believe her.

“Don’t you agree, Lin Dongqing?” asked Angelina, teasing my leg under the table. She smiled smugly, which told me exactly what she was implying…

I… I can’t believe this woman.

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