Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 56

Six Evil Beasts

Buddhist martial arts have always empowered practitioners to expel and exterminate demons. Ever since I mastered Yijin Jing, hardly any formation gave me grief. Once I mastered Tai Chi, only Demon Sect’s Blood Formation could trouble me. Later on, as you already know, all of Divine Moon Cult’s martial arts secrets are recorded in Spring Wind Rainy Night, so…

“Boss, how are you? I can’t see you. Where are you? … I’m okay. Be careful.” I occasionally threw a line or two out while reading on Luo Ming’s futon. I was no help since I didn’t even know what was going on while Boss was trapped in his formation. I didn’t need to worry about her since I could see her focusing on whatever was in her mind.

Although I knew what happened, I had to enter the formation if I wanted to know what Boss was facing. Once you’re caught in a formation, you have to break out. I wasn’t supposed to do that in this situation. Besides, I could intervene if she was ever in jeopardy.

I did mention Luo Ming should be the only one who could’ve been in this room. Seeing as how strong he is, there aren’t that many people who he would need to trap. While the futon did stand out, how many people would go sit down on it if they sneaked in? If he wanted to keep infiltrators out, why let them come this far in before ensnaring them? Why not plant the formation on the bookshelf, where people are more likely to touch? I, therefore, moved the futon to test my hypothesis.

Upon hearing the sound of me splintering the solid rock floor under the futon, Boss cried, “F-Feizhen, are you in danger?”

“No, I just saw an aggressive mountain boar, so I scrapped with it.”

“Mountain Boar?”

Why you so surprised? What do you even see in that formation?

“Yeah, I cooked up his wife for some pork shoulders, so he went mad. We’re still going at it. Boss, take care.”

Mount Daluo’s storage is always guarded. My shifu has a myriad of tricks and traps for hiding his treasures. I learnt to see through all of them by the age of six and never fell for any of them again. Luo Ming, you’re making light of th(ieves)-, me.

There was a thin silver book sitting under the rock I shattered, yet it didn’t feel light at all as it was a metal book; every page was a thin sheet of metal, and the text was carved on in tiny font. From what I could tell, the book with “Repository Sword Theory” carved on the left of the first page was a martial arts manual.

What the heck is this? Why is it here? Well, since I don’t know who it belongs to, finders keepers. In my pocket you go. What is a sword theory? Who knows. I didn’t steal. I just happened to pick it up.

I pieced the shattered rock back together, then set the futon back on top. To aid in my rescue and investigation missions, I went over to the bookshelf. I didn’t come here to pinch their secret manuals.

I wonder how much Repository Sword Theory is worth on the black mark-, cough, cough.

All the books on the bookshelf pertained to monsters, fiends and whatever in the past or folk tales. As for what Luo Ming was researching, it was unquestionably the existence of the six evil beasts. I could imagine him sitting on his frayed futon and reading over the books, perusing every detail until the paper turned yellow.

There weren’t many books left talking about the six evil beasts for the imperial court burnt them long ago. It wasn’t just this dynasty that burnt them but also every dynasty before this one because imperial courts have always been averse to the power of things being spread through stories. They, instead, turned the monsters into stories to scare kids. The only exception was one of the dynasties that existed a hundred years ago – the previous dynasty.

Aforementioned dynasty made no effort to prevent the retelling of legends and even transcribed the majority of them. Unfortunately, this dynasty put in all the stops to erase all of the previous dynasty’s creations. Only around twenty to thirty books managed to escape and are still extremely difficult to find. However he did it, Luo Ming managed to get his hands on all of the books that survived. As far as I was aware, he was the only one to have this much on the topic of mythical creatures.

Why did he spend his time researching the six evil beasts for the last decade?

Personally, I supported the reigning dynasty’s stance. In every era, there are always some nutcases who attempt to obtain power beyond the limits of what humans can control to overturn the world, rule the world and similar lunatic endeavours. The imperial court can’t stop every maniac out there. As a matter of fact, trying to stop them is tantamount to reinforcing the fact that pursuing said power could grant them their wish.

If Luo Ming is forging a sword to target one of the six beasts, I will have to kill him even though it will disturb the balance in the pugilistic world.

I take back what I said about there being no place that had more information than here. There’s one more place with over a hundred times more than this – Mount Daluo.

The six evil beasts are not mythical.


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