The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 19

Ascillia’s Request

I doubted a duke would just let it slide after I got in his face. Nevertheless, I couldn’t do anything except wait if anything. Alexis might report me to Sisi, but he probably had enough brain cells to know that Sisi wouldn’t take his side. In saying that, the matter really irritated me.

When I arrived at the imperial capital, I thought I wouldn’t have to face any problems, only to discover that something completely unrelated to me approached me. I might want to go and participate or squeeze myself in other circumstances, but not this time. I’d rather die than be dragged into it. The hassle was that they weren’t convinced I didn’t want in. Did they perceive me as somebody who wants to stick his nose in everything? I’m not that ardent about starting trouble!

“Perhaps. We shouldn’t. Have come. To the imperial capital,” Veirya remarked out of the blue.

“What’s the matter, Veirya? Are you not enjoying life here?” I queried.

“It’s not. Making me unhappy. But it’s making. You unhappy. If. We were still. In the North. You would smile more. You wouldn’t be. Distracted by other things. Instead of us. All Day. Ever since. We arrived here. You’ve always been out. And. Always thinking. About other things. Unlike. In the North.”


As Veirya and I shared an intimate moment, Leah unhappily tugged my arm. My arm would probably have come off if I ignored Leah, so I turned around to her. I wasn’t sure if Leah’s puffed cheeks were the product of her jealousy or if she had stuffed her face with candy. I rubbed Leah’s face while telling Veirya, “You want to go back to the North? I actually quite miss it, too, to be honest. Our house there isn’t very big, but it’s still cosy.”

Though the idea had been on my mind, my original motivation for returning to the North wasn’t for Veirya’s sake. I just wanted to avoid the harassment. Besides, we were going to get married in the North, so I figured why not?

“All right. So. You. Me. And Leah. I want to go. With only the three of us. As we first did. I was very happy. Back then.”

You know, I didn’t see Veirya’s happiness back then; I only felt she was scary. She sat at the dining table with an expressionless look and didn’t budge. She also always had her sword at her waist. Thankfully, we were a real family at this point – if we ignored every time I had to service Leah.

We were no longer in a playful mood after those two obnoxious pests came and pestered me, unfortunately. We, therefore, bought Leah a big chunk of roast meat and then planned to go back. I won’t deny it was impolite of Leah, the daughter of a noble family, to eat whilst walking on the streets. She didn’t care what people thought of her, nonetheless. She hooked her arm around one of mine and heartily ate her meat. Maybe it was my imagination, but the way she looked at the meat seemed as if she was looking at me.

I went back to my armchair when we arrived home in the afternoon and rubbed my temples. That was when Ascillia came up to me with a smile and queried, “Lord Lin, umm… may I ask if there has been any progress on the promise you made to me?’

“Oh, right, right, you’re talking about speaking to Queen Sisi, right…? Sorry, Ascillia, I haven’t gone yet. I’ll have to go and see her soon, with that said, so I’ll tell her then. Do you have anything in mind, such as what job you want there?”

“If I have a choice… can I be the foreign diplomat who connects with elves?” Ascillia requested with while gyrating her lips. “I have realised… that it is a too late for me to start studying some things. More importantly, I genuinely want to work alongside the elves. I asked Elven Queen Linna. She also  advocates for peace between elves and humans. That is why I want to be a foreign diplomat for elves and humans. I want to do what I can for both races.”

Humans and elves did influence each other, indeed. Humans and elves were complicated people. Their relationship became all-out hostility as a result of Queen Sisi’s arrogant plan. Afterwards, they joined hands to eradicate the new demons. In my opinion, elves and humans didn’t need a diplomat but a common enemy. Nevertheless, Ascillia’s thinking was praiseworthy.

It wasn’t conducive to anybody if elves and humans were always hostile. Humans were unmistakably going to focus on the colony instead of the North next, which meant that it was important for them to remain friendly with elves. Surely Queen Sisi would concur on that. As a human who lived with elves, the elves could accept Ascillia, thereby making her the best candidate for relations between the two races.

“I’ll ask Queen Sisi for you. I believe she’s thinking the same thing.”

Veirya joined me in the armchair next to mine after getting changed. She looked beautiful and elegant with her upright sitting posture and teacup in hand. I assumed she just wanted to be by my side. I had no complaints since I wanted to be with her.

My initial plan was to be able to live in the imperial capital together with Leah, and I was able to live there with my entire family now. Most importantly, Veirya was with me.

I gently placed my hand on Veirya’s. Head titled, she looked at me in silence. She’d have asked me something if I did the same thing in the past but not today as all we had for each other was passionate love.

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