The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 28

Sisi Pleads Lin Dongqing Again

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Sisi arrived at night. Make that early morning. Anyway, she surprisingly forewent all the extravagance bells and whistles. As a matter of fact, her escort paled in comparison to many other nobles. Did she suddenly decide to forego an extravagant lifestyle for a modest one? No clue. In my opinion, though, she’d rather die than forego a life of luxury. A monarch’s luxurious lifestyle was their prestige. If monarchs lived the same lifestyles as commoners, they wouldn’t be respected.

I felt revitalised after playing in the water with Veirya and spending time with her on the lawn. Surely you’re aware that, as long as you can control yourself, then it feels incredibly relaxing. There’s no life-threatening crisis if you can do it. Unfortunately, I doubted the people around me could understand it. Sisi, who was in front of me, being one.

I noticed that Sisi’s visage wasn’t a result of my marriage to Veirya. The fact that she came over without much luggage was evidence that she didn’t come merely to attend our wedding. You might as well say that she came for me, actually… I shouldn’t have opened the door for her, but maybe I didn’t have any brain juice because my brain and dragon were empty.

SIsi sat down and spoke to me whilst ignoring Veirya. “A war has commenced,” Sisi told me.

“Oh, did you want some sugar with your tea?” I snarked, thinking, you kidding me, Woman? You think you can scare me with that? You think I care about some silly war? I’ve gone through two wars, lady. I don’t need to go onto the battlefield. I’m not your general or your soldier. I don’t have the ability to change the situation. I don’t know a single thing about military affairs. If you ask me to lead the army, I bet I’ll send them to their deaths.

There’s no war in the North, either. You know what? I don’t care if the imperial capital, royal capital or what have you was engulfed in the flames of war. The fire won’t reach the North anytime soon. I would be on edge if Lucilia came to challenge Veirya to a fight, but what would a war, thousands of kilometres away from the imperial capital, in the South have to do with me? Actually, I don’t care even if it was an Earthquake. If the North isn’t quaking, we’re getting married! Sisi, don’t deliberately come here and spout weird things. Our wedding is tomorrow. You might catch me nervous if you declare a war for me, but otherwise, I’m not wasting any brain power on it!

“I’m serious. The inhabitants of the colony in the South have started a war on us,” asserted Sisi, carrying on while disregarding my reaction. “The South has occupied a part of our land. The enemy has proven formidable. If we don’t stop them, it’ll be an all-out war.”

“No sugar, was it? Sorry, then, but our tea can’t compare to tea in the imperial capital.” I placed the teacup in front of Sisi.  The tea in the North didn’t come from leaves but a juice that was squeezed out, condensed and then water was added to mix in with the condensed portion.

“Count Lin Dongqing, the empire needs you!”  Just as I didn’t play to her tune, neither did Sisi play to mine.

I calmly drank my tea to warm my body that was in sage mode with the tea’s warmth and fragrance. I felt the heat circulate within my body. I really did feel myself in a Zen state.

“It’s none of my business. I’ll be crushed if I go. Veirya won’t go onto the battlefield, either. Your Majesty, I know that you have done a lot for me, but you have to bear in mind that I’m not almighty. Let the professionals do what they’re professionals at. You have plenty of generals at your command; are you telling me that they can’t defeat the indigenous people?”

“I never said I wanted you to lead the army to war. I need you to clean up the aftermath. Things are relatively complicated this time. Had this occurred in the North, I wouldn’t need you. My enemy is the indigenous people; all I would need to do is slaughter them. Unfortunately, it’s taking place in the South. I deceived the South last time for a sum of money, and I teamed up with Melissa, who you sent, to turn the port into a navy port. As a consequence, the citizens of the South are relatively hostile to me.

“The South is rather chaotic at the moment. While our military is fighting valiantly on the frontlines, the South’s businessmen are contemplating joining the indigenous people and handing it to them. That would allow them to become part of a new empire. Subsequently, my South would be stolen, let alone the colony. Oaksvid is a moron. Asking him to deal with the indigenous group of people is difficult enough. Owing to his status as a noble in the North, it’s impossible for him to resolve the conflict with the South. If anything, he might add oil to the fire. You, in contrast, aren’t perceived so poorly in the South. At the very least, you don’t involve yourself with nobles in the North. Therefore, I judge you to be the best candidate to resolve this issue by placating the businesses in the South and organising things with the indigenous people after the war is over. I’m absolutely positive only you can succeed.”

“Is it right for you to bring this up the night before my wedding?” Veirya and I did consider staying in the North permanently after we were married. I had a suspicion that Sisi wanted me to return to the imperial capital. Once I resolved the matter, I wasn’t going to be able to stay in the North.

“Sorry, Lin Dongqing. This isn’t as important as your wedding, but to me, as a Queen, it’s more important than your wedding.”

“That would mean that cleaning up afterwards would be the Queen’s job and not mine, right? Sounds like it shouldn’t have much to do with me. Your Majesty, I am not convinced that this is my issue. I think you should select another candidate.”

“No, Lin Dongqing, you’re my noble and my vassal. You should put in the work for me. I’ll attend your wedding. After your wedding, I need you to go to the South.”

“Apologies, Your Majesty, but I do not feel too well. I would like to have some time off in the North. I know that I have a duty to serve you, but if I fell ill in the South, I would not be able to oblige.”

I plan to go on a honeymoon with Veirya, yet you want me to go and deal with indigenous people? Not going. I don’t care if you’re Sisi. You won’t separate me from my wife!


*Lin Dongqing’s switch from informal to formal is represented by his use of contractions or the lack thereof. That is not inconsistency with translating.

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