The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 30

Beloved Veirya

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Veirya’s eyes were a richer blue than the blue sky, shone brighter than the stars in the sky. Among all that is beautiful and dazzling in the world, Veirya outshines them all and is the person who brings me bliss more than anyone else.

Veirya had her arm lightly around mine. Leah, who was a tad too old to be a bridesmaid, walked ahead of us and sprinkled flower petals. She adamantly refused to take the role when first suggested, but she didn’t cause a scene when it came to it, thankfully. She walked ahead of us with a happy smile as though she was welcoming the person she liked… Erm… okay, our situation was rather special. After all, young people don’t get married when their children is already eight or nine. She could already fight her mother for her father at her age.

The crowd on our left and right clapped, then joined in with sprinkling flowers on us. Normally, Id’ be smiling and waving to the crowd, but all I had on my face was an awkward smile. On one hand, I tried my best to resist laughing. On the other hand, my remaining shame and dignity told me that proudly laughing was inappropriate. I knew I looked hilarious. I was just thankful cameras had yet to exist, or I’d never live down the shame. Veirya was her usual composed self.

Sisi, our witness, was already waiting for us on a makeshift platform situated in front of flowers that had a life of one day and were only used to send us blessings. She smiled brightly as she took Veirya’s hand and positioned us face to face.

Perhaps I was shy. Perhaps Veirya was too serious. Either way, I couldn’t maintain eye contact with her for long. With everybody watching on, I felt as though I was on the execution platform… Nevertheless, I took Veirya’s hand.

Sisi patted me hard on my back and announced, “Now, let our newlyweds exchange wedding rings! Come on, don’t be shy now.”

Leah brought us our rings on a tray. Veirya was strongly against removing her ring and giving it to Leah when she was first asked to do so. Honestly, I thought it was dangerous, as well. I didn’t put it past the vengeful Leah to throw our rings away… Fortunately, she didn’t tamper with them, which I judged based off her bright smile… At least I didn’t think she did…

I caught a glimpse of anxiety in Veirya’s eyes when I held her left hand and wore the ring for her a second time. Veirya only felt at ease when she could feel the ring on her finger. Veirya then picked up my ring. Technically, it was actually just a glass pearl. But nonetheless, it was the ring that made me happiest.

The audience applauded politely again once we wore on our rings, although I could tell that Sisi struggled to keep up her smile as she considered herself to be on par with Veirya, if not superior. Despite Sisi having countless valuable gems and rings, none of them were from me.

Leah left, not desiring to watch on for another second.

“Now, the groom may remove the bride’s veil.”

I instinctively held my breath. Nervously, shakily and carefully, I grabbed Veirya’s thin veil. What I thought would be blissful and suspenseful, ended up being disconcerted due to Veirya’s pestering gaze. I removed the veil, revealing Veirya’s long silver hair. Before Sisi announced what was next, I had a bad feeling as I knew what was coming…

And there it was, another teeth bash.  The loud impact rocked my brains. The signature Veirya kiss didn’t change. Although Veirya’ enthusiasm was touching, it didn’t change the fact that it was unacceptable. Unsurprisingly, the echo induced laughter among the audience. I suppose they misunderstood it as a result of Veirya being too hasty and me failing to react in time.

Veirya went to lean back, but I intervened before she could. I was still slightly dizzy; however, I pulled her into my tight embrace and returned the favour with my own kiss. Veirya’s first reaction was to hit me, but she stopped, and let me continue kissing her.

The crowd applauded and laughed again but politely this time. I heard everyone sending us their blessings.

With a hopeless smile, Sisi declared, “Seeing as you two can no longer wait, it would be unbecoming for me to say anything further. Without further ado, with I, Queen of the empire, as their witness, I hereby officially declare my good friend Veirya and powerful vassal, Lin Dongqing, are officially husband and wife. Henceforward, regardless of what you may face, you must face it together. You must never betray each other. Now, ladies and gentlemen, let us toast to wish our friends with this wine refined over time! I shall drink first!”

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