The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 18

Succubus’ Function

“Frankly, I find you even more annoying than Edward. I hated his guts. I surmise he was burnt in the building that time.” I didn’t pull any punches with Alexis and Oaksvid.

I really didn’t think that they’d find us. The five of us sat at the centre of the most resplendent dining hall in the imperial capital. Leah vigilantly surveyed our surroundings because she was tense. Veirya  silently monitored the uninvited duo. That said, I was annoyed because they were troublesome, while Veirya was frustrated merely because they disturbed our happy day.

Oaksvid smiled helplessly: “Sorry, sorry, we did not deliberately disturb you. It is just that Duke Alexis has something urgent to say.”

“Urgent, defined as you wanting to discuss the colony, correct?” I spitefully questioned. “Fine, this is pretty much a private meeting, so I’ll be forthright with you. The last time I went to the South had nothing to do with researching the colony. The only reason I went there was for Ross, who’s my disciple. His sister is Albert’s wife, who was about to give birth, which is why I went to pay them a visit. As for Madam Melissa, I helped her because we had a trade going on. And that’s why I don’t hold the answer to all these questions you’re asking me about.”

I was honest with them. Well, not entirely. At least half was true, though, for I truly didn’t do anything in the colony. Alexis wore the conceited grin of a man who believed he had everything under his control. It was as if he was suggesting that he saw through my lie. The reality was that the washed-up loser didn’t know what happened. Well, I guess he did know something if nothing was the equivalent of something.

“I genuinely don’t know anything; it has nothing to do with me! The colony hasn’t even been on my radar! Stop deluding yourself that I know something and annoying me! I don’t know anything for crying out loud,” I raged to myself.

Irate, Veirya tugged my hand. Hey, I was angry, too. The two kept harassing me over and over, acting as if they were my boss, and I had something to beg of them. I didn’t get angry when people treated me the same way in the past since I was aware that I couldn’t talk back to them when I relied on them. Now, however, I wasn’t inferior to them.

“The only reason I’m not a duke is because of my background. Who the heck do you think you are to be ordering me around?! And this isn’t the first time!” I wanted to shout in their faces.

“Seriously, you’re really getting on my nerves now,” I outright said. I was done wasting my breath with them. Perhaps Veirya and Leah gave me a boost in courage, or maybe Alexis’ conceited smile struck the wrong nerve, but I forewent all courtesy in my speech. “I told you that the most important matter to me at the moment is getting married with Veirya, my fiancée. I never even considered the colony after I arrived here. I turned down Queen Sisi’s job for the very reason that I didn’t want to leave my wife and child. I went out today solely to enjoy some time with them, yet you two still had to bug me. To be frank, I want to trip you up now so that you learn some respect.”

I felt amazing after I got it off my chest. Usually, I don’t act on my emotions; I would’ve repressed my anger if I was still in the North. I didn’t say to their face before today for fear of giving Sisi trouble.I couldn’t stand it any longer when I saw how irate Veirya was as a result of their incessant harassment, neverthelesss. Did I mention I hated the two of them? Guess it’s not overkill if I’m repeating myself when I’m annoyed.

Alexis and Oaksvid both froze. Alexis probably didn’t think I’d go straight for a haymaker. After all, he sat on his lofty duke throne and thought he was impregnable. But wait. Even Veirya was surprised my sudden assertiveness.

“And that’s my stance. I have no interest in joining your beef with the businessmen in the South. I’m not their friend and certainly not you buddy. I’m not taking any side. All I want to do is live a peaceful life with my wife and daughter. If you truly understand me, then you’ll realise that what I need most right now is a peaceful life. Enjoy your meal. I believe my wife prefers other places.” I stood up, grabbed Veirya and Leah’s hands and turn to leave, completely ignoring the other two’s gazes.

I heard Oaksvid chair slid out underneath him, and he chased after me. Veirya didn’t say anything, but I didn’t need to guess what she was thinking. The question was, “Can I treat him to a knuckle sandwich?” I was positive Veirya didn’t like the two, so she was wondering if she could just sledge anyone who tried to harass us.

I stopped to think: “Being abrasive with words is one thing since it’s just a minor conflict and nobody will make a deal out of it. If it turns into a physical altercation, then things will be serious. If we don’t handle it well, we’ll have to bear all of the consequences. If Sisi was the one with me and complaining, I’d let Sisi whack them, but Veirya… she doesn’t know how to pull punches. If she goes too far, I won’t be able to shake of responsibility.”

I pressed my hand on Veirya’s to stop her. When Oaksvid grabbed my hand, though, Leah suddenly let go and spun around. She grabbed his Oaksvid’s hand with both hands, startling him and arresting his attention.

“Papa… Papa hasn’t been with Leah in a long time… Leah… Leah misses Papa very much, so… please… can you let Leah’s Papa spend time with Leah?” Leah revealed her puppy eyes and pitiful expression to Oaksvid.

The moment Oaksvid looked down at Leah, he slowly let go, and let us leave. Well, I guess the succubus, Leah, can be quite useful sometimes, huh?

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