The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 20

Wild Veirya

“Lord Lin, we are back,” effused Ross, arriving at night with Lilia, which was earlier than I expected them.

I could barely recognise Lilia, even up close. She went from a graceful, beautiful and curvaceous to an unhealthy pallor and despondent. Her red lipstick only highlighted her pale lips. Her hair wasn’t done as meticulously as it usually was. She had dark bags under her eyes combined with a gaunt appearance. Had her clothes not given away that she was the lady of a prestigious noble family, she’d look worse than my maids.

It had been a long time since my conscience was pricked. so I had to suppress the dangerous urge that wanted to surge up within me.

I expressed “It’s been hard on you, Lilia, Ross. It must’ve been a hard journey here. Let’s skip the trivial conversation. Prepare rooms for the two of them. Make sure to take good care of Madam Lilia. The child is my god daughter, so take care of her as you would Leah.”

“Understood,” a maid verbalised, then approaching Lilia to gesture for the latter to follow her lead.

Prior to leaving, Lilia conveyed, “Thank you, Lord Lin. We have sold everything and repaid Albert’s loan, saving his reputation from being tarnished. We have no choice but to depend on you now.”

“Mm, I’m partly to blame for the outcome, so I’ll be sure to take good care of you all. Albert was my friend. As someone who rarely has friends, I cherish my friends,” I claimed with a smile, shutting down my conscience once again.

Ross gratefully swore, “Lord Lin, thank you for taking us in! I promise to earnestly work to repay you!”

“Thank you, Ross.” I rubbed Ross’ ear.

There was nothing besides jealousy in Leah’s eyes. I felt that there was a need to have the maid keep an eye on Leah. I was aware of how serious her jealousy was – on a mental and physical level. Leah wouldn’t care if the child was an infant. If she was frustrated, she’d actually vent.

Wearing a smile, Lilia handed me her child. Little Surina opened her eyes to look at me and gave me a tender smile, trying to touch my face with her chubby little fingers. Her small, twitching ears tried energetically explored the world immediately around her. I gently pinched her chubby cheek, and she giggled in response and grabbed my finger. Yes, I could feel the murderous desire from the blood-red pair of eyes piercing through me from behind.

“It seems Surina is very fond of Lord Lin,” commented Lilia, as I handed Surina back. “Children are the most pure beings in the world. They can tell if someone is good or bad. They will never be close to someone bad. Perhaps Surina is intimate with you as she knows that you are a gentle man, Lord Lin.”

“Well, she’s dead wrong, then. I guess children can’t differentiate between good and bad people. Or maybe I’m not totally rotten. At least, I’m not bad enough for her to consider me one,” I mused.

Lilia bowed to Veirya upon spotting the latter coming down the staircase: “Lord Veirya, it has been a long time. How is your wedding with Lord Lin coming along?”

“It should be. Soon.” Veirya went up to Surina and enviously questioned, “This is. Your child?”

“Yes, she is my previous daughter with Albert, Surina.”

Lilia held Surina closer to Veirya. Perhaps Veirya’s gaze scared Suria. Whatever the case, Surina didn’t dare to make eye contact with Veirya, curling up as if to signify she wanted her mom’s safe embrace.

“I have never know. How to cheer up a child. But I really like. Children. I think. They’re adorable.”

“Once you have a child, you will learn, I guess,” assured Lilia. “There is no need to rush.”

“We’ve done it. So why. Do I still not. Have a child?” asked Veirya, hand on her belly. Her gaze looked as if it was saying it was my fault…

Before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify that it was not my fault! Although I know that men tended to bear more of the responsibility when it came to pregnancy, we had only done it a few times! You think it’s an auction that’s one hammer away from a deal?! Sisi went out of her way to go through the timing everything. Veirya and I just did it whenever we faniced; we never did all of those meticulous calculations!

I managed to get Sisi pregnant, which is evidence that I’m physically fine. If Veirya couldn’t get pregnant, the fault was hers… I had a suspicion that her reproduction ability was affected after being stabbed in her lower abdomen last time…

Lilia awkwardly laughed. Pregnancy wasn’t a topic you were supposed to openly talk about, but that was Veirya being Veirya. Lilia explained, “You do not need to feel anxious. There is no guarantee from one attempt, after all. You will definitely have your own child after you are married.”

“So. You mean. We just have. To do it more times. And we will. Have a child?”

Veirya was totally oblivious to the fact that Lilia was just comforting her and, hence, tried to get to the bottom of it.

“Uh… Yes…”

I shuddered upon laying eyes Veirya’s gaze that told me I was in for it… Veirya was different to Sisi. She… I…

“Great… I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep now…” I inwardly bemoaned.

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