Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 24

What Does it Mean to be a Person of Distinction? (Part 2)

In Luo Ming’s defence, we were fodder when up against absolute power.

The supreme strategy in the art of war is to win without fighting.

Elder Shou, you don’t utter a word, but you’re the real boss, huh? I see you haven’t lived so long for nothing. What you lack in fighting prowess, you make up for in wisdom. Actually, all of you from Wudang are experts at profiting with the minimum investment! Wudang must’ve sent the old geezer knowing how dangerous he would be.

Venerable Mianhua placed his hands together: “Amitabha, this one brought two items as her Abbot’s instructions.”

Luo Ming pretended to forget about Ancient Tree Sword and meandered to Venerable Mianhua in three steps.

Tsk, pussy.

“Wow, Dragon Tiger Arhan Prayer Beads. It is an absolute privilege to be granted an audience with it,” Luo Ming effused at the sight of the two strings of prayer beads that hadn’t been seen for a century – a fake reaction that the circumstances ordered, of course. The act was easily convincing for even others reacted equally delighted.

The legendary weapon used to be a single weapon that carried a hundred and eight prayer beads made from purely black aurum. When you have a weapon that not only has innate repel ability but could also break ordinary weapons, an ordinary man can become an adept with some knowledge of attack and defence. It became a legendary weapon when its wielder was killing opponents from ten metres away back then. When the owner passed away, the beads went missing for some time. When they returned, they had been modified and were in two different locations.

Shaolin kept fifty-four black beads at Dharma Hall and called them Subduing Dragon. Cold Mountain Temple kept the fifty-four golden beads and called them Crouching Tiger. Both groups claimed to have the rights to the beads. The only reason they didn’t get into physical altercation was that both of them were Buddhists.

Seeing as Venerable Mianhua had two strings meant that he Cold Mountain Temple doesn’t have the means of merging the two. Maybe Shaolin wants to have Luo Sword Manor fuse the two.

“Thank you for giving this one the privilege,” expressed Luo Ming, taking the beads into his shaky hands. As soon as he grabbed the string with black beads, it snapped, prompting him to catch the beads before they dropped.

I saw the minute change in Luo Ming’s expression when he held the beads in his hand.

Why… does he…? Hmm, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those beads somewhere before. Oh, I remember the beads now!

Shaolin’s abbot lost his beads to my shifu in a game of mah-jong. When Dharma Hall’s leader demanded it back, my shifu sent them a bootleg version. That explained Luo Ming was mouthing, “Fake, fake, also fake. This is also fake. How many are fake?”

“If you do not want it, this old one shall take it back,” Elder Shou suddenly verbalised, condescendingly drawing Ancient Tree Sword and waltzing off.

Sucked in, Luo Ming. You failed to invite the three biggest sect’s patriarchs and didn’t get their weapons, either. The only one you’re given, you refuse to touch. As for you three big sects, you really are people of distinction, coming with these schemes.

Not everyone present had the chance to get a good look at Ancient Tree Sword, so they inhaled hard when Elder Shou fetched it.

Sheesh… Is this hell? Can’t you recognise the odour of piss?

Su Xiao patted me on the back: “Big Brother Ming, how are you?”

Boss Shen: “What? You also want to see the sword?”


Stop. I don’t have enough in my belly to chuck up!

“Young Hero Ming.”

What, pussy?

“This one has a question for you.”

“What is it?” Luo Ming was still a little out of it after Shaolin and Wudang’s mind games. “This one sent Yan San to Mount Daluo as his qinggong is not too bad. This one was told Patriarch Ming received the letter and then had Yan San bring back a broken sword without any explanation.”

Six members of Luo Clan carried in a brocade box from Mount Daluo upon hearing Luo Ming clap. Luo Ming then expanded, “This one was hoping you could enlighten this one. This one has had this item for a while but has not been able to determine what it is. Everyone, please spare it a look and thought. Open the box.”

No blemishes. Plain jet black. Look straight, sideways or upside down, the only thing that came to mind was a burnt stick.

By the way, I haven’t mentioned the most loathsome person from the three biggest sects, have I?


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