The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 29

At The Wedding

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“Congratulations, Count Lin! I have waited so long for you two to finally be together. I know that your life will be even more blissful henceforward!” graciously congratulated Anna, from my side, with a smile and her glass raised.

I smiled and clinked glasses with my maid who wore a dress for the first time. I was an expert at faking smiles. I could smile in all sorts of ways whenever I fancied, and I could also withhold it at all times. Yet, I couldn’t stop my smiles today, not even after Sisi dampened my mood last night. Who wouldn’t be delighted just imagining Veirya in her white dress? I knew I looked haughty, but so what?

“Count Lin, I wish you a happy marriage,” expressed Linna, after she came up to me with Ciara’s support.

“Ciara, you’re being kind of cold.”

Ciara didn’t look too happy about my wedding, though I could understand why. If Linna genuinely loved me, she’d definitely be feeling all sorts of emotions at my wedding.

Linna didn’t look disappointed. Instead, she smiled warmly. She gently touched my face and conveyed, “I can sense that you are smiling brightly, which reminds me of the invigorating feeling of being able to see the sun every day. Truly, it is truly a blissful blessing to marry the one you love. I believe you will continue to be as blissful in the future.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I gently grabbed Linna’s hand. She pursed her lips into a smile and to tried to give me a hug. She moved so gingerly that you’d think she was holding a fragile porcelain item in her arms. Was she worried about herself or her love? I never knew.

I knew that I couldn’t reciprocate anybody else’s feelings after today, so I promised myself, “I will live an honest life together with Veirya until the day we die.”

Even though Linna would still dwell with us, we’d only interact as family. She couldn’t see me, and I wouldn’t make advances on her. The line had been drawn between us. To be precise, we never started.

Linna released me and told me, “I will protect you as I did in the past. I will pray for your and your child’s safety. Notwithstanding being human, you possess many virtues only elves have. Should you ever feel tired, if you are exhausted from carrying your responsibilities and work, I am happy to lend you a shoulder to take a short break on as I have before.”

“I’ll be husband and a father, so I think I’ll be stronger.” Truthfully, I didn’t have the confidence to back my statement up.

Linna smiled and then made a remark about it being a pity before leaving. Whether it was Lucilia, her or Anna, they only had brief conversations with me since everybody knew that I belonged to the peerless beauty, Veirya.

The weather was fair. There some huge white clouds – so white that they looked surreal – leisurely drifting in the blue sky. The grass on the lawn was vibrant thanks to the rain last night. The noble ladies going back and forth left behind their scents that eventually melded in with the scent of the grass, creating a soothing fragrance. The heat didn’t bother anyone at all. I’d say it was the most comfortable day I ever lived.

“Veirya has arrived!” announced Lucilia, from the crowd. I admit to being jealous of elves to an extent for their enviable senses.

Everyone cheerfully gathered around to watch the extravagant horse carriage gradually closing in. I grabbed my chest to feel my heart beat loud as the horse hooves striking the ground as they picked up their speed.

Lucilia nimbly squeezed over, then gave me a big push: “Go and bring your bride over! Once you hold hands, you’ll be inseparable husband and wife! Go and bring your Veirya over!”

I knew what the program and procedure was but was so nervous that I couldn’t coordinate my legs. I tried to support myself with my cane, yet my legs refused to bend. I heard laughter from behind, leading me to inwardly exclaim, “They’re not laughing at my weird gait, are they…? I know I resemble a fool, but I can’t help it… I’m dying from nervousness over here!”

Anyway, I wobbled down the stairs and stopped in front of the carriage. When I opened the door, Sisi jumped out, startling the lady-in-waiting who was waiting. While Sisi proudly waved to the people clapping, the lady-in-waiting, who almost shrieked, was still trying to pull herself together. Sisi’s extravagant clothes and her random confidence made it seem as though she was the star of the day. Sisi behaved smugly as if it was someone else who forced me to go to the South yesterday. In saying that, I knew that was just Sisi’s character, so I ignored her and looked toward the carriage.

Veirya, holding her white dress and ignoring Angelina, who was trying to help her from behind, leapt out without any hesitation when she saw me. I was wrong when I said the weather was fair because Veirya was the fairest.

“Hey! Veirya, you can’t do that! If you touch him before I hand him over to you, it’ll be interpreted as eloping according to ancient customs! It’s inauspicious! Your life together will be fraught with trouble if you do that!”

I always thought feudal ways of thinking were ridiculous, but I never thought my life together with Veirya would be affected by that sort of superstitious stuff. After our wedding, sadly, those unfortunate events unfolded…  I always wondered if the future could’ve been better if she had resisted her urge to jump out that day.

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